Kagamiya is by no means insensitive.

He is rather sensitive, and because of his timidity, he is the type of person who watches people closely and notices even the smallest changes in his friends—but only his friends.

To be clear, he doesn’t remember a single name of a classmate with whom he’s never spoken before,

He is no longer aware of Mio’s current love for him.

If anything, he didn’t even look at her.

“Are you sure the script is finished? Also, the cast has been decided.”

“I’m serious. I’m sorry I made you leave school early.”

“No, it’s fine. I have a long homeroom this afternoon. And I don’t have any friends to hang out with during lunch break.”

Kagami is starring in the movie “Hekireki no Ao” at the request of Yanagi, the author of the original story.

Less than two months after Kagami was selected to star in the film, he was excited from the bottom of his heart when he heard that the script and cast had been decided.

During his lunch break, he gets into the car of his manager who has come to pick him up, dressed in his school uniform.

Kagamiya’s heart is filled with a mixture of anticipation, nervousness, excitement, and anxiety, and his whole body feels restless and restless.

“(The main character is Big Sis…no, there are other people as well, so I have to call her Nadeshiko san. It’s embarrassing to call her Big Sis in front of other people.)”

The heroine is Nadeshiko. The lead role is as Kagami,

There are many other characters, including a rival character, Aoi’s fellow otaku and advisor, a character who sees Kyou as a rival and has a crush on Aoi, and many others…….

“It’s all celebrities, right? I wonder who else.”

Do they know each other? No, I don’t think so. There are only three celebrity acquaintances of Kagamiya’s.

But Hekireki no Ao won the Bookseller’s Choice Award, and certainly there will be some very famous actors and actresses in the cast.

What should I do?

For a moment, I was looking forward to it. I wanted to get autographs or something, but more than that, I thought to myself.

“(Uwaa. What should I do? Am I….going to be okay?)”

My stomach was beginning to churn with anxiety.

People would say, [You can’t act, so why is he here?]

After all, if I can’t read a script–if I were to be told that since I haven’t been able to practice acting at all, what should I do if I were holding them back?

What if they think that what Kagami is looking for is a song that fits the movie perfectly…..but what if the song is too subtle?

In particular, many of Kagami’s songs that have been praised are the product of coincidence. They are all songs that came down from the heavens.

It’s not something you can aim for, but it must be because that level of music is demanded.

Nothing has started yet. He was anxious and uneasy even though he had not been told anything.

It was Kagamiya’s bad habit.

The manager looked at Kagamiya, who turned pale and sobbed, and thought…..

“Don’t worry about it. If you fail and end up being hung out to dry, I’ll at least go along with your suicide.”

“Is that……supposed to be a consolation?”

If it were me, I don’t want to die, even if I’m hung out to dry.

I mean, isn’t it too heavy to prepare for double suicide? This manager loves Kagami too much. Is he a yandere? 

It was a little funny to think that.

Kagamiya’s stomach churning was somewhat subdued.


Fate is a strange thing, and you may meet someone unexpectedly at any time and in any place. Such a few oddities.

“Hm? Why is Kagamin here?”

“You too. Why is Momo here?”

Well, I understand that this is a studio and that you are here on business, but unfortunately, only the people involved in “Hekireki no Ao” are allowed to enter today. It’s a private studio.

….That means, you must’ve enter by mistake.

[ [Will Kagamin (Momo) be there too?] ]

But “too” means both Momo and Kagamiya will appear.

I didn’t hear that. No, we don’t report to each other about the details of our work, and since the cast has not yet been released to the public, we are told to keep it a secret.

There’s nothing wrong with why I haven’t heard about it, but still.

“Eh? What role? Is it a role in a movie?”

“I’m playing the role of Raiko. I mean, it’s not a role in a TV show ! I passed the audition properly ! What about Kagamin?”

Kagami joins through some connection….Nadeshiko is one of them.

When did auditions happen? I didn’t even know it existed.

“I played the role of Kyou. I was pushed into the role by the author of the novel and my manager said it’s time for me to take a step forward, so I agreed.”

“Oh, that’s the same for me. My manager suggested that I should try acting. He asked me to audition on my own.”

And I got it.

No, we were chosen, and we were going to give it our all.

Still, I had no experience as an actor, and I was very anxious.

But that’s why I feel a little relieved to know that I am not the only one in the music business without any acting experience.

No, but……

“(Kagamin said he was recommended by the original author…but now that you mention it, Kyou and Kagamin are similar. He didn’t even have to audition for the role because it was recognized that he couldn’t be more perfect for the role)”

(Momo, if you were chosen by audition, it means that your acting ability was recognized.  ….Hekireki no Ao is a popular work, and probably some famous actors would have participated in it.)”

Both Kagamiya and Momo admit that they are both stoic and talented.

Therefore, they couldn’t underestimate each other just because it was their first time acting–in fact, they even thought they were better than a bad actor.

Wow. What if I’m the only one who floats in a bad way !?

But I don’t want Kagamin (Momo) to see me being pathetic.

Because they are the same age and have competed against each other on the Oricon charts many times.

I’m aware of him/her in many ways, and he/she is the opposite sex whom I think is cool (cute).

I can’t tolerate any lame acting. In many ways ! !

“Thank you for your hard work~, Kagamiya kun and Momo-chan? You’re early, both of you.”

The pressure weighs on both of their hearts. An older sister’s gentle and comforting voice seemed to dispel that mist.

“Ah……… Nadeshiko san.”

“It’s Nadeshiko san ! Hello~”

[ [(Huh? Does Momo (Kagamin) know Nadeshiko san?)] ]

No, he knew about the picture exchange, and they might be good friends without Kagamiya’s knowledge.

They said on TV that they were good friends, so she and Kagamin must be acquaintances as well.

Although they were satisfied, both Momo and Kagamiya were starting to feel a little less nervous since they were all familiar with each other so far.

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