“‘Sup, I’m home~”

After parting with Yuuto.

When Miyu got back home, she could hear the two of them saying [Welcome home] from their workroom.

The sisters are usually in the living room, but it was already late at night. And they had finished their chores.

Miyu opened the door of their workroom and saw them working.

“Oh, you’re doing well. Everything okay with you two?”

“Yeah !”

“I’m doing well too…….”

“I see. I’m glad to hear that. Hm? Isn’t it too late for your progress to be on track, Mashiro Nee? “Don’t you only have one period today?”

“! Um…….”

They have been working together for years. It was Kokono who immediately rushes into Mashiro, who is hesitant, by noticing because she knows each person’s pace of work.

“She’s been hanging out with Yuuto Onii chan.”

“Eh, is that for real !? You don’t give priority to your work, Mashiro Nee.”

“Seriously. I got information that [Your sister is hanging out with her boyfriend], and when I showed them the photo we took at the family restaurant, they said it was that man.”

“…..We just had lunch together……”

Miyu doesn’t know. The scene where Mashiro was questioned by Kokono, while sitting straight on the sofa.

If she gathered the evidence this much, there is no excuse.

“Eh, that’s a sneak attack. Besides, wouldn’t it be fine if you invited us over for lunch?  It’s not like we’re avoiding Yuuto Nii either.”

“I agree with you.”

“…….I’m sorry.”

Mashiro cowered and apologized.

“You should get angry too, Miyu Onee chan.”

“……Eh? No, that’s……not necessary? I’m sure that Mashiro Nee reflected on it.”

For some reason, Miyu was backing her.

Knowing her personality, it is impossible for the second daughter to do so, and Kokono immediately senses the reason.

“….Miyu Onee chan. Could it be that you were with Yuuto Onii chan?”

“N-no. That’s not true.”



The moment they heard this reply, Kokono and Mashiro stopped their pens and looked at each other sternly.

They were convinced that she was lying.

From the eldest daughter’s point of view, it would be, [You’re blaming me even though you also did that.] and from the third daughter’s point of view, [You’re also doing a sneak attack.].

It was a natural feeling.

“Now I know why you’re coming home late. I was worried about you.”

“Until this late. You’re also bothering Yuuto Onii san…..”

“I’m telling you, I didn’t force him to do it, okay? I’m telling you !”

I didn’t force him ! She tried to tell them that.

“….Since we’re talking about Miyu Onee chan, I’m sure she’s been spoiled a lot.”

“Yuuto Onii san is very kind, so he must want to spoil her.”

“I’m sure Mashiro Nee also experienced the same thing. Definitely.”

“T-that’s not true !?

Miyu tries to deflect the topic by counterattacking and Mashiro denies it in a panic.

While both sides were taking damage, only Kokono was out of the loop.

“Both of you are cheating…….I haven’t even been with Yuuto Onii san alone yet……”

“I-I’m really sorry about that ! It’s not like I’m trying to exclude you, Kokono ! I didn’t even know that Mashiro Nee met him !”

“I’ll be sure to invite you next time, Kokono !”

“M-me too, I’ll invite you too if I get the chance !”

The two were unusually flustered.

Jealousy and a growing sense of bewilderment.

It is because Kokono’s feelings were conveyed that she was able to quiet them down.

“…..You better be. I want to see Yuuto Onii chan too……”

The third daughter leaks her true feelings.

The day of her meeting with Yuuto comes by chance, without any help from anyone.

Knowing the two of them already had the chance, the desire to keep Yuuto all to herself grew.

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