About The Beautiful Duke’s Daughter Who Loves a Person So Much That She Got Sick in a Previous Life, The Person She Loves So Much Is Actually Me in a Previous Life, and I Have to Keep It an Absolute Secret.

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Al, who works as a butler for Charlotte Anastasia, who is said to have the greatest talent of all time among the Anastasia family, said to be one of the most powerful nobles in the country, was told by Charlotte on the day before his 16th birthday that her memories from her previous life had returned.

Charlotte in her previous life seems to have a man she loved, but when Charlotte is depressed that she will never see him again, Al suggests that she find him——–But the next day, on his birthday, he remembered that the person Charlotte had liked in a previous life was him, and he tried to tell her about his previous life, but when he heard Charlotte say, “If I find him, this time we will not be separated in this house ……,” he vowed never to reveal his true identity.

Episode 1 – I loved him in my previous life

Episode 2 – Memories of past lives

Episode 3 – When I find him

Episode 4 – Charlotte san’s Salvation

Episode 5 – Charlotte san’s previous life

Episode 6 – traces of one’s previous life

Episode 7 – Grendel san’s offer

Episode 8 – Exchange party between nobles and commoners

Episode 9 – Charlotte san’s anger

Episode 10 – Charlotte san’s feelings

Episode 11 – traces of him

Episode 12 – Charlotte’s Regrets

Episode 13 – Strong discomfort

Episode 14 – promise

Episode 15 – astrology

Episode 16 – affair

Episode 17 – Common Sense in the World

Episode 18 – Charlotte san’s grief

Episode 19 – Grendel san’s Interrogation

Episode 20 – Thanks to Grendel san

Episode 21 – under the care of Charlotte san

Episode 22 – Encounters and Farewells

Episode 23 – Charlotte san’s identity

Episode 24 – Past lives, present lives, and regrets

Episode 25 – love

Episode 26 – Romantic values

Episode 27 – investigation

Episode 28 – Charlotte san’s preparation

Episode 29 – Charlotte san’s beloved

Episode 30 – feelings of love

Episode 31 – Bath with Charlotte san

Episode 32 – Charlotte san would like to wash

Episode 33 – Charlotte san’s life

Episode 34 – Feal and Charlotte

Episode 35 – friend

Episode 36 – Grendel san

Episode 37 – Aruto kun and Reijo san

Episode 38 – intimacy

Episode 39 – First morning

Episode 40 – I don’t want to lose Reijo-san

Episode 41 – A Happy Day

Episode 42 – important person

Episode 43 – Words from a Friend

Episode 44 – I just want to make love

Episode 45 – Two people overlapping

Episode 46 – Aruto kun and Reijo san

Episode 47 – A Happy Tomorrow

Epilogue – Holiday Date