At the Yukihana household.

The atmosphere in the mansion was heavy and grim all around. Even the usually relaxed members of the family were hurriedly working on this particular day, and some were salivating and others were yelling at the newcomers. And now, in the largest room in the house, there was a man sitting proudly but somewhat uncomfortable.

“Ruri, are you sure you don’t mind?”

“No, I don’t mind.”

“What if, okay? If you say one word that you don’t like this engagement, I’ll take immediate action. I’ll make sure your engagement is called off.”

“What about Mother?”

“Don’t worry. I won’t let any harm get to Tamaki. I’ll use my strength to protect her.”

The head of the Yukihana family and father of two children, Yukihana Koshiro, was talking with his daughter. He had previously been trying to maintain the face of his family, and he could not rashly go back on a promise that had been made long ago. However, his parental desire to respect his daughter’s wishes to the maximum extent possible overshadowed Koshiro’s will at the end of the conversation.

“Did you talk to Mother about anything?”

“……Yeah. If Ruri doesn’t want this engagement, I told her that I respect your wishes as much as possible. That was my original intention as well.”

“…… But.”

“Screw the old arrangement. I……no, the Yukihana family will not accept that bastard !”

With that, Koshiro drank the tea from the teacup in front of him and slammed the teacup with such force that it seemed like it would break. Even the normally mild-mannered leader of the Yukihana family was in a rage at this moment.

Then, in the midst of all this, I heard the sound of footsteps rushing hurriedly toward them. Then, [Excuse me !] A person of high rank in the Yukihana family came up to them.

“The other party has arrived. What should we do?”

“…..Let them in.”

“Yes !”

After he left the room, this mansion, which had been surrounded by a hectic bustle until a moment ago, became quiet at once. I’m sure they all went out to greet the other party. The purpose is to intimidate the other party, but it is not clear if this is meaningful to the opponent,

“By the way, Ruri, where’s Hisui?”

“He’s out running some errands.”

“Damn, that guy. He was against his sister’s engagement until the very end, and now he’s gone at a time like this.”

Koshiro’s face distorts as he grits his teeth. He thought that if Hisui was there, it would be a good blast for him, but instead he became calmer.

“…Phew. I’m sure if I were twenty years younger, I wouldn’t be so lost in all this.

“Father, you don’t have to do this.”

“But Ruri……”

“They’re coming.”

After that, a silhouette appeared across from the sliding door and someone could be seen approaching the doorway. Seeing this, Koshiro and the others stand still and prepare to face the other party again. Koshiro immediately switched his mode from a father to the head of the family, and as if glaring at them, he urged them to enter the room.

Then, a man enters the room with a heavy but light voice.

“Well, well, the cab got stuck in traffic and we’re a little late. I apologize for keeping you waiting.”

“No problem. Sit wherever you like.”

The man then handed the group member a folded cake he called a souvenir and sat down so that he and Koshiro were facing each other. Ruri sat down a little beside her father and slowly looked at the man in front of her.

(This man is the chairman of my school.)

Ruri has been promised an engagement and has met him several times, but she still doesn’t feel it. She doesn’t really know what kind of work the chairman does in the first place, but she knows that he has a certain amount of authority when he speaks with her own father unabashedly and as equals.

And as she had been informed beforehand, his son, Shinya, who is supposed to be a party to the meeting, is not here. Whether this is a good thing or a bad thing in this face to face meeting, that will be judged from now on.

(……I’ll just shut up and not say anything else)

So Ruri decided to spend all this time gazing into the void. She doesn’t think her opinion will have any effect on this big trend anyway. That’s why she decided to watch and wait to see what would happen.

“Thank you for inviting me here today.”

“Hm, I wanted to greet your son again, but he is not here today?”

“Haha, please forgive me. My son is studying at a cram school. And since he is not accustomed to this kind of occasion, I thought it would be rude if I brought him along and showed off his bad manners.”

As I’ve heard, he is a person of dignity but with a carefree attitude. While I was listening to Sakura talk a little bit, I noticed that he was more alert than before. However, the person in front of me was wearing a casualness and atmosphere that seemed to slip past my radar, and I was feeling a bit uncomfortable because my perception of and the attitude of the chairman in front of me did not mesh well.

Perhaps it had shown on his face, but he turned his attention to Ruri and spoke to her with a smiling face.

“You don’t have to be so stiff, Yukihana san.”

