After school has finally arrived.

I received a message from Koharu even though the class had just ended. 

<Igarashi Koharu : i’ll be waiting. Fight (cat emoji)> 

I wonder if she was preparing it even before the class started. I smiled while picturing Koharu in my head being restless as she sent her message. 

<Thanks. Wait for me.> 

As I sent a reply to Koharu, i felt so happy that i want to end the conversation and go to Koharu right now. 

There’s no way I could do that, so for the time being I had to wait until there were no more people in the classroom. 

I wonder why we talked on the rooftop back then, and this time in the classroom. 

I guess things don’t always go my way when it comes to Yuina.  Shit. 

Well, there’s no point in regretting that now, as I was thinking about that, the classmates who usually stay in the classroom after school quickly organize their belongings and leave the classroom. 

For some reason, when I looked around the class, I found two familiar faces at the entrance of the classroom telling the others to hurry up and leave. 

Apparently, because of what i said to Yuina in the morning, Hiiragi san was taking the initiative to call out the girls, and Noda for the boys to clear the area. 

After looking at me for a while, Hiiragi san noticed my gaze and slightly waved her hand in embarrassment.

I waved back, thanking her in regard for her kindness.

When I saw the number of people in the classroom decreased, I thought it would be a good idea to do it now, but somehow Yuina was nowhere to be found in the classroom. 


“Hm? Where’s Yuina chan?” 

As I sighed, Asahi asked me wondering if I had returned from the toilet.

“I looked away for a moment and she was gone.” 

“Oh no, not again….” 

“My classmates were considerate enough to leave the class early, now where the hell did she go. That girl….” 

“A-ahaha. This was unexpected for me as well.”

“Hey guys. Sorry I’m a little late, I went to get something to drink. Here you go.” 

As I was complaining to Yuina that she should’ve told me if she was going to leave, Sawada arrived with a pack of juice in his hand.

“Thanks. I’m not waiting for you, so it’s fine.” 

“Is that so, then good, hm? Huh? Where’s Yuina?” 

“….she went somewhere.” 

I responded in dissatisfaction while drinking the juice that Sawada gave me.

“Oh-….. I’m sorry about that.” 

“Ah, no, I’m the one who should be sorry. It’s not like that’s your fault, Sawada, so there’s no need to apologize. Oh, that’s right-” 

Since Sawada had arrived, I thought it would be a good time to have another discussion on what we’re going to talk about before Yuina arrived. 

Then 20 minutes of waiting.

Rattle* Rattle* ! Bang* ! ! 

When the three of us were talking nonsense, Yuina, who seemed to be in a good mood, rushed into the classroom. As soon as she noticed that someone other than me was in the classroom she turned grim and came towards us with an irritated look on her face. 

“Wait a sec ! i said i wanted to talk to Ryou so why is there Kikuchi kun besides you ! and Kenji kun too…! I thought you were nowhere to be found so why are you here ! !” 

“Oh no, I’m just…” 

I stepped in between the two of them to protect Sawada who’s being pressed, and explained why Asahi and Sawada are in this place. 

“Hold on a second. Sawada isn’t unrelated, that’s why I called him. Besides, Asahi is only here because he’s worried about me.” 

Asahi stood up from his seat where the three of us had just been talking and came to stand about half a step behind me.

“I’m sorry, Yuina chan. I heard the two of you were going to talk, so I’m worried about Ryouma by all means.  And i’m the only one who knows you two the most, so if there’s anything wrong up until now, i’ll interject for a moment, so please forgive me for that~”

“That’s what he said. Besides, we don’t have any good memories of each other.” 

“Hmph. it’s not like i have any good memories too, so okay.” 

For now, she seemed to understand why the two of them were here, so I clapped my hands slightly, and then decided to tell Yuina why I called her here.

“First of all, I’m sorry for calling you to stay in the classroom  so suddenly.  Thanks for coming.”

“Hmph. just get on with it.” 

