Apparently, My Childhood Friend’s Older Sister, Who is Called a Gal Nowadays, is a Yandere Who Pathologically Loves Me, a Degraded Version of My Twin Brother Who Can Do Everything Perfectly



The main character, Kujo Yuito, has a twin brother, Kujo Ayato, who can do everything perfectly. Yuito, who is not one step ahead of Ayato in everything he does, has come to be called a degraded version of Ayato.

Therefore, he even thinks it is inevitable that his first love Yuuki Suzuno, his childhood friend, fell in love with his older brother Ayato instead of him.

Therefore, Yuito does not even dream that Suzuno’s sister Yuuki Kano, who is also the person Ayato loves, is morbidly in love with him.


Episode 1 – You should ask my brother that

Episode 2 – Because Yuito has a lot of good qualities that Ayato doesn’t have.

Episode 3 – Yeah, and I erased that girl’s contact information as well, just for the heck of it

Episode 4 – Hmm, so that’s how Yuito thought of me

Episode 5 – Hmm, maybe to prevent other girls from coming to Yuito?

Episode 6 – Yeah, Yuito won’t get in touch with Suzuno chan anymore

Chapter 1

Episode 7 – Hey, isn’t it kind of exciting when a man and a woman are alone in a closed room?

Episode 8 – So let me be clear, I have no intention of dating Ayato.