A Yandere Encirclement Has Been Formed in a World Where the Sense of Virtue is Frequently Reversed

Source: https://kakuyomu.jp/works/16818023212766249944


The protagonist, Sukui Ren, realized

In the world in which he lives, the sense of virtues ​​are often reversed.

Sometimes he lives as a normal boy, and sometimes he lives as a boy who is protected and lusted after.

Even though everyone else hasn’t changed at all, Ren doesn’t know what to do because he’s the only one who notices this discomfort.

Because he has a sense of normalcy, he spends his time normally in this unusual world…….then, naturally, some things change.

And so the changes that occur even in a world that Ren takes for granted……this is what bothers Ren.

Episode 1 – I’m feeling uncomfortable

Episode 2 – A Guide to Kindness

Episode 3 – Embrace Changes

Episode 4 – Distortion

Episode 5 – An unexpected reversal

Episode 6 – First Mistake

Episode 7 – The Second

Episode 8 – Naughty way of teasing

Episode 9 – Lifespan shortened

Episode 10 – The moment I touch their big breasts

Episode 11 – Trapped by Minase and unable to escape

Episode 12 – Erosion Warning Announcement

Episode 13 – My best friend’s sister and a promise

Episode 14 – Going Out

Episode 15 – If you do this any longer, I’ll turn into a beast

Episode 16 – Engraved Name

Episode 17 – Bunny Girl Appearance

Episode 18 – Shape of Love

Episode 19 – Perhaps you couldn’t say it?

Episode 20 – Sharing

Episode 21 – Another Mistake

Episode 22 – A reliable ally?

Episode 23 – Interaction with Idol

Episode 24 – Big Wave

Episode 25 – Saving there, saved here

Episode 26 – God’s Test

Episode 27 – It’s complicated because it’s deep

Episode 28 – Gone