Her cheeks flushed while she crossed her arms as she demandingly said that. 

“Don’t be so impatient. How are things lately? Are you getting along well with Sawada?” 

“Huh? What are you….it’s normal.” 

“I see. I’m glad to hear that. Even though you cheated on me like it’s nothing, if the two of you are happy, I think I’m fine with that.” 


She moved to tears while hearing my words. I’m sorry but your girlfriend said “it’s normal”. Is that okay?

“What the hell, did you call me just to say that? Im stupid for expecting something. Can I go home?” 

“I don’t mind if you just want to make small talk with me, you know? Well, if you’re in such a hurry, I’ll just get on with it.” 

Even though I said something that I didn’t think through, I should try to meet Yuina’sexpectations so that she wants to talk.  

“…… seems that lately you’ve been plotting something against me and Koharu?”

“H-huh? W-what the hell, I don’t know anything about that.” 

Her shoulder is trembled, but it seems like that she intend to play dumb. …..even so, it’s too noticeable.

“Sigh…it’s no use to play dumb. Look, you recognize their faces, right?”

As I said that, I showed the two pictures to Yuina.

“Wha-! Why do you have a picture of those guys, Ryou ! ! !” 

“You’ll know why if you notice Sawada in these pictures, won’t you?” 

“N-no way..!? Kenji kun, you’re ratting me to Ryou ! ! ? Scumbag ! ! ! you used to make fun of Ryou so much, but now you’re on his side !?” 

Yuina glares at Sawada and is about to grab him right away, but I block her gaze with my own hand.

“Don’t be so quick to snap at someone. It’s true that Sawada told me what you did. But he told me that for your sake.”

“Huh? What the hell do you mean for my sake. If you’re really thinking about me, then you don’t need to tell that to Ryou ! !” 

Yeah, she’s always like that for so long.

No matter what I say, she thinks that she’s the center of attention, and if something bad happens, she blames someone else other than herself.

“That’s enough ! Don’t you understand yet, if Sawada hadn’t come, what you were thinking back then could’ve really happened ! ! Besides, didn’t you think about what would’ve happened to you too !?” 

“W-why are you so angry…. Besides, if something happens to me, Ryou will help me, so nothing can happen….. And nothing actually happened, even if it did, it doesn’t matter because I only suggested it ! !” 

“That’s true, your idea is to have me help you when you’re being hitted on, and after they handcuffed me, you let them take Koharu away and then let them rape her for fun. That’s what you were thinking.” 

“That’s right. I don’t care what happens to the woman who took my childhood friend without my permission. She’s going to get rape by a guy, so maybe she don’t mind it? Well, I failed anyway.”

“YOU FUC- ! ! !?” 

“Calm down Ryouma ! ! ! ! you can’t do that ! !” 

I couldn’t stand what Yuina said and started to move my arm, but Asahi grabbed it.

You didn’t care if something happened to her? You want to say that she deserved it because she took someone else’s without permission? 

You don’t even know Koharu and you’re saying whatever you want. There’s no way a girl would be happy to be embraced by a guy she doesn’t like when she has a boyfriend. 

If you think about it…..ah i see, that’s right. This girl can’t even think for herself.

I was going to choose my words, but I’m not gonna do that anymore. I was an idiot for thinking that I should be a little nice to this girl.

“Huff…. Sorry Asahi. I’m fine now.” 

When I said that, Asahi let go of my hand and moved back to his position.

“Ah is that so. I understand what you were saying. Based on what you just said, I also have something to say to you.”

“Yeah ! i’m glad that Ryou understand ! Fufufu, so what do you have to say♪”

(TL/B : I swear to god this bitch gonna get annihilated)

At that time, I still had feelings for her, so I couldn’t tell her.

But now, I have no such feelings for her anymore.

There’s only one thing that I have.

“I fucking hate you.” 

(TL/N : At this time, we have already caught up with the ongoing chapters, so we will update it as soon as the original WN got updated)

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