Yuna and her friends joined my usual routine.

I talk with Yusei and Daishi about nothing else, and I watch from a distance as the staff look at the maids with naughty eyes while busily working at the coffee shop where I work part-time.

I was in a place where I belonged and a place where I didn’t belong.

So far, I have been able to make such distinctions, but what about Yuna and the others?

Yuna, Kaede san, and Nana.

One thing is for sure, as I walked Yuna home and talked with her, and as I talked with Nana and Kaede via Ein, the presence of the three beautiful women seemed to grow in my mind.


But never make the mistake of thinking otherwise.

The only reason these girls are interested in me is because I saved Yuna two years ago, and nothing else.

I should not interpret the favors they show to me in a strange way.

In the first place, Yuna and Kaede san are so different in level that it seems fearless to even imagine such a thing.

As I came in front of Yuna’s house, my cell phone rang.

It was a group chat consisting of me, Yuna and Nana.

“Nana: I’m sorry, something urgent came up and I can’t join you. Have a lot of fun with Tsukasa chi and the beautiful sister~”

What? Nana is not coming?

Is it urgent?

“Yuna: Nana: …… Okay.”

I’m standing in front of the entrance of a big tower apartment building.

There is a pretty tight security.

Kaede san is a very popular actress, so it makes a certain amount of sense for her to live in such a place.

I enter the number of the apartment where Yuna lives, have the door opened and go through the entrance.

I look at my reflection in the elevator window.

I am certainly well dressed, but I can’t say that I match up to Yuna.

I wonder if Yuna will go out with someone who is better looking and treats women better. ……

That would be the natural order of things.

“Why is Yuna coming out ……”

The passionate gaze she turns on me.

And the dusky aura that Kaede san showed.

I shook my head to the left and right to come to my senses and went to the floor where Yuna and her family live.

Then I ring the bell in front of the door.

After checking me on the camera, she opened the door.

“Oh, Tsukasa-kun! Hello!”

Yuna welcomes me with a smile.

With her short tartan plaid skirt and gray knit, I thought she was a top model straight out of a magazine or something.

Her long, white, raw legs seemed to tremble slightly, the gray knit accentuated her slender waist and truly ferocious marshmallow, and the unmixed ivory nape of her neck smelled wonderful.


I still can’t get used to this beauty.

I was puzzled, Yuna buried my right arm in her cleavage and pulled me to her. Then, she whispered in my ear.

“Come in, Tsukasa-kun.”

For a moment, her flaxen hair touched my cheek and I thought my brain was being electrified.

Feeling the exquisite softness of her breasts, I went inside.

Yuna led me to the kitchen, where I found Kaede-san cooking in jeans and shirt with an apron on.

“Ara Tsukasa, welcome back.”
“Hello …….”
“You look very nice, dressed up too. The two of you are a perfect couple when I see you two stuck together.”
“No, no! Not at all! to such me!”

I was so surprised that I pulled my arm away from her, which was buried in Yuna’s chest.

Then Yuna glared at me and gave me a look as if she was desperately trying to hold something back.

When I looked annoyed, Kaede san chuckled and opened her mouth.

“The food will be ready soon, so please wait for me in the living room!”

Her gentle gaze made me freeze for a moment.

I wondered why she looked so beautiful in just a pair of tight jeans and a plain white shirt.

It is often said that fashion is only as good as its face.

Dark hair, well-defined nose and eyes, beautiful blue eyes, a pair of explosive breasts that surpassed Yuna’s, a surprisingly thin body, and a height higher than Yuna’s. She was so beautiful that I lost my words.

She was so beautiful that I was speechless.

“Tsukasa-kun, let’s go to the living room.”
“Y-Yeah …….”

Yuna’s cheeks were slightly puffed up.

The scene is unreal.

The living room was decorated with thick movie scripts, posters of movies featuring Kaede san, trophies, and photos of her with celebrities and other movie actors.

I was speechless again.

How could such an amazing person cook for me?

I guess Kaede dsn’s fans would be devastated if they knew about it.

I wait for a while watching the movie in which Kaede-san appears, and then she finishes her dishes and puts them on the dining table.



Kaede-san is staggering, as if the big pot is heavy.

The pot must be filled with something hot, and if Kaede san’s skin gets hurt, it would be a big problem.

I don’t want to see her get burned by the food I cooked for her.


Unfortunately, Kaede-san tried to fall back.


“Watch out!”
“Onee san!”

I got up and quickly went behind Kaede san and held her back as if I was hugging her from behind and held both of Kaede san’s hands tightly and restrained the pot as well.

I mean, you’re making too much ……

It’s hard for me, a man, to hold it.

Fortunately, the pot is safe and sound without spilling.

Phew…I’m so glad I got it.

“Ah ……”

I realized.

Her head was resting on my chin, her back was tight against my stomach, and her soft backside was rubbing against my crotch. ……

Moreover, Kaede san’s hands are completely free by my hands.

Kaede san’s body, a very popular movie actress, is in complete contact with mine. ……

If I don’t get away from her soon,……

With that thought in mind, I tried to move my body.

Kaede san raised her head and looked at me.

“Ara ara… you saved me,…… just like you did with Yuna,……! Mama–I’m so happy,…… haha,……”

She turns her molten blue eyes on me and breathes hotly.

Kaede san’s luscious breath enters my mouth and nostrils, creating an atmosphere that is hard to name.

Her gaze locked on me completely.

I’m swallowed up ……


But I huffed and took my eyes off Kaede san and looked at Yuna.

Then Yuna looked at us happily with her beautiful blue eyes moistened.

Behind Yuna, I could see numerous trophies, posters of movies with Kaede san as the star, and pictures of her with famous celebrities and actors.


When I turned my gaze back to Kaede san again, she was staring at me so intently that I could see a hole in her eyes and she was leaning her body against me.

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1 year ago
1 year ago

“Mama–I’m so happy,…… haha,……”

MC needs to get the green card pronto.