Ding dong ding dong

“All of you, in your seat now. All right, let’s do today’s morning meeting…”

It was the first Monday of the week.

Normally, I would have been reading, but today was a little different.

“Hey, what are you going to do?”

“Oh, I’ve already decided.”

“Wow, seriously?”

Buzzz buzz

The class is buzzing.

Yes, today–

“I think I’ve said this before, but today we’re going to decide the group for the school trip.”

It’s the day to decide the group for the school trip, which is in two weeks.


Ryoga looks depressed with his face down.

As it should be, the group selection had been announced a week before, so while most of the classmates around him had already decided on their groups, Ryoga was the only one who hadn’t decided yet.

And since Suzuki’s incident the other day, there was no way that any of his classmates would try to talk to Ryoga, who had risen in rank from [an air-like existence] to [someone who would be troublesome to deal with].

In addition, Yamada kun and Hazuki san, who were the only hope for him, are also absent today due to illness.

(I-it’s over……)

The homeroom teacher’s talk proceeded in spite of Ryoga’s helpless shoulders.

“Well then, I want you to write down the four members of your group on the blackboard behind. Also, I think there will be one person left, so a group of five is okay.”


“Okay, it looks like it’s mostly decided. The one who’s absent today is……Hazuki and Yamada. Please put these two in a random group.”

“Okay, then Rinka chan is in our group !”

“Erm, Y-Yamada, can stay in our group.”

Rinka was assigned to the girls in the group full of cheerful people, and Yamada kun to the shady group.

In the midst of all this, Ryoga is left all alone.


“Hmmm? One person is missing. Is there anyone who hasn’t written yet?”


Ryoga gently raises his hand.

“Ah, Nekura? Can someone put him in the group?”

[ [ [……] ] ]

“Sigh, I understand. Then, the teacher will decide appropriately.”

“Hey, are we seriously gonna be with Nekura…..”

“What do we do about the group selection?”

“Oh, let’s just call it an individual activity and meet up somewhere else in about 10 minutes, okay?”

“You’re a real god ! I’ll take you up on that.”

Ryoga, who has ears trained by his usual life as a loner, can hear their whispering, even though they think he can’t hear them.

(Sigh, seriously…..)

Ryoga’s mentality was gutted, and he plopped down on his desk without any strength.

“I’m home〜, Akari.”

“Ah, welcome home, Onii chan !”

Akari ran to greet me when I got home.

No matter how many times I look at her, she’s always cute……

“Akari, can I pet your head?”

“Eh? Y-yeah. It’s okay.”

Pat pat pat pat

Phew, it’s so soothing.

My mental state, which had been drained by today’s school activity, is slowly recovering.

“Hmmm〜, you tickle me.”

“Ah, sorry, sorry.”

I let go of my hand and went back to my room.

But still……



I lay down on my bed and sigh heavily.

That’s because of today’s morning meeting.

“That was pretty much a public execution……”

I ended up being the last one who got left out.

If there were two of us, we might have invited one more person to form a group, but today, Hazuki san and Yamada kun are absent.

Well, it’s bad to say that those two are my only friends, but…


I can only sigh now.

I’m sure that the school trip will be a real one-man trip.

Brrr brrr brr

Who is it?

I looked at the screen of my phone and it was from [Hazuki Rinka].


[Ah, Ryoga kun ! How did today’s group selection go?]

Hazuki san asked me eagerly.

“P-perhaps. Are Ryoga kun and I……in different groups?”

“I guess so. Hazuki san is in Sakuragawa san’s group.”

[I-I see…… And Ryoga kun?”

“I…..couldn’t decide on a group until the end. I ended up being added to the group of four.”


“No, it’s fine.”

To be honest, it’s not fine at all.

My mentality is almost zero after being gutted at school.

However, it makes me even sadder when Hazuki san worries about me……

[The last day is free, so let’s go around Kyoto together !]


[Ah, that’s right ! Tomorrow I’ll make Ryoga kun’s favorite hamburg steak, okay?]

“….No, it’s okay. You’re okay too, right, Hazuki san?”

[Ah, I just catched a cold, I think I’ll be fine tomorrow ! Then, I’ll see you at school tomorrow.]

[Yes, take care of yourself.]



I hang up the phone and fall into bed.

Phew, I’ll try to hang in there for four days…….

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Strawberry Milkshake
Strawberry Milkshake
1 year ago

Why the fok you didnt change your looks if you know your current one look shady af. How the heck people who close to him didnt tell him to fix him yet?!
And why the fok i still follow this?!
I’m at my limit cuz im still waiting about his comeback.
Guess that will be never? Someone pls spoiler me i had enough.
This man is unbelievable.