”……Thank you for your concern.”

“Yes. From now on, you will truly become a member of our family.”


A chill ran down my spine, but I wasn’t sure what kind of reaction he’d get if I showed it on my face, so I pinched my thighs to hide it. It seems that for this man, it has already been decided that I will be engaged to his son.

(But why on earth would he go to such lengths?)

I don’t think I am very attractive as a woman, if I may say so. I have a bad attitude, I’m short, and I’m not very sociable because of my unfriendly manner in the first place.

Still, he is aggressively pushing for an engagement, which means he has other objectives. But I have a pretty good idea. It is to win over this Yukihana family.

For better or worse, the Yukihana family has its own network, both locally and throughout Japan. I have heard that there are a number of people involved in underworld activities, such as brokering deals with people in the underworld, which I do not think very well of. Perhaps the chairman is aiming to get a hold of them. It is obvious that if he can gain control of the Yukihana group, he will be able to expand his business even more than before.

“By the way. I heard that you were on a trip to the Philippines the other day. I’m very jealous of you.”

“I don’t remember telling you that story, though?”

“Haha, I also forgot where I heard it. I think it was a rumor.”

“I see, rumor. It seems there is someone who is blowing a bad rumor.”

“Yes, indeed. Fufufu.”

The two of them are engaged in a tongue war. As for me, I’m shocked by the fact that my father was on a trip, but I also feel a sense of dread towards the chairman who is aware of his actions. I’m sure this man has his own network.

“I heard that in the Philippines, you were enjoying a drink with a don who is in the financial circle in Japan. I can’t imagine such an act.”

“Well, if you don’t want to be erased, don’t rehash that story any further here. You never know where or who is listening nowadays, do you?”

“Oh, that’s scary”

I wonder if the chairman’s aim is to shake things up by checking the answers to this information one after another. The man in front of her, revealing information that even Ruri herself didn’t know, seemed eerie to her.

However, Koshiro immediately had an idea of the source of the information.

(I guess…..some people from my group have been bought out.)

The other party knows information that no one should know. In other words, Koshiro realized that there was an informant inside the Yukihana family. He was trying to keep the anger that was welling up inside of him from showing on his face.

(Who is it? Who sold their hearts to this joke of a person at this point in time?)

They were as tightly knit as a family. Koshiro believed this and did his best to make sure that this was the case. He even remembers each member’s name, and he has them tell him why they joined the Yukihana family. Still, Koshiro was more than a little shocked by the rambling speculation that there was a traitor in the family.

“Did you know? The library near our school is going to be torn down due to aging. That library has a large collection of books, so for me, it’s very sad to see it go…….”

“You’re talking a lot of nonsense.”

“Oh, I remember that it was originally a social gathering, wasn’t it?”

“Hmm, it’s your son that I wanted to get closer to. I had greeted him once and never came to see him again, so I thought it was about time I saw him again.”

He then gulped down the tea that had been placed in front of him with the same gulping power as before. The chairman, watching the situation, still smiles without changing his expression. Ruri felt her breath catch in her throat as she felt the tension between the two of them.

They are both trying to get to the bottom of each other’s gut. If it were up to her to decide the superiority or inferiority of this exchange, she would say that the two of them are in control of the conversation. However, the chairman returned the intimidation with confidence without making them feel like it. Ruri couldn’t understand how much trouble she had to go through to be able to maintain such a big attitude towards her father, who was the boss.

“Ah, that’s right, I have a proposal…”

The two had been having a casual conversation for a while when the chairman suddenly interrupted the flow of the conversation and brought up a new topic. Heartily, the atmosphere that clothed them changed a little. The smile that had been pasted on his face was replaced by a grin, and he said in a tone of admonition.

“The Yukihana family, will you disband it?”

“Aah !?”

The chairman suddenly said this to Koshiro, as if it were a natural breath of air. The moment he heard this, the atmosphere around him changed completely, and he became enveloped in anger, smashing the teacup he was holding into pieces.

“Please don’t be so angry. There is a good reason for this.”

The chairman said so, as if he were quickly regurgitating his words. Koshiro was about to get up to shut him up, but the chairman quickly stated the reason.

“You see, there are at least five schools in this area that have designated it as a school district. Naturally, young elementary school children also pass by this house. Parents are concerned. They are worried that their children will be subjected to unreasonable violence from the bottom rung of society.”


