Episode 25 – Not Alone



Lunch break.

I was having lunch with Hazuki san on the rooftop.

Yamada kun didn’t come today because he had something to do.

But still–


“Ch-cheer up ! Today I made Ryoga kun’s favorite hamburg steak, yeah?”

“Thanks…..Gohoho, Gohoho !”

“Are you okay !? Drink this tea ! !”

“T-thank you very much…….”

I have no appetite at all. Or rather, even if I tried to eat, it wouldn’t go down my throat.

The cause is, yes, the commotion this morning.

When I opened the locker, I found Hazuki san and Himukai Ayaka san’s gym clothes.

While I was bewildered by the gym clothes I didn’t recognize, I got tangled up with Suzuki and the others. And right after that, Himukai Ayaka came in and I was identified as the culprit.

The timing of the incident and the way they acted as if they knew that her gym clothes were in my locker made me think that the culprits were Suzuki and the others. There was no doubt about that.

However, there’s no evidence that they stole the gym clothes from Hazuki san’s and Himukai san’s lockers.

If I had more time, I might’ve been able to come up with some evidence, but Himukai Ayaka decided that I was the culprit and immediately told the teacher, so the time limit is after school today. There’s no more time.

Is this the end for me…..

I’ve worked so hard to finally become a voice actor, and now I have to quit my job because of a false accusation like this?

“Damn !”

BAM ! !

I slammed my fist into the ground.

What should I do, what should I……

Suddenly, my right hand is wrapped.

I looked up and there’s Hazuki san, smiling gently at me.

“You’ll be fine. I’ll protect you.”

“Hazuki san……”

“Kidding ! I said something a little embarrassing….. But I’m sure it’s going to be fine. I’ll try to persuade Ayaka chan. I’m sure she’ll understand if I talk to her.”

I felt strangely calm.

Yes, it’s not over yet.

“But why are you helping me so much?”

It was a genuine question.

I have never done anything for Hazuki san.

“Why, huh……. Well, if I had to say, I’d say [repaying the favor].”

“Repaying the favor? It’s not like I did something for you…..”

“Nuh-uh. I get a lot of help from Ryoga kun. Too many to count…”

Muttering that, Hazuki san’s eyes are staring somewhere far away.

–Ah, I see.

“Is it about Ryoga?”

“Yeah. I wanted to know what kind of person Ryoga kun is, what he thinks about, what kind of life he has led. If I entered high school and was in the same grade as Ryoga kun, I wanted him to look back at me. You’re the reason I went from being a plain middle school student to being this cute, you know?”

“Hazuki san was……plain?”

It’s hard to believe.

She was plain? The beauty who possesses the face of an idol in front of me?

“Fufu. I bet you’re thinking [Seriously?]. Oh, well, I have a picture on my phone, so I’ll show it to you !”

Hazuki san shows me the screen of her phone.

What I see on the screen is a plain girl with braids and black-rimmed glasses.

Her face is looking down, perhaps embarrassed to have her picture taken.

“It’s real……”

“I wish I could say that to me at that time. I was able to meet Ryoga kun.”

“But you were disappointed, weren’t you? That Ryoga was such a dull guy……”

“Nope. You’re exactly the charming boy I thought you would be.”


I was surprised by Hazuki san’s words.

After all, I’m the kind of guy who’s nickname is [Gloomy] in class.

“I thought you were a little gloomy at first, but after talking to you, I understood. Nekura kun is actually a very sincere person who takes pride in his work as a voice actor and is considerate of others. I….no, it’s nothing. That’s why Ryoga kun will be absolutely fine! “

“I see…… Thank you.”

Seeing Hazuki san cheering me up like this, I understood.

I’m not alone. There are people waiting for me—for Ryoga.

You can’t just give up because you don’t have evidence,Nekura Ryoga.

“Okay, let’s go back to the classroom.”

“Yes, I guess so.”

And so, Hazuki san and I went back to the classroom.

But still, what’s wrong with Yamada kun?

He looked like he had something on his mind……, I’m worried.

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