Rumors about the transfer student who came to the next class were spreading more widely than I had initially anticipated. Not only is it unusual for a new student to transfer to this school, but his “mysterious” appearance has led to a lot of speculation, both good and bad.

-He is one of the most handsome students in the school.

-He is a former delinquent and was selfish, taking advantage of the fact that the chairman is his parent.

-They said, there are countless people who have been crushed by him in fights.

For now, the bad side is strongly pushed out, but that guy will soon turn it around. Shinya’s storytelling has grown in a different direction than mine, and he is very good at deception. No, I would call him more of a disrupter of the truth than a deceiver.

(I’m irritated, but now, it’s time to wait and see.)

I thought about spreading more bad rumors about Shinya and making him look bad. But if I did that now, there is a good chance that the search for the culprit who spread the rumor will begin. If I do it, I can bring the possibility of being found out to an infinitesimally low level, but I’m not sure, so I’m not going to do it this time.


Yukihana, next to me, is still not moving. No, she is probably conflicted.

Since Shinya came to school, she’s obviously been acting weird.

(Even though I had expected it, I didn’t know there was a connection between her and Shinya.)

I was reminded of this when I saw Yukihana closing her eyes. I didn’t think that there was someone so close to him (yet to be confirmed). But for the moment, she’s not completely an enemy. At least, there is still room enough to draw her into my side. However, if she colludes with Shinya in some way……

I’m going to destroy her too.

“Hey hey, have you seen this, Ruri chan? Rumor of a transfer student?”

“……Not really. I’m not interested.”

“I heard he’s like a very kind prince. Sounds interesting, doesn’t it?”

“…..Go see him on your own.”

Yukihana dismisses Kisaragi, who happily talks about Shinya’s transfer. The words were colder than ever, and she seemed to push her away. Maybe she doesn’t want to get involved with anyone.

“Geez, you’re so cold.”

Kisaragi may have sensed this, too, and didn’t lash out at Yukihana any further. Even though their relationship is already strained, she probably don’t want to make it worse. It’s a wise choice for Kisaragi.


When I stared at Yukihana, our eyes met. But she averted her eyes after glaring at me. Apparently, she doesn’t want to talk to me either. I’ve made various arrangements, but it seems that it’s still not enough.

So, after school arrived without being able to do anything about the subtle Yukihana. The classroom was full of talk about the new student, and the day ended with a somewhat cheerful atmosphere. It would be a little troublesome if this would interfere with my future plans.

(I won’t meet him in person, but I still have to do what I can.)

I contacted a certain someone and left the classroom to keep my distance from Yukihana.


Time goes back again in the next class.

I was taking a class and contemplating about Shinya kun. Why did he leave so suddenly? Why did people related to me begin to appear at once just now?

Perhaps something is going on somewhere I don’t know about. Or is it just a coincidence? I don’t know, at least for now.

(During break, I should talk to him.)

I decided to talk to Shinya kun, who might possibly know what’s going on. But at recess, he’s surrounded by various people, both men and women, who are engaged in socializing with each other. It’s not an environment in which we can talk, at least not in secret. Besides, after school, I have student council work to do. I don’t have free time either.

However, I have found out a few things that I have observed about him even in such an all-encompassing situation.

First, his personality is reluctantly brighter than before. He had a gloomy atmosphere when he was in middle school, but now he is rather willing to go out of his way to talk to others. Furthermore, he has a good speaking ability. He speaks in a way that attracts the listener, and has the skill to make the other person talk. In terms of speaking skills, he’s probably better than me.

The female students are already looking at him with appreciative eyes. Apart from the fact that he’s the son of the chairman, when someone who looks promising and kind comes, it attracts attention. Some of them are already interested in him, apparently.

(IWhether it’s a makeover or influenced by his new school……)

After all, he looks nothing like he did before. I could easily recognize him because his face had hardly changed, but if I happened to pass him on the street, I would not recognize him. That’s how much his atmosphere had changed.

