Episode 30 – There’s No Way The Girls Are Gossiping About Me (Zenpen)



While Riku was bowling, the girls were having a girls’ night out at his house. However, the atmosphere was somewhat gloomy except for one person.

“Hey, what is wrong with you guys? Y’all said that you met someone that you like until recently〜! ! you guys were so happy the other day.”

At the very beginning, Izumo Risa asked the three of them about the reason why they’re so gloomy.

But the other three were sinking like empty shells.

Somehow Risa couldn’t find a place she belonged to in such an atmosphere, and sighed [Haa….]

Then she remembered the other day when it rained.

The other day, I was waiting for the rain to stop. But it didn’t seem to stop at all.

“Haa….” When I was sighing, I saw kaizei san doing the same thing while looking out the window, waiting for the rain to stop.

“Kaizei san, are you waiting for the rain to stop too?”

I called out to her as I approached her.

When she noticed me, she looked me in the face and nodded.

….Cute. no wonder she’s one the three most beautiful girls in class.

I noticed from the social gathering the other day that she’s not a girl who talks a lot, she created a mysterious atmosphere around her. 

I look out the window as if I was following her gaze, while trying to hold back the grin on my face. The rain is getting heavier with no sign of stopping.

“Izumo san, Kaizei chan. Are you guys not going home yet?”

As we were looking out the window, we heard a voice from behind.

When we looked back, Miuchi san and Reizei san were walking toward us.

“Yeah, the rain is getting heavier, so we’re waiting for it to stop.”

Despite my calm attitude, my heart was overflowing with joy.

That’s no wonder, the three most beautiful girls in class are lining up in front of me.

Miuchi san looked smart and somewhat boyish, but she has a cute face. When it comes to Reizei san, she has the atmosphere of a refined lady, she looked so beautiful, no wonder she was called the class idol.

….So precious.

I was fascinated by their cuteness. And at the same time, I couldn’t help but feel happy that I was included in their conversation.

I was one of the class’s top castes. Who would’ve imagined such an unthinkable situation until last year. I feel like praising myself for pushing beyond my ability and for making a highschool debut.

“Well then, why don’t we chat until the rain stops?”

After looking around the class, Miuchi san made a suggestion.

The other classmates have already gone home or doing club activities, so we are the only ones who stayed here.

“Sounds good  ! ! how about you, Kaizei san?”


When I asked Kaizei san, she nodded.

“How about you, Reizei san?”

“I’m fine if it only takes about half an hour.”

Reizei san also nodded with a delicate smile.

“Then it’s decided ! !”

Miuchi san pulled out a chair beside her and sat down.

We also took the seats that were close to us so we could talk.

The petite girls-only gathering started with a silly chit-chat and gets more exciting as the time goes by.

“By the way, you guys have a boyfriend, right.”

Miuchi san suddenly asked if we had a boyfriend, and the air in the room froze at those words.

“I have never had a boyfriend in the past. On the contrary, I never had any friends in idle school. The only friend I have is my online game husband, Rikku, in a game called [GuardianFantasy].”

“I don’t have….”

When I remembered the emptiness in my life, I denied the existence of my boyfriend.

Starting with that, the other two also denied the existence of their boyfriend.

“Oh my〜, so you guys don’t have a boyfriend, even though you were a beautiful girls〜. What a pity. Well I don’t have one either.”

As Miuchi san laughed with her cute tongue sticking out, I sympathized with her words.

Except for me, the other three girls are so beautiful that they stand out from the rest of the world.

I couldn’t hide my surprise when they said that they didn’t have a boyfriend.

“So, do you have a guy that you like? Kaize san.”

Miuchi san who completely dominates the room atmosphere, asked Kaizei san if she has someone she likes.

Then, Kaizei san nodded slightly.

Seeing her like that, Miuchi san and I got even more curious.

“Eh〜, so you have? What kind of person he is ! !”

“….A very strong and cool person. He helped me the other day.”

Seeing her blushing and averting her eyes made my heart skip a beat ! !

This girl is really cute.

While giggling we listened to her story for a while.

Then, the next target is Reizei san.

“I also have one. I only met him when I was in cram school, but I have finally found him ! !”

Rezei san let out a happy voice that you can’t imagine from her usual self.

“Eh? You found him !? Who ! !”

Miuchi san seemed to know about it, so there’s an understanding between the two of them.

“It’s a secret〜.”

Miuchi san goes mad when she sees her mischievous smile.

“Eh〜, no fair ! ! it’s only “no good” man so you can just tell us who he is ! !”

“Ahh, you said he’s a “no good” man again ! ! Just because he’s carefree doesn’t mean he’s no good ! !”

“Oh, sorry sorry ! !”

Reizei san expressed her emotion when someone spoke ill of the person she liked, and Miuchi san flinched at Reizei san’s menacing aura and apologized to her.

“Ehem, what about you, Miuchi san ! ! Have you met the author san?”

After regaining her composure, she asked Miuchi san about the person she liked.

“Oh yeah, listen〜 ! ! The other day, I found out that the highschool author I liked was my childhood friend ! ! I think this is what you call fate, right ! !”

Miuchi san’s eyes lit up when Reizei san asked her, and her gaze went far away into a different world as she answered excitedly.

We’re a little taken aback by her.

“….So, Izumo san, do you have someone that you like?”

Reizei san , who regained her composure, asked me if I had a crush on someone.

I was startled by those words.

Since I was in middle school, I’ve always been an introvert, so I never had a crush on someone. On the contrary, the only guy i had conversation with was that guy.

For the past few years, I’ve always looked forward to talking to my in-game husband, Rikku, who I can meet every Wednesday at 8 pm.

I felt depressed on the day when I couldn’t see you, the day before meeting him, and the day when I met him, I felt nervous all the time. When the time’s come, he’ll always be by my side.

And when I think about the time when he encouraged me…..a smoke suddenly came out from my head.

….Hm, I think maybe I like him.

Once again, the person I liked is someone behind the screen, who called himself Rikku.

But I can’t talk about this. If I told them about it, the girls would pull away from me and I would go back to being……a loner like in middle school. That’s the only thing I wanted to avoid.

“….I don’t have one.”

I felt disgusted with myself for falling in love with someone who’s not even real, so I lied.

The rain didn’t hide those lies and continued to fall.

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  1. Chapter is kind of a waste. We’re already well aware of the whos, whats and whys of their crushes and it’s pretty easy to infer that they’ve talked about it with each other at some point from previous dialog. Don’t need to know they talked about it at school or when it was raining specifically.

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