The fourth period class is over, and the chime rang, signaling lunch break.

As soon as the chime rang, I stood up from my seat with my lunch box in my drawstring pouch.

It’s my routine to eat my lunch in the courtyard, where there’s not a lot of people around.

It’s a time of rest and relaxation, free from the unkind and suspicious glances because of my famous sister.

I like this time to relax by myself.

However, today, there was a hustle and bustle that spoiled the place of relaxation.

“—-Really, in this place?”

“They say it’s real, I always see him eating a meal alone at the edge of the courtyard.”

“….He’s really there.”

“Oh, there he is. Hey, Sagami kun !”

Suddenly, a pair of boys who had been whispering behind the line during the morning assembly this morning called out to me in a voice loud enough to attract the attention of those around them.

I raised my eyebrows.

This is the worst……. The reason why I moved to the courtyard is because I was getting tangled up with people who wanted to be friends with Hanabi, but now this place is found out.

I guess I’m parting ways with this place today…….

The two guys are completely oblivious to my complicated feelings, and they are approaching me with a smirk on their face.

I had a pretty good idea what they wanted.

“‘Wassup. Hem, Sagami, are you eating alone in a place like this?”


The other person sat down next to me and rubbed shoulders with me in a familiar manner.

He acts like a longtime friend, but I don’t even know his name.

Let’s call him Boy A for now.

“We’re just going out to eat for a change of pace, you know?”

Boy B says, while stretching his legs in sync with Boy A.

“Yeah yeah, it’s very important to breathe fresh air, isn’t it? What a good timing, can we share a table?”

What’s with the good timing. I mean, you’re already sat down next to me…….

There’s a vacant bench over there, so why don’t you go there……I was about to say that. but I didn’t bother to say anything and just moved on.

“……Then I’ll go over there.”

While I tried to get up, while I was about to say [Here you go, asshole.] I was once again held firmly by the shoulders.

Maybe he was in a sports club, but because of his mysterious size, I can’t move.

“Don’t say such things, I’m bored~. Let’s eat together~”


“Great, we’re sharing a table ! Wait a minute~”

Somehow, I got pushed into a situation where I couldn’t leave.

Two people sat on either side of me, and I was sandwiched between them.

“You know, I’m getting tired of eating convenience store lunches every day~…Sagami, that’s a homemade bento.”

“Yeah, for real. Could it be?”


“Well, I was wondering if it might be your sister’s homemade.”

The two of them seemed to be grinning while waiting for the right timing to bring up the main topic.

What is it with these guys and their roundabout ways……

The point is, these guys probably want to get close to Hanabi, too.

That’s why they are trying to get to know me.

I’ve been in this situation many times before, and each time I feel a strong sense of discomfort.

This time was no exception.

“What’s it to you?”

“Eeh, what are you embarrassed for~”

“Well, it can’t be helped if Sagami kun is embarrassed. It’s natural if you have such a beautiful sister, right?”


“So, were those made by president Hanabi?”

“…….I don’t have any obligation to go out of my way to tell you guys.”

When my voice filled with anger, the two sensitively sensed it and smiled wryly.

“W-well, it’s not like I was aiming for Sagami kun’s bento, okay?”

“They say that grudges against food are scary~”

Laughter that seems to cover up the place.

Even that was unpleasant.

I unconsciously let out a loud sigh that cut through the atmosphere.

“Stop it, you’re making me uncomfortable.”

“……Uh, Sagami kun?”

“W-what did I do that makes you uncomfortable?”

“……Nothing. That’s enough, right? I want to be alone.”

It was when I was about to leave the place, surprised at the words I unconsciously uttered.

I heard a small clicking sound from beside me.

“Sigh, what’s up with that attitude……?”

It was Boy B who had reached the end of his patience and revealed his displeasure.

However, I may have said it wrong.

“…….Sorry, I exaggerated a little――”

“You know, we always call out to you because you’re always alone and pitiful, Sagami kun ! Shouldn’t you be grateful for a moment?”

