“Ugh……it’s getting a little colder.”

It’s November and the season has begun to turn into winter, and Kohime, who is next to me, is shrinking down, looking chilly.

The temperature had dropped, and Miki san, who used to drive us anywhere, seemed to have caught a cold, so we were walking slowly along the riverside road, side by side, to a cafe famous for its curry, where Miki san was supposed to take us.

I had taken it for granted that Miki san would take me anywhere these days, but now that she’s not here, I feel grateful that she’s there to pick me up.

“It’s already halfway through November. I can’t wait to see what the future holds when I think it’s still going to get colder.”

“True. …. I wish winter would disappear…….”

While saying this, Kohime exhales into her hands.

“Are you not good at cold weather?”

“Yes,…..I’m good at enduring the heat, but I can’t stand the cold…….”

I wonder if girls have less muscle mass than boys, so they feel the cold more easily.

Well, even though I’m a boy, I have almost no muscles.



I put the jacket I was wearing over my school uniform on her shoulders.

I’m rather sensitive to heat, and it’s not cold enough to bother me if it’s still this cold, so I thought it would be better for Kohime to wear it than for me, so I put it on Kohime’s shoulder. 

“A-are you sure? If I put it on, Eita san might get cold…….”

Even though she must be feeling quite cold, Kohime cares about me.

She was as kind as ever, but maybe Kohime didn’t like having the jacket I was wearing on her.

Many girls might be happy if a guy they like puts a jacket on them, but many girls would feel uncomfortable if a guy they don’t like does so.

I noticed this and confirmed it.

“No, I’m not cold at all, so it’s okay. Actually, I’m sorry, do you hate wearing other people’s clothes?”

“No, no, no ! It was quite cold, so of course I was happy. It’s still warm from Eita san’s warmth.”

Kohime says that while her nose turns red, so cute that I can’t help but look away.

And seeing the cute Kohime, I thought about what I decided to do yesterday, even though I tried not to think about it as much as possible.

In my school bag is the engagement ring she gave me.

On my way home from the café today, I plan to give her the ring and tell her how I feel about her.

Ever since I went to Kohime’s parents’ house a month ago, I’ve been thinking about whether or not to tell her how I feel, and I finally decided to give Kohime an engagement ring and express my feelings, but I’m too conscious about telling her. I tried not to think about it as much as possible because it seemed like it would become harder.

…Am I trying to confess my feelings to such a cute girl?

I wonder if it is possible that Kohime will go out with me.

If it’s not possible, then it would be better not to confess because if I confess and get rejected, my relationship with Kohime might end……

….Haa. I’ve been trying not to worry about it as much as possible because I keep thinking about it.

And yet, Kohime is just too cute !

I feel a strange sense of immorality when I think of Kohime being surrounded by my warmth.

“I’m glad.”

“It’s like Eita san to be able to do such a thing normally without being condescending.”

“Is that so? I think anyone can put a jacket on someone who is cold, even if it’s not me.”

“No, no. I guess the reason Eita san saved me from being hit by a car was not because he was desperate.”

Kohime says so, but that’s not true.

I only saved her because I was really desperate at the time. If Sumika had not dumped me, I might not have saved her even if the same situation had come up.

Besides, I have already known the pain of breaking a bone, so I don’t think I would have gone to her rescue even if the same situation had come up.

Anyway, I’m grateful that she trusts me that much, so I will do my best not to lose her trust in the future.

Well, this relationship itself might be lost today before we lose trust…

“……No, I don’t think so.”

“I think so.”

Saying that, Kohime smiles gently.

“Thank you. I’m glad you think so.”

“Eh, Eita?”

As I was conversing with Kohime, I suddenly heard a familiar voice.

I knew immediately who the owner of the voice was, but I turned my gaze in the direction of the voice, hoping that it was someone else.

“–Sumika !?”

Standing there was my ex-girlfriend, Yoshino Sumika, who dumped me because she fell in love with another man, and the cause of my unfair treatment at school.

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