“Yes, okay – just keep going~”

As the shutter clicks, she changes her pose and facial expression each time.

“This is her, isn’t she amazing?”

Abe-san looks at Shiina from afar, laughing.

“She sure is amazing.”
“She’s a pro. She’s a model by far. She changes her facial expressions and gestures according to the shutter speed. And they are all perfect.”
“Talent huh…”
“Yes, talent. Well, she’s a talent that I’ve been able to bring out of hiding.”
“Bring it out?”
“You didn’t see that, did you?”
“Eh,Uh, yes.”
“Because she worked so hard for someone else, she developed her modeling talent at an incredible rate. Do you understand what I’m saying?”
“For me, you mean……”
“That’s what she said from the interview.”

I mean, this talent as a model is for me, for the peace of mind that she said in the karaoke box.
Shiina’s personality as an everyday person is something, but when it comes to work and thinking about things properly, she is really thoughtful.

I’ll have to have a proper talk with her next time.
Thinking this, I looked at Shiina.

She tilts her straw hat forward and stretches out her legs cross-legged on the stairs. The sun shining there.
She looked like a young lady with her wings outstretched.

“How do you like it? Do you think what I said stung you?”
“Yes, thank you.”
“I’m glad it did. It’s about time she got her reward.”
“You mean she’s been patient?”
“Patience, yes. Patience. She’s been putting up with it when you’re not looking.”
“I haven’t seen it ………….”
“She’s showing you she’s fine in front of you, which is something she’s doing thoroughly. But she cries a lot.”
“She cries a lot?”
“She makes me listen to her complaining, she makes me go out with her while she cries and sings karaoke forever, she makes me buy her dinner, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg.”
“I’m sorry……”

Shiina cries. I certainly haven’t seen her cry at all in the last few years. The only thing she showed me was that she was either smiling or her eyes were dead in front of me.
Was this also something she was doing to reassure me?
Strong people do not cry in public. I really feel the weight of these words.

“So, you two can go here together after this.”

And she offers me a certain ticket.

“This is ………….”
“It’s a nice place with a nice view, and if you have half an hour, you can have a good talk, right? It’s a short train ride from here.”

What she handed me was a ticket for the Ferris wheel at Cosmo World in Minato Mirai.

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