Hello everyone !

My name is Nanahosi Meguri, a voice actress belonging to Oishi Productions.

Suddenly, I’m walking the streets of Kyoto.

But that’s not all. To my surprise, the person who’s walking next to me is……

“Nanahoshi san, where would you like to eat?”

Yes, it’s Ryoga sama !

And in Kyoto ! In yukata, just the two of us !

Is this a dream? No, it must be a dream…….

“Hm, can you hear me?”

However, this is not the first time I have met Ryoga sama.

This is the second time we’ve met since he came to my dressing room after the Try☆Stars concert the other day.

That time, I fainted, but this time it’s different.

I’m going to do my best, I–

“Hey, Nanahoshi san?”

“H-hyah ! !”

When I came back to myself, I saw Ryoga sama’s face in front of me.

“S-so cool……..”

“Hm? What did you say?”

“Ah, no !! It was nothing. I’m sorry, I was just spacing out.”

Oh, I couldn’t help but express my true feelings.

After all, the real Ryoga sama is too cool…….

“I was just wondering where we should go for lunch.”

“Huh? A-anywhere is fine.”

“Then, how about this one?”

The name “Sukiyaki Umeya” and pictures of thin meat and hot pots are shown on the screen of the smartphone that Ryoga sama showed to me.

Oh, it looks delicious……

It looks a little pricey, but it’s in Kyoto and it’s lunch with Ryoga sama.

I have no choice but to go there,

“Yes, I want to go there !”

“Good. Then, let’s go.”

And so Ryoga sama and I moved to a sukiyaki restaurant.

“Here’s some cold water and hand towels.”

“Thank you.” “Thank you very much.”

We arrived at the restaurant, ordered our food, and sat down at a table facing each other.

By the way, it looks like an upscale interior…….

“So, something you want to talk about–what is it?”

“Um, are you still getting used to it?”

“Yeah, I’m not used to it.”

‘”Fufu.” “Haha.”

We giggle at each other as we say this.

Since Ryoga sama and I are the same age, he suggested that we should talk to each other with no honorifics and Ryoga sama is currently practicing it.

……Eh? You mean I still use it?

I tried, but with Ryoga sama as my partner, it was indeed impossible…….

“So, back to the subject–“

“Oh, you mean the consultation, right?”


The time has finally come. ……

I gulp, swallow my spit, and inhale.

As Maya san advised, I say that line ・・・・・ to Ryoga sama here.


“Ryoga-sama, please be my–Nanahoshi Meguri’s boyfriend !”

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