“What’s wrong with you, sighing all morning?”

“……Naka. Nothing.”

When I arrived at school and took my seat, Naka approached me.

“If you keep sighing like that, happiness will go away, you know? Ah, is it already gone ? don’t mind it.”

“Noisy. Don’t dig at people’s wounds!”

implicitly, I am saying that I had my heart broken the other day.

“But well, …… don’t be so depressed. In times like this, it’s important to switch things up. Let’s move on. Next!”

“You know what? Maybe you are misunderstanding something, but that’s why I’m sighing.”

“For example, look.”

“Listen to me.”

I was about to say that the reason I was sighing was not because I was heartbroken, but Naka interrupted me and turned his gaze toward the entrance of the classroom.

Ichikawa san had just entered the classroom and Naka seemed to be watching her.

“Still beautiful today too huh ?”

“Ha, Hahahaha…….”

All I can do is laugh thirstily.

I have not yet told Naka that I am dating Ichikawa san.

And the reason I sighed is because of her.

That was before the school day.


“Hey, this is …….”

“Don’t worry about it.”

We left home and headed to school together.

After discussing it, though, we had just agreed that we would try not to be together at school too much, so when school got closer, I would go first.

“That’s why this kind of thing….”

“Fufu. It’s okay~ because we are dating.”

Now I am being held firmly by Ichikawa san’s arm.

And I feel two soft touches of something on my arms. The soft, soapy scent wafting from her tickles my nostrils.

It is very stimulating for me, who has no experience with women.

Thanks to that, I’ve been having a heartthrob since a while ago.

The way I walk also seems awkward.

Speaking of Ichikawa-san, her cheeks seem to be a little loose.

Cute. It’s unbelievably cute. I can’t believe it’s the same person.

This is a rarely seen side of Ichikawa san, who usually gives a cool impression.

She didn’t seem to care that she was pressing her chest against me.

…… it’s no good. At this rate, I can’t even make it to school, even if it’s only halfway there.

“I-It would be nice to have a little more distance.”

“I don’t want to. We don’t get to spend much time together at school, so why not?”

It’s just too cute.

No, You don’t want to keep it a secret.. It’s really too much of a mystery why it’s so highly sensitive.

“This is how we will go to school every day from now on.”


I had no right to veto.


It is depressing to think that every day I have to fight in this way.

What? Too extravagant?

Say what you want. I know that, too, but equipment that is too big for you will bring doom.

As a virgin unaccustomed to gratuitous favors from women, I’m sorry, but I still have a hunch that something is going on..

A vicious cycle of self-loathing at such a pathetic self.

“If there was someone who could go out with Ichikawa san, he would be happy.”

“…… are you going after Ichikawa san?”

“It’s not that. It’s true that I’d love to be able to date a beautiful woman, but it’s impossible. Jinguji isn’t dating either, is he? I knew that a beautiful woman can only be entertainment. So what do you think about Ichikawa san?”

“…..I don’t know why it would lead there. You can’t be like me in a normal way.”

Yes, it is impossible in the normal sense of the word. This is not modesty or anything.

“The goal is too high. And you are too self-deprecating. You’re a good guy. Sure, you may not be as good-looking as Jinguji, but maybe there’s a chance.”

“’You don’t have to compare one to the other. you can either praise or insult me.”

“I’m complimenting you. Well, Ichikawa san is just an example, but the point is that when you have a broken heart, you should fall in love elsewhere.”

What you are saying is most likely. Even though I had promised my dad, too, it was those feelings that led me to the conclusion that we should go out.

Rude to say, I am thrilled with her, but this means that I am simply not used to women and have not fallen in love with her yet. It’s just that she’s beautiful, which makes it all the more remarkable.

I went out with her because she confessed to me. That was my honest feeling toward her now.

“Well, she seemed to be looking at you with a lot of passion yesterday, too, right? Since we’re now in the same class as the goddess, let’s let one of our stories bloom.  I’ll give you my help.”

“No, thanks.”

Naka, who may have mistakenly thought that I had feelings for Ichikawa san, headed toward her.

He then spoke to Ichikawa san, who was chatting and laughing with a friend and immediately joined the circle.

That guy’s awesome.

It seems that being able to communicate with anyone without fear is an essential talent for that kind of character.

Naka seemed to be having fun, occasionally looking at me and talking to Ichikawa san and the others about something.

“Hey, Youta. Come here.”

That guy, seriously.

I head to Ichikawa san’s desk, feeling somewhat awkward since I promised her that I would try not to get involved with her too much at school.

There was only one other female student around Ichikawa san. If I’m not wrong….Sakino Shizuka san ?

With her light brown hair color and out of uniform, she is what one would call a gyaru. A synonym for cheerful. If anything, I may not be good with that type.

It seems that no other members have arrived yet today.

“This is Youta. My friend, I was telling you about. I hear he’s hungry for a woman, so be nice to him.”

“Hey, watch your language!”

“Ahaha, Nice to meet you–. Just as you’ve said Naka, what a truly shadow person ! We’re in the same class, but I’ve never seen him before!”

Uwa, That’s the one that usually hurts ……

It’s been a week since school started and I’m still a shadow.

“It’s Sakino Shizuka! You can call me Shizu chan, Shizuka-sama, whatever you want to call me!”

Sakino san says so cheerfully. She is only a gal, and for her name, her personality is the complete opposite of friendly. (TL/N : Shizuka is japanese for quiet)

“Then–, this one– Aoi ? what’s wrong?”

“It’s nothing. Nice to meet you, Komiya kun.”

When Sakino san approached Ichikawa san, she stood up, turned to him, and held out her hand with a smile.

Our relationship isn’t public, so it’s kind of weird.

I hold her hand in confusion.

“Nice to meet you….Ugh!?”

Then the hand that held it gripped me with more strength than I had imagined, and I almost screamed out in response.


“What’s wrong??”


But soon my hand is released, only pain remains.

Naka and Sakino san did not seem to notice this.


Chill runs down my spine.

Huh? You’re smiling, but your eyes aren’t smiling.

“What’s wrong Aoi?”


“I think you’re quite tense?”

“Nothing, I’m fine.”

“Hee–, you’re lying–”

“No, I’m not.”

“You’re definitely not in a good mood!”

“It’s nothing.”


“I wonder what happened to Ichikawa san.”

I don’t know either…..

In the end, the chime rang without me knowing why Ichikawa san was suddenly acting strangely.

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1 year ago

Naka seemed to be watching him.
->Naka seemed to be watching her
promised him that I would try not to get involved with him too much at school.
->promised that I would try not to get involved with her too much at school.

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