On my way home from the office.

After meeting up with Elena, I was heading home.

Even so……

“What’s going on? That luggage.”

What Elena is holding in her hand while walking beside me is a travel baggage case.

What on earth is in it?

“Eh !? W-well, preparations. I have a lot of things to do.”

“I-I see.”

Elena seems to be a bit flustered.

Or maybe it’s my imagination…….

“Come to think of it, Elena, you’ve never been to my house.”

“I-I guess so. (First impressions are important when meeting someone for the first time. I’ll do my best !)”

My childhood friend is muttering something with a serious expression

I guess she was nervous because it was the first time for her to go to someone’s house.

I also have a communication problem, so I understand that feeling, but I didn’t expect that even my childhood friend Elena, who’s like a mass of self-confidence, would be like that…….

After that, we hardly spoke to each other and arrived at the apartment room where Akari and I live.


“I’m home~.”

As I say this, I hear the sound of slippers flapping from the back.

Tatta tatta tatta

“Welcome back, Onii chan〜”

“Yeah, I’m back, Akari.”

My lovely angel, Akari, has appeared.

Phew, the day’s fatigue will be blown away…..

“You’re quite late. ……Eh?”

Akari, who came to meet me at the door with a short run, looks surprised to see Elena next to me.

–And the next moment, the sparkles disappear from her eyes.

Bzzt bzzt bzzt !


W-why? A chill runs down my spine.

Kuh, what am I panicking…….

“Hey. Who is it…..? That woman.”


Elena opens her mouth as if interrupting my stuttering.

“N-nice to meet you ! My name is Shijou Elena. Ryoga kun and I are friends and fellow voice actors !”

“Thank you very much I’m Nekura Ryoga’s younger sister, Akari. Thank you for taking care of my brother. By the way, Shijou san….you’re a friend of my brother, right?”

“Y-yes !”

“……Fufu. I see, then that’s good♪”

The moment Elena nervously said that, it seems that….Akari’s sparkle has returned.

“U-um ! It’s not much but…”

Speaking so quickly, Elena held out a paper bag in her hand.

This is from a pretty famous cake shop, isn’t it?

“Wow ! This is a cake from [diamond piece] isn’t it?”

“Yes, I hope it suits your palate…..”

“This is too much ! It’s a little dirty here, but please come in.”

As usual——no, Elena and I enter the house as if following the slightly excited Akari. The coldness that I felt a moment ago is just like a lie. Was it my imagination by any chance?

……Well, let’s leave it at that.

“Hey, are you okay?”

“Huh? Uh-huh.”


Elena looks like a scaredy cat from the beginning to the end.

W-what’s going on with her……?

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