“…….Huh? What the hell do you mean by that.”

When did I ask for that?

The moment I said that, the emotions swirling in my chest swelled up.

“Don’t take pity on people by arbitrarily judging them as pitiable…… It’s none of your business.”

“What did you say? That’s enough, you fucking shady piece of shit……!”

Suddenly, Boy B grabbed me by the chest.

He tugged at my clothes and lifted my hips off the bench. The lunch box on my lap fell to the ground.

“If you weren’t president Hanabi;s brother, you wouldn’t be worth anything—“

“I know that……. I know that better than anyone !”

I couldn’t hold back my emotions any longer.

The moment I tried to close in while glaring at him.

“—That’s enough. Stop it, you two.”

It was a dignified sound that seemed to seize the moment in an instant.

I looked toward the voice and saw a familiar face there.

Sagami Hanabi. The student council president of this school and also my own sister was standing there.

Behind her, she is accompanied by members of the student council.

They are the four members of the student council, known as the four princesses.

“P-president Hanabi…..!?”

The moment he saw them, Boy B, who had been holding on to me, removed his hand from my clothes as if he had been stripped of all emotion.

Boy A is holding his head as if he had just seen the worst scene.

“Seriously, that sucks…… Hey, let’s go.”

And the duo left as if they were running away.

All that was left were four student council members, including me and Hanabi.

The people who were sparse around us were already gone.

Suddenly, Hanabi came up to me.

“Don’t stand out in the school. What would people think if they saw you?”


What’s that, because of your own reputation……?

But I put a lid on the emotions swirling in my chest and set my teeth to my lips.

“…..Sorry, I’ll be careful.”

-I’m a supporting character. I’m here to support Hanabi.

Supporting characters shouldn’t tarnish the leading role.

Hanabi let out a light sigh and turned on her heel to leave.

After watching my sister’s back, she suddenly called out to me.

“Don’t think badly of Hanabi chan, okay?”


“Even though she look like that, Hanabi chan was worried about you, so she rushed over here, you know~?”

The student council vice-president Kohanai Futaba senpai called out to me.

When Futaba senpai came closer to me, she straightened my collar, which had been messed up from being grabbed earlier.

I find that my face is so close to hers that I involuntarily hold my breath.

Looking behind her, the student council treasurer, Natsume Nagisa senpai, was cleaning up my bento that had fallen to the ground.

“Even though it looks delicious, it was ruined…… If you don’t mind, would you like to eat my bento?”

“Eh, but that’s……”

“Don’t be shy, I’ll share the limited yakisoba bread as well.”

The secretary of the student council, Tachibana Juri senpai, handed out yakisoba bread that she probably bought at the store.

“I’ll share my lunch too~”

“No, I felt really bad……”

“What, you can’t eat our lunch?”

“I-it’s not like that, but……”

“Then, let’s eat together.”

The four of us sat down together on the bench.

As expected, it’s a little cramped for four people, and it’s inevitable that we’ll be in close contact.

Futaba senpai suddenly showed an egg omelet in front of me.

“Here, ahn~”

“A-aahn~!? What do you mean by that ? Suddenly…..!?”

While I was puzzled by the situation, the taste of sweet omelet spread in my mouth.

Eh, what is this? What is this situation……!?

I find myself surrounded by upperclassmen girls at lunch time?

“How is it, does it suit your palate?”

“……Ah, yes. It’s delicious.”

At that time, I had no idea that I would develop a deeper relationship with these girls in the future.

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10 months ago

Ah I hate tsundere characters. His sister absolutely is one.

9 months ago
Reply to  Deadmilkmen

I think a well balanced tsundere (girl) can be adorable. The charm lies in the gap between the tsun and the dere moments. The problem is that many tsundere characters are balanced wrong, either too tsun, which makes them seem like annoying bitches, or too dere, which makes the tsun lose its meaning, making them not that different from regular deredere.