When the Declaration of Peace was announced, the nations of the Orient were shaken. At the same time, a wedding ceremony was held. The wedding ceremony took the form of me going to each country. At that time, I repented of Eric’s arrogance of the past and vowed to love the three who would become my wives and the people of their countries as if they were a part of my own body.

It was then decided that I would publish a memoir describing the process of how I was able to marry the three princesses, using the letterpress printing technology that Blinken had developed.

Thanks to the purge, few people opposed the peace declaration and the marriages.

And so

Sophia, Mandane, and Luvia became my wives.

No more running away. Even if I feel fear, I will fulfill my duties as the next king with dignity.

Back when I was Seiji Yamaoka, I was just a gentle man. But as Eric, I have become an adult man.

My father gave me a portion of his authority, and I took the initiative in establishing diplomatic relations with the Kingdom of Ernia, the country of Mandane, and the Kingdom of Henesys, the country of Luvia. As a result, the shine stones from my country flowed to the two countries, and the nighttime glow was restored as it had been in the past.

Besides, I worked hard to make our country, and by extension the countries of the Orient, prosper by utilizing the knowledge I had gained during my time in Japan.

A give and take.

The above words mean a lot to those who worked hard.

Duty as a king. And the tremendous return of the three most beautiful women of the Orient.

They are dyed in my color and I am dyed in theirs. One year has passed since I was living such a happy life.

Now Sophia, Luvia, Mandane, and Queen Esther are back in their respective countries.

I am now in my office, doing my work.

After a few hours, the stacks of paperwork were neatly put away.

“I’m finally done!”

I sigh heavily, and then open my mouth again as if to reminisce about the old days.

“Maybe I should start traveling again.”


After receiving permission from Father, I, Sera, Guard Kelz, and the rock sling unit he leads left the Kingdom of Ilas and headed for the Kingdom of Hulkeginia.

Since we are quite close in distance, we arrive soon and enter the royal palace, receiving a welcome from the people of the Kingdom of Hulkeginia, with whom we have a good relationship. ……

When we are shown into the familiar room for the honored guests, two people come to welcome me and Sera.

A beautiful maid with purple hair and a blue-haired girl with a bulging belly.

“Eric,…… if you’re going to come, at least send me a letter.”
“Haha, sorry …….”
“Mou…Fufufu …… hasn’t seen you in a month already.”
“yeah. We’ve been together for a long time now. I’m going to miss you when I leave.”
“After the baby is born and things settle down, we’ll be able to live together again like we did then. ……”

I and Sophia blushed and looked away. The purple-haired royal palace maid Safina, who had sensed the situation, looked at Sera and opened her mouth.

“Sera, I’ll see if you’ve become a respectable maid. Come this way, please.”

And the two of them walked out of the place.

The two of us approached and hugged each other, signaling with our eyes.

“I will take good care of Sophia and the child she is going to give birth to for the rest of my life. Even if I stumble and fail, I will move forward without fear.”
“I am Eric’s. At the same time, I am Eric’s sword. I will always support you. So, give me that love ……”

The moment Sophia’s swollen belly and mine met,

Our lips also overlapped.


Sophia and I will always be together. Even if we are apart, our bond will never change.

I can’t wait to see the baby.


After staying in the Kingdom of Halkeginia for a few days, the team of me, Sera, and Kelts headed for the Kingdom of Ernia.

As we approached the border, armed soldiers from the Kingdom of Ernia looked at us suspiciously. However, after confirming my presence, they lifted the corners of their mouths and waved at us.

“His Royal Highness Crown Prince Eric! It’s been a long time!”
“Yeah! The people I used to farm with!”
“Hahaha! Here comes the man who got Princess Mandane, the pride of our kingdom, pregnant.”
“Uuu…., please stop!”
“Heehehehe! Oh, just as the wheat harvest is taking place, please enjoy all the wheat-based dishes!”
“Eric-sama ……, the bread made from wheat from the Kingdom of Ernia …… chururi …….”

Sera is next to me, tugging modestly at my hem as she tastes her tongue. So I gave Sera a pat on the head. Kelts sees us and smiles.

As soon as we enter the Kingdom of Ernia, familiar faces run to me and welcome me.

“It’s Eric-sama!”
“Oh, it’s true! Eric-sama is here!”

Of course, I know these people well. They are my family, my friends and colleagues who have worked hard together. I also know the cute little girl with the flaxen hair who rubs her head against my stomach with all her might.

“Eric nii chan”
“Raquel! Long time no see.”
“Yes, it’s been a long time. Eric nii chan, didn’t you marry Mandane-sama?”
“Yes, I did.”
“When I grow up, I’m going to marry Eric’s brother and have Eric’s children just like Mandane sama!”

I’m not sure how to reply at this time. ……

While greeting the villagers, we proceeded to the royal palace.

On the way, Sera said she had some business to attend to, so we went to where the maids of the royal palace of the Kingdom of Ernia were.

I walk alone to Mandane’s room. When the guards and guards of the Kingdom of Ernia saw my face, they lifted their heads and cleared the way for me.

Accordingly, I came to her room in front of her and carefully opened the door.

And then,

light slanting through the room. And a girl with a bulging belly sitting on a chair. She was smiling, staring very contentedly at her own belly. Her appearance gave me the impression that she was not a little girl, but more like a mother.

“…… Soon you will be out of my belly and see the light of the world! There may be a lot of tough times ahead, but you’ll have me and Eric with you. …… hmm? Eh! Eeeeeeeee-Eric!?”
“……! If you’re coming, at least call me!”
“I wrote you a letter…., but my feet were faster.”
“……, I’ve been waiting for you.”
“It’s been a month.”
“Yes, ……, Eric.”
“Come here.”

