The 15th floor of a tall apartment building.

“Hey, Kokono, you arrived too early !”

“I came as late as I could. I waited for the elevator for a while.”

“Eh, really?”

The argument had begun at the entrance of the 1509 room.

“No, no, there’s no way you waited for the elevator.”

“We did wait, right, Yuuto Onii chan?”


And here comes a stray bullet. After squeezing her hand that she had been holding for a while, she let it go quietly.

“–Y-yeah. The timing was bad, and it moved three times.”

“Seriously !? Ah, Yuuto Nii, welcome.”

“It’s been a while. Ah, Miyu san, you wear glasses at home? I was a little surprised.”


Miyu, who was startled by this voice, reflexively held her eyes with both hands.

Naturally, her hands were prevented by the round lenses.

At this point, Miyu seemed to have a sudden realization and immediately took off her round glasses with large rims.

“Miyu Onee chan said that she looked lame when she wore glasses, so she only wears them at home.”

“Is that so? I think they look good enough…….”

“You really think so? It looks like this, you know?”

Miyu put on her glasses again. She must be skeptical, and her thin eyebrows are arched in a figure of eight, but the truth is that they look good on her.

“I wouldn’t be saying this if they didn’t look good on you, okay?”

“Hmm……. I think Yuuto Nii doesn’t have any sense of style, but…..if Yuuto Nii thinks so, I guess it’s fine. It’s a hassle to wear contacts after all.”

For some reason, Yuuto was attacked and gave a wry smile. On the other hand, it is Miyu who is making a happy voice.

“Well, then let’s go in. There’s nothing going on here.”

“Come in.”

“Thank you.”

And so, for the first time, Yuuto enters the apartment where the three sisters live.

He knew it was rude to stare, but it was a really spacious room.

Just walking down the hallway, he sees five doors.

Three of them are their own rooms, and the rest are doors leading to the bathrooms.

Walking along the glossy floor and opening the front door, they finally reach the living room.


As soon as he sees it, Yuuto lets out an overwhelmed voice.

The open kitchen with a sense of freedom, the clean white curtains, the uniform interior design and color scheme.

The room had a calm atmosphere more like a woman’s home than a girl’s home.

“We keep it pretty clean, right?”

“Do you always clean it up, Miyu san?”

“Well, thanks to myMashiro Nee.”

“She’s the strictest person.”

“A-ahaha. I see.”

Since she has a family-oriented personality, it’s easy to understand. It seems that she put her hands on her hips and warned the two of them.

“It’s really spacious by the way,…….I had a feeling it was from the outside, but……”

“Since there are three of us living here, it would be inconvenient if we didn’t live in a decent place.”

“Are you okay with the rent fee?”

He can’t help but be concerned about it because of his position as their step brother.

“I’m sure it’ll be fine, right, Kokono?”

“Yeah. The rent is expensive, but we split the fee.”

“I see. If it’s divided into three equal parts, it won’t be that expensive.”

“Yes, yes. As expected, it is hard for us to pay the rent here alone.”

Hearing these words puts him at ease.

“……Yuuto Onii chan, you should sit down, standing is tiring.”

“I’m sorry you have to worry about me, I’ll sit on the sofa then.”

Kokono, it’s too late to say that. You should say it right away.”

“I just couldn’t find the right moment. Because you talk right away, Miyu Onee chan.”

“Now it’s my fault?”


“Hey, hey, what do you think, Yuuto Nii? It’s Kokono’s fault, right?”

“It’s clearly Miyu Onee chan’s fault.”


Is it because they get along so well that they quarrel, maybe this is the relationship between the two of them. They started arguing again.

This time, he got involved.

“If it’s my fault, I’ll let Yuuto Nii comfort me for that.”

It seemed like it was going to be a long battle, but she forfeit easily.

She was using a trick that saying [look at me] and sat next to him.

“Yuutp Onii chan, you can kick Miyu Onee chan.”

“Haha, I can’t do that.”


With a blank expression. In addition, Kokono added an emphasis on the inverted method and a kicking motion, and he couldn’t help but burst out laughing.

“More importantly, Miyu Onee chan, stay away. Your distance is too close.”

“Huh? I don’t want to be told by you, who hung up on the phone because you didn’t want to break the atmosphere in the cafeteria.”


“To put it simply, Kokono, who came home together, can’t say that.”

“I can say that. I just came home as usual.”

Miyu smiles from the sofa and says to Kokono, who opens the refrigerator, takes out tea, and prepares a cup.

“Since we’re talking about you, there’s no way you can come back like usual. Didn’t you hold hands or something anyway?”

“……I’m not Miyu Onee chan, I wouldn’t do that.

“Yeah right. I’m not going to leave here, though.”

“Then, I won’t pour Miyu Onee chan tea. I was going to pour it.”

“N-no, no. Cut me some slack. You can pour it !”

Perhaps because she was thirsty, Miyu turned around in an instant.

For Yuuto, who continues to live alone, such a lively space is heartwarming.


Narrowing his eyes, Yuuto naturally touched the fabric of the sofa as if to soften the feeling of Kokono’s hand remaining on his palm.

The fact that the three girls are lying is not revealed from here.

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