Episode 20 – Love hotels are not allowed?



“This is not going to get us anywhere.”

I scratched my head and left Shiina alone as I was about to leave the place.
Talking any longer would only make me tired. I’ve taken time off from school, but I can’t stand it.

“Hey~, where are you going?~

Shiina grabbed my hand as I ran away.

“Wherever it is, I’m going home!”
“Eh~, you’re going home~?”
“Of course I’m returning, there’s no point in going anywhere anymore!”
“It’s such a waste to go home!~”
“It would be a waste of my time.”
“Let’s play~. It’s just the two of us.~”
“No wa—-“

I try to shake off the arm of Shiina who is pulling my arm and spoiling me, but my hand stops.
If I refuse here, I fear for my life. I’ve already experienced how she reacts when I say no.

Besides, I have a record today. Tomorrow, Shiina will forget about today and won’t be angry at me no matter what I do, but not today.

Instead of running away, it would be best for me to go to a place where I can be with her and satisfy her with less burden, considering the future.
So I thought to myself.

“W-Where are you going?”

I put on my best fake smile.
Then, perhaps thinking that I was really getting on board.

“You’re going?!”

She rolled her eyes as she shook her body.

“Oh, I’m not saying I’ll go anywhere.”
“Really?! I’ll go wherever you want!!”
“If it’s as quiet as possible, and still a place where high school kids can go,”

If I don’t say something like this, I might be taken to a love hotel.
I want to avoid this.
Hearing this, Shiina said.

“Then, love hotels are no good. …………”

Shiina cowered.
I’m glad I mentioned it first. I knew I should have anticipated what she was going to say before I said it.

“No, in that case I’m going home.”
“Then I’ll go with the date plan I was thinking of during the movie!”
“Oh, I didn’t know you were thinking of that.”
“Okay! Now that we’ve decided, let’s get going!”

Shiina clung to my arm and walked ahead of me.

“Saku-kun, get that thing!”

A few dozen minutes later, we were at the game arcade in the shopping mall closest to the school.

And now, Shiina was jumping up and down and pointing at a crane game with a stuffed seal as a prize.

Was the game center the goal of this guy?
I really thought I could spend a quiet time by watching a movie again, but I was forced to go with her.

If it was a movie, she would have just taken my popcorn, but of course I didn’t like that either.
In a video arcade, I would have to waste time talking to this person.

Besides, there is a devilish machine called Purikura.

I have a very bad feeling ……………… like the worst is waiting for me …..

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