I let out a little confused voice at her sudden remark, and Nanahoshi looked flustered, thrusting her hands out in front of her and waving them in the air

“I-I’m sorry! I didn’t mean to say anything strange! It’s just that it was the first time I’d ever been out alone with a boy like this, so when I thought that I was doing what I’d been doing out of the corner of my eye, I had a lot on my mind,……!”

“There’s nothing to apologize for,……I mean is it the first time you’ve gone out with a boy? Nanahoshi?”

She has become a high school student, has great looks and is popular in her class… Is this the first time Nanahoshi goes out with a boy?

When I was puzzled by such words, she nodded and said

“Yes, I’ve been out with more than one person many times, but this is the first time I’ve gone out with just the two of us.”

“That’s surprising,……, didn’t you ever get invited?”

“I’ve been invited out many times, but when we go out together, it has a certain meaning, doesn’t it? I don’t see me as someone younger like that. I feel like they look childish, and older people seem to have ulterior motives…so up until now, I’ve refused them all for various reasons.”

“I see,…… that’s certainly going to be a struggle.”

Nanahoshi seems to be popular not only because of her looks, but also because she works as a model, and her personality also makes her easy to relate to.

Still, it must be quite stressful to have to decline invitations every time…but.

“Then why did you and I come alone today?”

After hearing what I just said, I asked her a question that would probably come up even if it wasn’t me, and she looked me in the eye and said,

“That’s …… of course, I also wanted to thank you for helping me,…… but Toiro-san is the same age as me, but he’s mature, amazing, cool…I got the feeling that he didn’t look at me based on my looks or my profession, and umm…..”

Nanahoshi then turned red in the cheeks and tried to say something, but her mouth closed and she fell silent.

I don’t know why …… Nanahoshi was silent, but I knew that she had a good impression of me anyway.

“Forget it, anyway, you mean because you don’t feel bad about being with me, right?”

“T-that’s, yes! Of course! I’m not going to feel bad about being with you! I’d rather be, umm….”

She was silent for a moment again.

I don’t feel bad when someone says that they don’t feel bad about being together with me.

I don’t feel bad …… but I’m in trouble.

I’m trying to erase the existence of the person called Toiro as of today at the same time I quit associating with Nanahoshi, in order to remain an ordinary being.

But if Nanahoshi does not have at least a bad feeling toward me, how can I cut it out?

As I was thinking about this, Nanahoshi broke the silence and said in a cheerful voice

“Toiro san! I was wondering if you would be willing to take a picture with me!”


I knew she would take a picture….. , but I didn’t realize it was a two-shot.

But surely it would be more unnatural to take a picture of just me, and maybe it’s only natural that it’s a two-shot.

So ──── I’m going to say no either way.

“There is no way I can stand next to you and have my picture taken.”

When I told her this, Nanahoshi’s expression went from bright to dark.

It may be a little too direct, but it’s better to be clear about things like this.

With the dark expression on her face, she looked depressed

“Does that mean it’s because we don’t …… match?”

You’re talking too fast for me.


I wouldn’t be balanced enough to stand next to Nanahoshi, who is described as a model in my opinion, and take a two-shot with her, which would be reasonable for anyone to hear from anywhere.

The conversation ended quickly thanks to the fact that she immediately understood my sentiments. ────

“It’s true, I’m not good enough …… to catch up with Toiro san, but..! I will definitely catch up to you someday, so I want you to take a picture of me even in my current immature state!”

…… Eh?

“Wait, Nanahoshi,……, I don’t mean that you’re out of balance, I mean that I’m out of balance with Nanahoshi, the model.”

“…… eh?”

“…… eh?”

We couldn’t understand what each other’s words meant, and the place was filled with bewilderment for a little while.

When I thought ────, She broke the silence and said

“What are you talking about? You don’t seem to realize it, Toiro san-san, but you are really cool! You have beautiful eyes and a well-defined face,────.”

“Here you go, two sautéed dishes.”


Just as Nanahoshi was about to say something, the sauté we ordered arrived, and Nanahoshi replied in a voice filled with surprise.

The waitress looked at Nanahoshi, smiled a small smile, and left us.

Then Nanahoshi begins to mutter in a small voice.

“That was close……I was about to praise every inch of Toiro-san and make him think I was weird…… I mean, I was so surprised that when the clerk came that I responded in a weird voice. He didn’t withdraw ……, did he ……?”


I couldn’t hear what Nanahoshi was saying, but there was no doubt that Nanahoshi was acting strangely, so when I called out Nanahoshi’s name as if I was concerned about her, she said in a panicked tone as if to cover it up.

“N-Nothing at all! Let’s eat!”


And I began to eat the same sauté with Nanahoshi, who was looking somewhat strange.

I don’t know what’s happening ……, but it’s none of my business.

──── Toiro is going to disappear from existence today.

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