No, she knows about the photo exchange, and they may be close friends without Kagamiya’s knowledge.

She said on TV that they are good friends, and Kagamin is also a close acquaintance.

Both Momo and Kagamiya are good friends and acquaintances of Nadeshiko.

Of course, they didn’t think they were mutual acquaintances, but that’s understandable when you think back calmly on what they’ve done so far.

Just like that, since it was their first time acting, the worries about [what if people think I’m not good at it] were calmed down when a mutual acquaintance, Nadeshiko, came to the studio.

“Muu, Kagamiya kun. Why didn’t you call me [Big Sis] today?”

It was a fleeting conversation.

Nadeshiko’s abrupt and mine remark made Kagamiya involuntarily look at Momo.

Momo had her hand over her mouth, her cheeks relaxed with a grin.

“Heh. Kagamin, so you usually call Nadeshiko san big sister.”

Momo was in full teasing mode.

The “S” Momo is also cute, but Kagamiya is in such a panic that he can’t afford to enjoy it.

“N-no, that’s because Big Sis….no, Nadeshiko san forced me…..”

“Did you not like it?”

“No, it’s not that I didn’t like it…..but I….”

Even so, Kagamiya loves Nadeshiko like an older sister. Lately, calling her Big Sis is already engraved in him.

But it’s embarrassing for him to have Momo ask him that.

I’m so embarrassed to death.

When Nadeshiko asked him with wet eyes, [Did you not like it?], Kagamiya thought that the situation was really bad.

“(They’re totally making fun of me. ….I have to turn the tide ! !)”

Trying to make an experiment, Kagamiya managed to come up with a topic of conversation while ignoring his heart beating noisily with embarrassment and uncomfortableness.

“Now that you mention it…how did Big Sis know about the photo exchange?”

“Ah, that’s true. Momo chan was grinning so happy, so I asked her if something had happened, and she bragged that she had gotten a photo of Kagamiya kun.”

“Wait, Nadeshiko san!? I told you to keep that a secret, right?”

Suddenly, Momo’s face turned red.

Would you rather reveal it in front of the person in question !?

This time, Momo felt embarrassed and nervous.

What should I do? I wonder what Kagamin thought…anxiously, Momo turned to Kagamiya……

“(That works for me, too !)”

In many ways ! !

The fact that Momo looked so happy because of Kagamiya’s photo is embarrassing, but he’s happy.

And when he got Momo’s picture, Kagamiya, like Momo, was also looking at Momo’s picture, grinning all the time.

The two facts compete with each other in Kagamiya’s mind, and it gets worse.

It’s not fair that Nadeshiko is always the one who makes fun ! ! !

As if to get revenge, Kagamiya opened the photo holder on his smartphone and showed Momo a photo of Nadeshiko in her usual outfit, a camisole and shorts.

“Nadeshikosan is usually so beautiful and gorgeous, but she’s usually a little sloppy, too, you know?”

“Wow, Nadeshiko san is so cute even in this outfit, it’s not fair.”

“Right? But Momo chan is also cute when she’s off air.”

“Is that so?”

It was a complete failure.

“Oh, by the way, this is what Kagamiya kun sent back to me when I sent him that picture.”

“Ah, this is so cute !”

On the contrary, she gave a picture of him and a stuffed rabbit that he has cherished for many years, along with a sentence that read, [Will you die if you are lonely?] to Momo.

Momo was so filled with unexpressible embarrassment that she couldn’t even see that Nadeshiko was secretly asking her to burn it.

“Aaaaaaah ! ! I’m sorry ! Sis, I’m sorry ! ! It’s my fault ! ! So don’t do it again ! !”

“I’m sorry, okay? I teased you a little too much.”

It was embarrassing just to have Momo know that he usually call Nadeshiko big sister, but on top of that, this shame play……

Nadeshiko gently patted Kagamiya’s head, who was already half crying.

Even though he was half crying because of Nadeshiko, he felt strangely relieved and calm.

A perfect match pump.

Nadeshiko is strong.

Momo and Kagamiya both felt extremely embarrassed, but both of them had completely forgotten about the anxiety of acting for the first time in their minds, and I think they even felt closer to each other, perhaps because they had overcome the same shame or shared a happy and embarrassing secret.

Around this time, the other cast members were arriving at the studio.

“Kagami kun, you seriously call Nadeshiko san [Big Sis]?”

“That’s surprising. I had the image of Kagami kun as a solitary artist. He seems cute and seems like we could get along well.”

“Oh, Mo-Mo-Momo chan ! Momo chan is here !”

“I didn’t realize Tanabe san was also in the cast !”

Kagamiya is the first to speak to a man with brown hair and a charming appearance. He asks Fujikawa Ryuji, a young actor who often plays slightly unusual roles but is well-known as a talented man.

“Um……which part did you watch from?”

“The part when Nadeshiko san asked Kagami kun if he could call her big sister?”

It’s relatively early ! ! Or rather, from the beginning ! !

“W-why didn’t you come in?”

“Hmmm. I thought it would be interesting to see something?”

Seriously. This guy is evil. Even though he’s handsome.

“Aaaaaa. ….I want to die. I’d rather die in shame ! !”

You saw the whole thing !? Uwaaaaa ! ! What did they think?

The embarrassing one? A painful one?

No such thing. Just as they said at the beginning, Fujikawa also called Kagamiya cute–the actress [Ayame] who is currently on the market, has no longer had any concerns about [Kagami], who doesn’t normally interact with anyone, but is overwhelmingly popular.

In fact, she felt that she could get along with him.

Kagamiya, on the other hand, thinks they will never get along.

“(I want to be friends though ! !)”

Also, the chubby man talking to Momo—Kurobe, is a comedian and has appeared in movies several times as a creepy gag character.

“Hmt? It’s like all the actors are already here?”

“Well, this line up looks amazing. This is definitely cool.”

“Wow. Kagami sama…and the actors too. They’re amazing ! !”

“(Ah, Yanagi’s here too)”

Then, all of Kagamiya’s acquaintances are here. Maybe not many?

And so on, some of them were acquaintances and some were meeting for the first time. The studio was filled with unique and peculiar members.

Hekireki no Ao’s film. It will be made by our own hands.

Anticipation, anxiety, excitement, and thrill.

I don’t know what words to use to describe these feelings, which are like a never-ending itch swirling in my chest, but everyone present here had the same feelings in their hearts.

If you enjoy our content, feel free to donate, Thank you in advance !

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