Mandane beckoned a little bit. So I move to her.

“Please stick your ear to my belly.”

I tilted my head for a moment when Mandane told me to do it, but I immediately attached my ear to her swollen, shapely belly.

And then,

“Can you hear it?”
“Yes. It’s moving.”
“It’s your baby.”
“And it’s also your baby, Mandane.”
“I am so happy. I never thought this day would come. ……”
“It’s because Mandane saved me.”
“Eric ……”

Bending down, I had my head attached to Mandane’s stomach, and she gently embraces me.

“I will wrap you in my arms for a long time. I will heal you. Please cover me with your overflowing love.”
“Yeah. I promise. I will show you with my words, my actions, and my heart.”
“I love you, dear.”
“I love you, too.”

The three of us, illuminated by the setting sun. Even after the sun goes down, the light of the Shine Stone shines on her.

Even without the Shine Stone, the fire of Mandane is eternally lit in my heart.


After a few days of enjoying the wheat-based cuisine of the Kingdom of Ernia, and having given plenty of love to Mandane, I left the country and headed for my final destination, the Kingdom of Henesys.

By the time I arrived at the border, it was nighttime. But thanks to the Shine Stone, it was bright.

The border guards looked at us, nodded, and opened the gate.

Kelz took the lead, escorting us forward.

“Yes, sir.”
“Thank you. I knew I made the right choice giving you power.”

He is the guard who protects me and the head of the Rocksling unit. In addition, he is a researcher who is developing new weapons. He is smart. Thanks to him, our nation’s defense capability has increased greatly.

“His Royal Highness the Dauphin is the wisest and wisest of all, having given me, a …… vulgar and uncultured commoner guard, an opportunity.”

Having said this, he silently escorted me and Sera out of the room.

Once inside the palace, Sera walked away to the palace maid’s resting place because she had another errand to run.

On my way to Luvia’s room, the Henesys Kingdom’s guards and bodyguards see me, make way, and bow down to me.

I can no longer see the emotion of hatred in them.

After walking for a while, a familiar door appears. And light leaks through the crack. So I decide to slowly open the door.

And then,

“Mother…… look at this swollen belly. I will be a mother soon.”
“That’s great. That Luvia has grown so …… fine, and I …… am so happy for her.”
“I won’t give you any more pain. I hope you’ll be happy. Mother!”
“Yes,…… I am so happy,……”

Oh …… this is hard to enter.

Relief and confusion, these contradictory emotions were swirling around, and they noticed my presence.

“Eh? Eric?”
“Dauphin Eric?’
“Haha …… it’s been a while.”

They tilted their heads and their eyes fluttered open, but then they seemed to have an idea and giggled.

“Dauphin Eric, overhearing women’s conversations is not something you should be interested in.”
“I-I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to …….”
“Fufu, that’s all right. Oh, Eric.”

Queen Esther stood up and came over to me, and then she whispered in my ear,

When Luvia has her baby and is somewhat settled, I will go to see Cyru, so please tell him I send my regards.”
“Haha …… take it easy on me.”

I know it was not easy for you, father, during Queen Esther’s stay in our country. ……

“Well then, take your time …….”

With that, Queen Esther left Luvia’s room.

Luvia is sitting on the bed and I am the only one standing in this room.

“It’s good to see you looking so well. Luvia.”
“……, you’re late coming.”
“…… sorry.”
“But you’re here again. Just like that time.”
“Yes, I did. Luvia was scary that time.”
“Is that the right thing to say to a woman who’s pregnant with your child? Fufu.”
“Hahaha. Should I have been more subtle about it?”
“No. it’s okay. So, how are you now?”
“Right now. ……”
“Right now?”

“You’re so adorable, I just want to hold you all day long.”
“Hya! If you say that to me out of the blue, my baby will be surprised. ……”
“T-that’s right. Luvia is pregnant right now, so she needs to rest!”
“….. But I’m your wife, so you can do whatever you want with me. …… I think the baby will be happy if you stay with me all night long.”
“…… okay. Then, for the first time in a long time, let’s sleep together. ……”
“Yes,…… but I can’t do anything naughty,…….”
“O-of course not!”
“……, let’s come up with a name together.”
“…… yeah.”

As Eric and Luvia were exchanging such amusing stories, a maid was gazing at the moon on the terrace on the top floor of the royal palace.

The maid’s appearance, however, had an aura of inhumanity about her.

“Seiji-kun,…… my Seiji-kun,…… you are mine,…… and I will always protect you. So far, I have saved you 144,000 times. I love you even if your flesh rots and turns to dust. Your soul is a good perfume that pleases me. A great blessing that will never run out. ……”

As she finished, the maid came to herself.

“Huh? Truth sama? Who is Seiji-kun?”

Sera asks this, but does not get a reply. Sera, however, does not seem disappointed and gently rubs her stomach with her slender hand.

A perfectly normal belly.


Inside it,

inside of her was the man who would later become the empire of the Kingdom of Ilas and rule the entire world.

(TL/N : there will be 1 more extra episode after this one

A/N : It’s finally over!

It feels like it was long and short.

I think this is probably the first time I have completed a full-length novel.

I am working hard to publish it in book form, but there are many things that need to be improved (I wanted to express more of the tactics used by the hero and heroines. But then, I think it would be well over 400,000 words…..).

Still, I am happy that I received more than 1600 stars!

I would be happy if you could send me your impressions using comments and star reviews if you like!)

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1 year ago

I assume Sera is still one of Eric’s lovers right?

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Reply to  DasuiTL

Does it make her queen?
“inside of her was the man who would later become the empire of the Kingdom of Ilas and rule the entire world.”