[ [……] ]

And every once in a while I would make eye contact with him, but for some reason he would look away from me. It was as if he had something to be guilty about. But I don’t think that’s the case with him, so it must be my imagination.

And so I went to the student council room without talking to him even once.

“Sigh, everything seems to not be going so well these days.”

The student council president’s chair has become quite familiar to me. I can handle a huge amount of work with high speed and high quality, but I’m still a little unfamiliar with the position of the student council president.

But I believe it is. I’m more suited to follow someone else’s lead. At the very least, I’m not the kind of person who can lead anyone.

“Prez, are you tired?”

“No, I was just asking myself a few questions. Oh, thank you for the tea.”

“Self-questioning? It sounds like the beginning of an essay book.”

She is Hashimoto Michiko san, a first-year student who is talking to me. She joined the student council this term as a member of the student council and is now appointed as secretary even though she is a newcomer. I like her because she is second only to me in organizing papers and she is also very attentive. Well, she has a flaw that she doesn’t think deeply about things, but it’s acceptable.

Many other people have joined the student council. There are a few people who are good at what they do and a lot of people who are better than her, but when it comes to caring for others, she’s the best. That is why I look out for her and take care of her.

“By the way, Prez, the teachers were noisy this morning, did something happen?”

“Was it noisy?”

“Yes. I was just supposed to go to the staff room for the day shift, and all the teachers were making a lot of noise.”

“I might have an idea what it was……”

Perhaps the fact that Shinya kun has transferred to the new school has had an impact. The fact that he is the chairman’s son must have already been made known to the faculty. And it’s by no means difficult to imagine the reason for the ‘noisiness’ that she refers to.

“I’m sure you were told to mind your own business.”

“What do you mean, ‘mind your own business’?”

“No, you don’t have to worry about it, Hashimoto san. Oh, even rice crackers.”

“I bought some at a convenience store the other day and they were so good I had to share them with you.”

“Fufu, I wonder if someone gets angry if you buy more with our expenses.”

We were joking around with each other as we worked quickly and efficiently. After that, other student council members joined us and the new student council was off to a good start. At this rate, it may not be a dream to have a lineup that surpasses the previous student council.

(For now, let’s aim to surpass Haruka senpai.)

In terms of ability, I’m better than her, but in terms of her caliber as student council president, she is by far the best. I still don’t know the reason for this, but anyway, Haruka senpai shined as the student council president. She was so shining as the student body president that even I, a person like me, could not help but admire her.

“Hashimoto san, could you take this to the volleyball club’s advisor?”

“Yes, leave it to me.”

“Kondo kun, please take these documents to the vice principal. And while you’re at it, please go check to see if there were any corrections made to the financial statements for the previous sports festival.”


Saying that, I also let the two newcomers go to the staff room. I’m trying to improve their communication skills while having them remember the work of the student council. Since this job is directly related to the flow of the school, there are inevitably many opportunities to talk with adults. That is why I want the two of them to have experienced that many times.

“I used to be like that too.”

A long time ago, long before I joined the student council. TIn other words, when I was in the first grade of middle school. I was still clueless, so he took me to various places. The community center, the Shogi hall, volunteering……

It’s a shame, but without that experience, I would have been shy towards others even now. In fact, I might not have even broken out of my shell. When I remember it, I miss it a little.

–Ping ♪


At that moment, my phone vibrated with a notification sound. I checked the screen and saw that it was a message from Haruka senpai, whom I had pictured as my goal in my mind just a moment ago.

[Are you used to being the student council president? I will continue to support you.]

“……This makes me embarrassed.”

I then replied to Haruka senpai, using a stamp that I rarely use. I haven’t respected someone like this since him. I know it’s not a good idea, but I’ll do the best I can for now. First of all, I’ll start by reading the documents on my desk.

“Fuu, let’s do our best.”

And so the day ended with me only inspiring myself, and I was completely distracted from thinking about Shinya kun.

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