“Let’s just move on, shall we? Before Saku-kun changes his mind.”

Shiina takes the initiative and starts walking in front of me.

“Why would I change my mind?”
“Because, you know, if we keep on dicking around, I’m afraid you’re going to say, ‘I’m not going.’~”
“I’m not going to say anything.”
“That’s your thing, Saku~, you don’t know. You’re a moody guy.”
“It’s your attitude, isn’t it?”

While arguing, we started walking to the station.
The sun is shining and the temperature is rising outdoors. The time is still 12 o’clock.

Even if we arrive there, it will be around 1:30 pm. I was thinking that we could at least have dinner for the night, but there was still too much time left until nightfall.
However, it would be more convenient to ride the Ferris wheel at night.

In the daytime, no matter what we talked about inside the Ferris wheel, the atmosphere would be too weird. Also, it would be awkward to leave the Ferris wheel while it was still light when we made a mistake.
People tend to talk more easily at night, and although it is irrelevant, it is said that it is instinctively better for people to confess something.

Having said that, there is no way to pass the time until the evening.
Doing something together is also somewhat uncomfortable. I have to find a way to pass the time while keeping Shiina as quiet as possible.

“Shiina, we’ll ride the Ferris wheel at night.”
“hn, that’s fine with me, but why?”
“No, but before that, let’s go see a movie or something, shall we?”

This is probably the safest thing to do.

A movie on a date is sure to cause conversation and awkwardness, but with Shiina, it’s convenient.

If she were to say, “So, Saku-kun, do you want to go on a date with me?” I would just tear the ticket open again and she would shut up, and I would be able to kill time by moving around and doing other things until the evening.

“Saku kum, isn’t that ticket only for the Ferris wheel?”

Shiina said, staring at the ticket.

“What do you mean?”
“If you look at it carefully, you will see that it is a free pass and that you can enter not only the Ferris wheel but also the roller coaster and the haunted house, right?”

I looked at the tip of the ticket and saw that it said “Adult Free Pass” on it.
I had not noticed that at all. I had thought that was all there was to it because the Ferris wheel was written on the front of the ticket.
It was an unfortunate mistake, but it would surely pass the time until nighttime.
We watched the movie and enjoyed the other attractions as an appetizer for the Ferris wheel.

“Saku-kun! This is going to be fun!”

Shiina beamed as she looked up at the ticket to the heavens with excitement.

“Maybe it’ll be …………….”

This smile, this smile is the only thing that makes me happy to be next to Shiina.
I’d like to be able to think about other things in the future, but that’s something I’ll have to decide from now on.

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