Koshiro was about to stand up, but when he heard the story, he couldn’t help but second-guess it. He had been aware of this story for some time and had taken care not to do anything wrong with the children by completely controlling the family.

But even so, there were still complaints from the school and the school board. And the person in front of him is one of the most powerful of them all. If he were to act violently after being told this by such a person, the survival of the Yukihana family would be seriously jeopardized.

While Koshiro was weighing his anger and rationality, the chairman was speaking to him one after another.

“And your childrens. If it became known that their father is the head of such an organization, how in the world would they be treated? No, maybe they already have.”


“And it could affect your wife in the hospital, too, you know? Look, she might be kicked out of the hospital tomorrow?”

“Bastard !”

He wanted to jump on him right now and shut his mouth, but the mention of his family brought him back to his senses that had remained in him. If he attacked him now, it would not only affect the group, but also his family.

(I knew that. After all, those who hold power and are in educational institutions are strong.)

Just because a person is involved in an educational institution, it gives that person a certain level of credibility. That is why they could not be more incompatible with themselves in setting up such an organization. Koshiro was once again painfully aware of this.

(This man could really make Ruri and Hisui’s paths go by the wayside. And he even has influence over the hospital where Tamaki is hospitalized somehow……)

Koshiro’s actions have been completely blocked. The chairman smiles at the sight of Koshiro, who is frozen. Satisfied with his appearance, he told Koshiro to calm down and sit down.

“This is also to improve your position. If the form of the union is eliminated, your social standing will be guaranteed.”

“Where is that guarantee?”

“I can guarantee you that. If you cooperate with me, as much as you want.”

Cooperation for what? The chairman did not say anything about that. However, Ruri immediately sensed that this was not good for them. And it was the same for Koshiro.

Koshiro suddenly looked at Ruri. His eyes seemed to be telling Ruri that he was sorry. To others, it would have looked as if Koshiro had given up on everything. But to Ruri, it was different.

(Father is going to do it !)

In a few more seconds, Koshiro would have jumped on the chairman and violently attacked him with the force that would have killed him. But Ruri can’t stop him and has no reason to. But if he did, something in the Yukihana family……in her family, would end. She had a feeling that was the case.


Ruri quickly reached out to stop her father, but Koshiro took a step toward the chairman. Seeing this, the chairman was startled and involuntarily backed away. The chairman has no martial arts experience, so if he is attacked by the leader of a clan, he will not be able to stop the attacker.

“Wait, are you serious !?”

Even the chairman’s face paled when he saw Koshiro’s fearsome face. He knew that if he threatened his family, Koshiro would fall for it. That is why the chairman is impatient at the fact that something so unexpected has happened.

(Run away as fast as you can from here…)

However, he soon realizes that it is difficult to escape from this mansion, which is infested with clan members. And before he knows it, the clan leader’s hand is closing in on the chairman……

Bang !!!!

The sliding door positioned behind the chairman flew into the room with all its might, as if bursting open.

[ [ [Wha !?] ] ]

The three people in the room involuntarily shrugged at the unexpected situation. Koshiro, who was about to jump at the chairman, was caught off guard and stumbled involuntarily, and immediately rushed to Ruri’s side to protect her. The chairman, who had been in a tight spot earlier, quickly turned around and opened his eyes to see what was going on.

And then the people who emerged were……

“Looks like we made it just in time.”

“Hey, damn detective, you’ve made us even more late than we should have been.”

“H-hey, calm down, both of you. This is the moment of truth.”

The two of them were arguing as they dragged the battered adults along with them. Miura was smiling as he watched from the side as the two of them, Kanata and HIsui.
It was Ruri who was the most surprised in this space. She had discussed this social gathering with Sakura the other day, but she had not expected these three to make such a spectacular appearance.

The two of them then dragged and brought those figures to lie down in front of the chairman. Koshiro and the chairman looked at each other and were surprised to see the figures.

“W-what’s the matter with you guys?”

“Hey, Dad. Looks like these jokers were having an exchange with the old guy over here, I put a little pressure on them and threatened them, and they immediately came clean.”

“Wha !?”

Koshiro’s eyes widened in surprise as his son revealed the truth to him. Where has he been, and who are the two men beside him? There were too many questions he wanted to ask, so he could not immediately formulate words.

And so, as the place was becoming chaotic……

“…I’ll put an end to it, all fate.”

Kanata’s revenge story finally began.

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