I went back to the classroom and sat in my seat.

There was still time left for lunch, and although I hadn’t eaten anything, I wasn’t hungry.

To begin with, it was only then that I finally realized I hadn’t brought my usual lunch …… onigiri set …… today.

Too many things happened today.

Mai …… and Shiori nee.

The past, which I had almost forgotten, suddenly came back to me.

In the end, I just sat there aimlessly, gazing out in a daze.

Eventually, the chime rang, the teacher arrived, and class began.

But my head was still in the clouds.

No,…… my mind was too focused on one thing.

Of course, I was thinking about what happened earlier,……, about Shiori nee.

I was worried about the problem with Mai, but right now I was preoccupied with Shiori-nee.

Why did Shiori nee transfer to this high school after all this time?

Is it just a coincidence that she came to this high school without having anything to do with me?

It is certainly possible that such a coincidence is possible, but looking at …… her attitude earlier, I don’t think so.

So it would be reasonable to think that she had some kind of purpose and transferred to the school in order to contact me.

However,…… why in the world would she go to such lengths to meet me?

(Possibility 1) …… Shiori nee went to the trouble of transferring to a different school to see me, a good childhood friend, out of the purest of good intentions.

Probability ……0.01% (one in ten thousand)

[Yui kun is a very …… important person to me.]

The memory of the old days with Shiori nee flashed through my mind again.

People are creatures that unconsciously think about what is convenient for them.

No matter how improbable it is,…….

In fact, even after I was abandoned by those people – my stepmother and stepsisters – I believed for months or so that they would welcome me back into their home again, without any evidence.

Of course, those people never appeared before me.

On the contrary, after a month, they stopped sending me even the minimum living expenses.

When people are cornered, they cling to hopes that are more unlikely to happen.

So, even then, I believed in the possibility that those people would come back to me with some convenient logic…… or I wanted to believe in it.

As it turns out, as is happening all over the place in the real world, my hope didn’t come true.

It is only in manga, anime, and novels that the convenient things people desire come true.

That is why I like fictional stories, not real ones.

And I am not naïve enough to believe in such dream stories in real life anymore.

(Possibility 2) …… Shiori nee was thinking of something bad and contacted me.

Probability ……99.99%.

Think about it objectively and calmly.

What is the reason why Shiori nee …… or Mutsuki Shiori, who separated from me three years ago, is coming to see me?

For Shiori nee, I’m no longer …… much of a person to begin with.

And yet, she went to the trouble of transferring schools to be with me.

It must be a big deal for Shiori nee.

Another thing to consider is Mai’s existence.

Mai came to me at the same time as Shiori nee.

I had thought that Mai’s arrival at this high school was a coincidence.

However, I may have been wrong.

It was unnatural for Mai and Shiori nee to transfer to my high school at exactly the same time.

My high school is not one of the most popular private preparatory schools in Tokyo.

It is just a middle or lower grade prefectural high school in the suburbs of the Kanto region.

There is no reason for many students to dare to transfer to such a high school.

In short, their transfer is not a coincidence.

If that is the case, Mai and Shiori nee must have a common goal.

And that purpose has something to do with me.

Mai and Shiori nee have matured and become so beautiful that everyone looks back at them.

For these two super high-spec girls, I, a low-spec person who is a shy, lazy guy, should not be someone they would normally look up to.

So why did these …… ridiculously beautiful and beautiful girls transfer schools and come to see me?

I’m sure they are up to something.

When it comes to the level of this, it’s no longer just about making fun of me or telling me a lie.

But what on earth is that ……?

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