[Hey, are you sure you want to do this? Shun.]

[Yeah, if they find out about this, we’ll be in trouble !]

[Hey, hey, are you scared, Kazuo, Masaki?]

[N-no. I don’t mean that.]

[I don’t want to be looked down upon by that loser. With this, I’m going to get him suspended from school…..!]

I, Tokichiro Yamada, have a smartphone in my hand that shows Suzuki and the others putting gym clothes in Nekura kun’s locker.

“What should I do with this……”

It all started yesterday—-


After school. I was running up the stairs in the empty school building.

I usually don’t forget things, but yesterday I accidentally left my math problem book at school.

I had homework due the next day, so I had no choice but to go back to the classroom to get it……Suzuki and the others were sneaking around doing something.

I don’t like them.

They make fun of nerds and talk loudly to each other during recess.

I don’t think it’s bad to be a “normie”, because people like Hazuki san are very considerate and talk to people like me, who are gloomy.

However, I don’t want to be associated with people like Suzuki and the others–yes, delinquent, I guess? I don’t want to have anything to do with them.

That’s why I was waiting for them to leave without going into the classroom, but I noticed something strange right away.

Suzuki and the others, who were talking in ridiculously loud voices, were hustling their shoulders.

Moreover, Suzuki was holding something in his hand, is that a……girl’s gym uniform?

The moment I realized that, I took my phone out of my pocket and put the camera on record mode. I don’t know what it was, but my instincts were telling me that they were doing something dangerous.

As it turned out, my hunch was right.

Suzuki and the others had put Hazuki san and Himukai san’s gym clothes in Nekura kun’s locker and were trying to frame Nekura kun as the thief.

And I still have the video of the crime in my possession.

If I show it to him, it will prove Nekura kun’s innocence. As I recall, I was summoned by the teacher earlier, so he should be having a discussion with Himukai san right now.

But…even so.

Let’s say we show this and Nekura kun is saved and Suzuki and the others are punished. Well, the school doesn’t want to make a big deal out of it, so suspension would be the best they could do.

Then, I would be the one who would face the wrath of Suzuki and the others. They will surely take revenge on me for showing the video. They are definitely the type of people who hold a grudge.

If I were the main character in a manga, I would go to the student guidance office without hesitation.

But I’m not that strong. I’ve never been in a fight.

So, I’m afraid of being noticed by them……

I quickly change my shoes in the shoe locker and leave the school gate.

(What are you doing, you! At this rate, your friend will be falsely accused.)

I didn’t see anything, I didn’t see anything.

(Is that the kind of lame guy you wanted to be? I misjudged you……)

Shut up, shut up ! I don’t want to get in trouble !

(If you leave here, you’ll regret it for sure, you know?)

My feet stop suddenly.

I apologize to Nekura kun, but I want to live a normal high school life.

At school, I’d quietly read online novels on my phone, and when I got home, I’d watch the new anime and novels I recorded.

I don’t want to spend my high school life being watched by those delinquents.

(I see, you’re okay with that, right?)

“Shut up…..!”

Maybe they’ve already talked. It’s too late to go back now, right?

I don’t have a choice. It’s not my fault.

“Ah, shit !”

I’m, I’m–

side Nekura Ryoga

At the student guidance office after school.

I was summoned by the student guidance teacher in a room that was dyed in orange by the setting sun.

“Yes, it’s already decided. You stole mine and Rinka’s gym clothes yesterday after school, didn’t you?”

Himukai Ayaka stared at me from the table across the room.

I feel like I’m going to flinch at that gaze, but I’m not doing what I’m not doing.

“No, I said I didn’t do it ! I went home right after class yesterday, so I didn’t have time to do it.”

“That’s right, Ayaka chan. Nekura kun has an alibi and there’s no evidence that he stole it, so it’s not good to assume anything !”

Hazuki san, sitting beside me, backs me up.

“Like I said~. Why are you protecting this guy, Rinka? You’re a victim too, you know?”


“Besides, we have witnesses.”

Himukai Ayaka turned her gaze to the side.

The one who is there is–

“Yeah. H This guy’s been acting strange since yesterday. Since yesterday’s lunch break, he’s been looking around because he’s worried about the eyes around him. I asked him what he was doing, and sure enough, that’s what happened.”

Suzuki shrugged his shoulders and said as if it were true.

This guy……

“Hmm. I’ve got a general idea of what’s going on.The staff meeting tomorrow will decide on Nekura kun’s disciplinary action, taking into account what both sides have to say. That’s all.”

The teacher’s face was grim.

I wonder if I will be expelled or suspended from school after all. If so, my activities as a voice actor would–

Rattle ! !

“W-wait a minute !”

“Yamada kun……?”

Yamada kun opened the door and appeared.

He had a look of determination on his face.

“Sensei, Nekura kun is not guilty. Please watch this video.”

“? Y-yeah…… I understand.”

Yamada kun operates his smartphone and plays the video for all to see.

What I see there is–

“Is this……Suzuki? And Saito and Goto are there too.”

“Tsk, Yamada ! I need to talk to you. Lend me your face.”

“Hya !”

Suzuki, perhaps sensing something, grabbed Yamada kun.


I grabbed Suzuki’s wrist as he grabbed Yamada kun.


“If you want to talk, we can talk here, right?”

“S-shut up ! Let go of me, you introvert !”

“I don’t care about that, but why are you grabbing Yamada kun?”

“Not your business ! Let go of me, you…..”

“It’s no use. You’ll break your bones if you resist.”

“Let go of me, you son of a bitch ! !”

“Ha !”

“Guhaaa !”

Suzuki falls to the ground and is incapacitated.

“Yamada kun, continue.”

“Ah, yeah…….”

The video that Yamada kun showed was the video of Suzuki and the others putting the gym clothes in my locker.

“Yamada, can you send me the data of this video? I would like to use it as material for tomorrow’s staff meeting.”

“Yes, okay.”

“No ! It wasn’t me ! That’s bullshit !”

“Give up, Suzuki. It’s obvious from the video that it’s not a composite. Everyone can go home except Suzuki.”

Anyway, the three of us, Hazuki san, and Yamada kun, changed our shoes at the shoe box and headed for the school gate.

“Thank you, Yamada kun. I really appreciate your help.”

“No. It’s only natural. you’re my friend.”

Yamada kun’s legs are still shaking a little. He must’ve been really scared of Suzuki.

“Whoa, H-Hazuki-san !?”

“I’m glad. I’m really glad……”

That’s right. I’m grateful to Yamada kun who gathered his courage to do so.

Nevertheless, there’s something soft hitting me on my back……

“Hazuki san, um……”

“Huh ! Ah, I-I’m sorry. I just got so excited. I-it’s not like I’m doing it to anyone, you know.”

Hm? What do you mean?

“Oh, by the way, where’s Himukai san?”

“Oh, she’s not here.”

I looked around, but nobody was there.

I wondered if she had already left. Well, I don’t really care.

“Well then, we should go home too !”

“I guess so. [Yeah, right.]

――And thus, the series of uproars came to an end.

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Strawberry Milkshake
Strawberry Milkshake
1 year ago


1 year ago

At least that didn’t get dragged out too long. Now let’s just see her regret and put her so high up on the shelf we never see her again.