After finishing the sauté, me and Nanahoshi walked out of the restaurant together and had a conversation as we walked away.

“Sorry to have you treat me really well, Nanahoshi.”

“I’m just thanking you today, so don’t worry about that! In fact, I’ll get angry if you do mind!”

“…… got it.”

If you’re going to say that much, then I really don’t mind.

As I was thinking that, she said.

“Toiro-san! I’m talking about the photo! If the idea that Toiro-san isn’t balanced with me is the only reason why you don’t want to take a photo with me, then please take a photo with me because that’s absolutely not true!’

….. As she also said, depending on how you look at it, just going out with us two could create a meaning, but if you take a two-shot, it would create an even weirder meaning.

And the fact that the existence of Toiro disappears with such a meaning might leave a blur in the heart of her as well.

That’s why I don’t take pictures for both of us.

So I tell her.

“Still, …… I’m sorry, but after all, Nanahoshi is a model and I’m not. ────”

“Toiro-san, …… don’t you really think that it would be a disgrace to Toiro-san’s life to take a photo with me because I’m not …… balanced with you?”

This is a rather far-fetched idea, but the question is simple.

“I don’t think so.”

When I told her that, she said in a loud voice

“It’s a lie! If you won’t take a photo with me, I’ll interpret that as you thinking that!”

It’s not good. …… If I refuse in this situation, it would be like telling a lie that she is not good-looking

When it comes to lying, my very existence is like lying, so I don’t have any resistance. I don’t want to deny what she has built up through her efforts by telling that lie, because I think it’s a downright lie to bother people because I want to stay mediocre. Because I think that lying to the point of bothering people because I want to stay mediocre is a reversal of the main reason I want to stay mediocre.

I thought it might be possible to switch to another reason, such as actually being uncomfortable taking photos with the opposite gender, or being genuinely embarrassed to take photos, ……, but Nanahoshi is far more experienced than me in terms of relating to people, so it is possible that she would easily see through such a lie, and above all, if there was such an actual reason, it would be natural to tell her earlier when she said “if that’s the only reason you don’t want to take photos with me”.

So it’s hard to make up another reason …… and it’s against my policy to lie.


I’ve weighed up a lot of things in the space of a few seconds ────

“All right, Nanahoshi ……, let’s take a picture.”

When I told her that, she turned bright and said.



When I replied that, Nanahoshi started jumping up and down on the spot with a very happy expression on her face.

“We’re just taking a picture, are you that happy?”

“Of course I’m happy!”

“…… I see.”

Whether …… this choice was right or not, if she is so happy with me, at least it may not have been a bad choice.

After that, I was taken by the high-spirited Nanahoshi to a place that is famous for being a very fashionable spot as a backdrop for taking photos.

Then Nanahoshi took out her smartphone, which seemed to be the latest model, and said she would use the in-camera to get closer to me.

“Toiro-san! Can you come a little closer to me?”


I did as Nanahoshi told me and closed the distance with Nanahoshi


For some reason, Nanahoshi’s face was blushing when she saw us reflected on the screen of the smartphone she was holding.

Then, Nanahoshi says in a voice that is incomparably quieter than before.

“T-Toiro-san, …… can you come a little closer?”


As I was told, I shortened the distance between her and me.


Then, my shoulders and hers touched.

Nanahoshi’s face on the smartphone screen was redder than before.

“…… Sorry for my amateur opinion, but do you usually close the distance this much when taking pictures?”

When I asked that, Nanahoshi gave a small nod and said.

“Y-yes ……! It’s like this!”

“I see.”

I felt that the distance was a little too short, but if she, who is knowledgeable about these things, said so, I guess there was nothing wrong with that.

“Well, let’s, um, …… take a picture, shall we?”

When I nodded in response, Nanahoshi raised the corners of her mouth even as her cheeks turned red, and as expected from a model, she instantly created a beautiful piece that perfectly matched the angle of view, and took a photo.

“Did you get it right?”

“I-I’m checking now!”

Nanahoshi operated her smartphone with a familiar hand and displayed the photo she had just taken.

────, there was no blurring at all, and a beautiful two-shot of me and Nanahoshi was displayed.

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