It was the Monday after a school trip.

I was alone in the classroom, propped up against my desk.

“Oh, come on, seriously !”

“Yeah, I heard that some kid in the first grade named ________ is a ________.”

“That’s too crazy….”

The classroom was somehow noisier than usual.

I’m a little curious about what the people around me are talking about, but to be honest, I’m too sleepy right now, so that doesn’t matter.


Last week was really tough.

I never thought I’d get off the bullet train home and finally get home to find that–


[What the heck was that all about earlier ! !]

“H-hey. Calm down…….”

Friday night.

The time when I should have been already in bed after returning from a school trip.

The trip was a four-day, three-night trip, so my body and mind were exhausted.

And now, for some reason, Elena is getting angry with me.

I really don’t get it……

[Hey Are you listening to me, Ryoga?]

“Eh? Oh, yeah. Of course I’m listening.”

[I’m not mad at you. I’m just worried about you.]

“I-I see……”

This way of saying. To be honest, I’m pretty sure she’s angry.

[So……tell me about that woman. I’m telling you, if you lie–“

“O-okay. I’ll be honest with you, okay?”


“—So, on the last day of the school trip, Yamada kun couldn’t come, so me and Hazuki san were going around together.”

I explained to Elena about what happened with Hazuki san.

Well, as expected, I kept the fact that Hazuki san made me a lunch box, but other than that, it’s pretty much the same.



[For the time being, never leave your mask and glasses on at school. You must never take them off, especially in front of this Hazuki girl. Okay?]

“G-got it.”


And so on, until the date changed, I had to listen to Elena’s lecture.

I was mentally and physically shattered from working every minute of the weekend.


I take off my glasses and quietly close my eyes.

At least I’ll sleep until first period starts–

Tap tap

A tap on my shoulder.

Who is it?

I look up to see Yamada kun there.

He seemed to be acting somewhat differently than usual…….

“Hey, Nekura kun. I’ve got some big news ! !”

“O-oh……. What’s the matter, Yamada kun?”

H-he seemed somewhat energetic……

“Well, it’s crazy ! Hey, you want to hear what I’m talking about?”

No, I want to sleep.

–If I say that, the conversation will take too long.

“……Yeah, I’m curious.”

“I see. What should I do? I wish I could tell you.”

Yamada kun glanced at me meaningfully.

Anything is fine, put me to sleep quickly…

“It’s messing me up.”

“Fufu, it can’t be helped. I’ll tell you then. What a surprise–our Sakuragawa High School has a new voice actor !”

“I see. ……Eh?”

My sleepiness is suddenly blown away.

Eh, did they find out about me? Y-you’re kidding, right?

“W-what do you mean, Yamada kun?”

My heart is pounding loudly.

If they find out I’m Ryoga, I’m in real trouble, or rather, I’m in serious trouble…….

“Fufuf, I knew you’d say that.

Surprisingly, this time, the voice actor is—”

“W-who’s the voice actor?”

I gulped and stared at Yamada kun with bated breath.

Please, it has to be someone else–

“1st year student, Yanagi Erika chan ! Yay !”


T-thank goodness…….

I was relieved that my identity had not been revealed, while matching Yamada kun’s energetic tension.

“Well, It’s crazy. That Yanagi san.”

“Yeah, I think so too.”

Only one or two percent of all aspiring voice actors make it to an agency as a voice actor.

I’ve experienced it myself, so I know how terrible it is.

I have nothing but pure respect for that girl, even though I will never be involved with her in school.

“And I hear she’s really cute ! I haven’t seen her yet either, but I hear she’s the most beautiful girl in the first grade–“

As if interrupting Yamada kun’s conversation, the classroom door opens.


“Excuse me.”


The one who appeared there was a beautiful girl in school uniform with long, shiny blonde hair.

She has a well-developed face and two weapons that can be seen through her blazer.

Except for Hazuki san and Elena, she has a level of cuteness that you don’t usually see first……

Is she looking for someone?

She is scurrying around the classroom.

“Hey, hey, that’s…..”

“I-it’s Yanagi Erika.”

Buzzz buzzz buzzz

The whole area around the classroom starts to rustle at once.

“W-what’s going on? Yanagi chan.”

A classmate nearby calls out to her.

Then she opens her mouth and says

“Um… Nekura senpai here?”

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Strawberry Milkshake
Strawberry Milkshake
1 year ago

Yes. Do it Erika!
Destroy his disgustingly low self esteem.
And i see Elena also one reason why he hiding his identity in the stupid way