“Ryoya-kun, I came to visit you.”

“Sorry to disturb you.”

“No, no, no, what are both Reiona and Riona thinking?!”

I was relaxing in my room at the ryokan after the first day’s itinerary when Repna and Riona came to me, looking at me as if it was a matter of course.

It must have been a mistake to open the door without thinking because there was a knock at the door, thinking that a teacher had come around to the room on his rounds.

Incidentally, it is forbidden for both men and women to come and go between rooms. The reason for this is that there was a man and a woman who crossed the line during a school trip in the past.

If we were found out, we would almost certainly get a lot of heat from the teachers, and if we were not careful, they might even hold a school assembly because of us. Fortunately, the rest of my roommates had already gone to the bathroom, so I could get rid of them before they found out.

“If anyone sees us, it would be really bad for us, so please get out of here.”

“Ehh, that’s okay.”

“They won’t see us for a little while.”

I tried to turn them away, but neither Reona nor Riona seemed to want to leave.

“It was a nice hot spring.”

“I knew a ryokan would have a large bath.”

“I love the big bath.”

The voices definitely belonged to the members of the same room. I was completely caught off guard because I thought they would not be back for a while yet.

“Oh no, you two go inside the closet and hide for now.”

I opened the closet door and pushed Reona and Riona inside as quickly as I could. I tried to close it, but Reona grabbed my arm and wouldn’t let me close the closet door. So I had no choice but to go into the closet with them.

“Hey, I don’t think you’ll know when to get out if I’m in the closet too, ……?”

“Sorry, sorry, I accidentally grabbed Ryoya kun’s arm.”

“I don’t think onee chan has any bad intentions …….maybe”

I felt like she had nothing but bad intentions, but I didn’t even feel like attacking her anymore. In the closet, the three of us are in such a way that we are completely in close contact, and Reona and Riona’s breasts are hitting each other as hard as it can.

I was in a very uncomfortable situation because my lower body was erect.

“Ryoya-kun’s hard thing is hitting my stomach with all his might.”

“It’s a physiological phenomenon, so please forgive me.”

“After all, Ryoya is also a boy.”

I have already had physical relations with both of them, but what was embarrassing was embarrassing.

“……So what are you going to do now?”

“Hmmm, what shall we do?”

The room is filled with members of the same room who have returned from the bath, so we can’t bypass the room. I was hoping that Reona, who had dragged me into the closet, would have some good ideas, but she had no particular ideas.

In the meantime, we were all supposed to gather in the cafeteria before bedtime to receive a message from the teacher, so we could escape at that time. But needless to say, it would be a while

“…… come to think of it, Yagami’s not here, where the hell did that guy go?”

“Probably taking a bath or something. Or maybe he’s playing with Tsurugi sisters somewhere.”

He finally realized that I wasn’t in the room.

“Ryoya, that’s good. He finally noticed that you weren’t in the room.”

“Yeah, it’s a great progress, considering what you’ve been doing.”

“Because Reona and Riona have clearly increased my presence on campus.”

I’ve become a bit of a celebrity on campus because of Reona and Riona’s proud declaration that they had started dating me on stage at the after party. As a result, I was able to rise in rank from Lonely, who had a weak shadow, to Lonely, who had a deep shadow.

The three of us stayed in the closet for a while, but there was no chance for us to escape. I was getting itchy and my back was getting steamy, so I tried to reach out my right hand.

“Ryoya pervert.”


Apparently, my hand hit Riona’s chest with all my might. When I try to move my left hand this time, it hits Reona’s lower body.

“…… Ryoya-kun, you are moderately bold, aren’t you? Are you perhaps asking me and Reona out?”

“I-I didn’t do it on purpose. I’m not going to ask you out in a situation like this.”

“If it weren’t for this situation, would Ryoya ask us out?”

“…… that was just a figure of speech, so don’t go into it.”

I couldn’t move my body freely and my lower body was still as healthy as ever, so it was quite painful, but Reona and Riona were energetic enough to make such jokes.

“Should I just get out of here with dignity? I think Reona and Riona will be able to leave the room safely if I just go out and come up with an appropriate reason to kick them out of the room.”

“I think that would definitely look suspicious. And how do you explain the reason why Ryoya-kun was in the closet for a long time?”

“That’s right, to be honest, it’s extremely difficult to come up with an excuse for that.”

It’s still not practical to leave here with impunity.

“It would be easier if they all left the room.”

“It’s not going to be that easy.”

“I knew it. ……”

The three of us tried to come up with a good idea, but we couldn’t come up with a good solution, so we ended up staying in the closet until it was time to get together before bedtime.

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