The day arrived. 

I decided to head for school earlier than usual and waited for Yuina to come.

After a while, when tha classroom was getting noisy, Yuina arrived at school earlier than usual by herself just like Sawada had informed me. 

After I made sure that she sat down on her seat, I called her out before her follower appeared. 

“Oi Yuina, can i have a minute? I have something to tell you today. In this classroom after school, and after everyone has gone home.” 

“Eh? R-Ryou, why did you call out to  me…..” 

“That’s not important now. I need to talk to you, are you free? If you aren’t, can you free up another day?” 

“U-uh huh. Today’s okay.” 

“Is that so. Then after school.” 

“Got it.” 

“That’s it.” 


Phew, anyway, I’ve broken through the first barrier. 

I went back to my seat without listening to what Yuina was saying at the end. 

Come to think of it, I wonder when was the last time I saw her face. Did she look like that?

Besides, she seems a bit confused, but i think it can’t be helped if i suddenly talk to her. 

However, I felt strange that she came to an agreement so upfront…. What on earth are you thinking…? 

No, that’s fine. Now let’s just think about after school. 

I ignored Yuina and the others who were glancing at me while making a fuss about it, and decided to go on as usual until after school. 


After the fourth period, I went to pick up Koharu and Akari chan, and they suggested that we should go to the rooftop for a change of pace, so we went upstairs.

As soon as I opened the rooftop door, a pleasant breeze brushed my cheeks gently. 

“Oh~! Even though it’s still lunch break, the place is surprisingly quiet !” 

“It really is. I thought it might be a little hot, but the breeze felt nice today. Why don’t we eat in the shade?’ 

“Oooh~! I’ve brought a proper sheet with me, let’s spread it out right away~!”  

“Thank you.” 

“Thank you Akari chan.” 

We sat down on the seat that Akari chan had prepared for us and ate our lunch.

After eating to some extent, Asahi made eye contact with me, so I decided to tell them about today.

“Koharu, Akari chan. I already told Asahi, but I decided to talk to Yuina after school.”

“Munch. Crunch, slurp. Pwah ! I’m sure that’s what you said yesterday ! I’m glad that you got the OK so easily.” 

“Certainly. I was worried that something might go wrong….but I’m glad it went well.” 

Koharu nodded with a relieved look on her face as she wiped Akari chan’s mouth who swallowed her mouthful of food and i replied.

“Well, it went well, but just like Koharu said, I’m worried about that as well. It was very strange of her to respond so obedient to me…. Well, I’m glad to say that I was able to talk to her, because it would be troublesome if she had misunderstood something else. “ 

Maybe I’m a little bit too self indulgent while saying that with a sarcastic laugh, but no. Asahi interrupted me. 

“Well, isn’t the “misunderstanding” thing on  you?” 

“Hmm? What do you mean by that?” 

“When I came to the school this morning. Hiiragi told me as soon as I entered the classroom that Yuina chan said [Ryou called me out, which means this is a confession, right?] to the people around her, is what he said to me.” 


“And there’s still more to it. The girls around her said [it’s unnatural if you get back together right away after dating Kenji kun, so the perfect timing is before the summer vacation !] or [that makeover was also to get Yuina to be interested in him !] seriously… I know that Yuina is 100% at fault, but so are the people around here….” 


The three of us seriously didn’t know why she was thinking like that, and we couldn’t open our mouths for a while.

“That’s just too…” 

“Isn’t that too convenient?” 

Koharu and Akari  chan muttered in disgust, to which I responded with a sigh. Asahi continues, while thinking of that too.

“I was a little bit skeptical about it too, however, I heard the same thing not only from Hiiragi but the other classmates as well, so I think it’s true. Also, I didn’t think it’s a good time to tell Ryouma at that time, so he asked me to tell you later. They’re really considerate classmates. 

“I would’ve lost my temper if i heard that on the spot… I’ll thank Hiiragi and the others later.”

“Yeah, please do that. …..but it’s really something else, doing something like that even before the arrangement. Ryouma, are you okay?” 

“There’s no problem except that i have to clear up the stupid misunderstanding first. I already know what I’m going to talk to her about.” 

When I told Asahi that I’m okay, Koharu looked up at me with a worried look on her face as she held my right hand tightly. 

“Ryouma kun…. Please don’t do something reckless, okay?” 

“Yeah, just wait with Akari chan until it’s over.” 


I managed to endure the feeling of wanting to hold her as I smiled while caressing Koharu’s head, and she smiled happily. 

“Soon those two will be on their on world~Asahi~here ahhn.” 

“Ahhn. Oh, Akari, your skills are improving again ! It’s so delicious ! !” 

“Ehehehe~! It’s good right ! eat this too~!” 

Asahi and Akari chan were competing with us by feeding each other their lunch, so i’m putting a retort.

“That’s my line.”

“That is my line.” 

We both laughed when we looked at each other, wondering why we made the same remark. 

Ah, as I thought, I love this girl’s smile. 

That’s why I have to end things with you.

I’m going to face after school with a lot of misunderstanding, at the most.

My former childhood friend, Kanzaki Yuina. 

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