“Ta-da ! !”

“W-what are you wearing?”

“How do I look? I’m so naughty today, aren’t I?”

Today, Touka san was on duty.

But for some reason, she was dressed in a rather aggressive and extreme outfit.

She was wearing black clothes made of a shiny material that clung tightly to her skin.

It is made of so-called rubber material, and it shows off the lines of Touka san’s body.

The problem was the design.

I can’t describe it well, but it was designed in a way that made her feel like a queen.

Her breasts were emphasized, and her navel, shoulders, and thighs were exposed.

“Actually, the girl who became my new manager got the job by mistake.”

“A job, what is it?”

“Right. But it’s kind of lame to turn down a job once you’ve accepted it, isn’t it? So I took the job. Oh, by the way, it’s only girls on site, so don’t worry.”

“I-I’m not worried.”

“Eh? Really? Your face was scary though, Asumin.”

Touka san pokes my cheek.

To be honest, when I imagined that Touka san would go out in front of a stranger in such a dirty outfit, for some reason, I was bothered.

Is this jealousy?

“That is why♪”


I was sitting on the sofa, and Touka san came up to me dressed as she was.

Then she sat on my waist facing me.

O-oh, I can smell the sweet smell of Touka san…….

“The only man who can see me dressed like this is Asumin♪”

“I-I see.”

O-oh no.

I’ve endured it ever since I was confined in the mansion, but I’m still a man after all.

If someone says something like that to me, I’ll react, though I won’t say so.


But I have to be patient.

I have to hold back until Touka san leaves the room.

Once I’m alone, I can do it in the bathroom.

Now is the time to endure.

“Ah♡ I feel like something is hard on me♪ Even though you’re a child, you still have the body of a male♪”

“T-this is…….”

“Hmm. Normally, I would flirt with you, but today I’m the queen, so I’m going to bully you a little♪ Asumi is the slave for today, okay♡”

W-what? It’s true that Touka san is usually very aggressive, but today she’s even more so than usual !?

“All right.”

“Hey, w-why are you taking off my clothes?”

“Why is a slave talking back to her queen? I’m going to have to punish you for this, okay♪”

When I saw Touka san licking her tongue, I suddenly noticed something.

Is she high……?

I don’t think so, but I wonder if her tension has become strange because she’s dressed like a queen.

…..It seems not impossible.


“Aha♪ Even though you’re a boy♪ You let out a cute voice♪”

Touka san moves her hips and crushes my boy.

On top of that, she stroked my chest plate with her slender fingers.

T-this one has much higher offensive power than the usual Touka san ! !

“Okay, that’s enough. Touka Onee san.”

[ [!?] ]

There was one person who intervened. It was Aoi chan.

In her hand, she held a gun that looked like a futuristic gun, and she pulled the trigger without hesitation.

Then, it flashed brightly.

Eh !? S-she shot her !?

“Gyaa !? M-my eyes ! ! My eyes ! !”

“T-Touka san !?”

“Uwaa, Aoi is picking on me ! ! Asumin, comfort me !!”

“Eh? Ah, y-yes.”

I lightly pat Touka san’s head as she moans while covering her eyes.

“Erm, are you all right? That gun….”

“It’s just a laser gun.”

“Are you sure !?”

“It’s not a heat ray like you see in anime and manga, it’s just a light attack. It only temporarily robs you of your vision. …It does burn your retinas, though.”

“So it’s not okay after all !?”

“…..It will heal if you put some of my special eye drops on it.”

I-I see. That’s a relief…..

Or not.

Anyway, I wonder what happened to Aoi chan today.

She seemed strangely uncomfortable, or rather in a bad mood.

“Onii san, here.”

Aoi chan handed me a mysterious liquid in a test tube.

It was a rainbow-colored liquid that looked incredibly weird.

“What is this?”

“It’s a medicine to cure your Onii san’s child body.”

“Eh !?”

You’ve already completed it ! ! As expected of Aoi chan ! !

kuh kuh kuh.

Now I can escape ! !

Now all I need is something that doesn’t conduct electricity, like a rubber glove, and I should be able to get past that door ! !

“……Onii san.”

“Hm? What’s wrong?”

“…..No, it’s nothing. Well then.”

Aoi chan seemed to want to say something, but she immediately turned on her heel and left the room.

…While dragging Touka san.

“Hey, it’s my turn today ! !”


“If I were to leave you alone, you would attack Onii san. I’ll protect Onii san’s chastity.”

“Hey, then at least ! !”

Touka san escaped from Aoi chan and handed me the long rubber gloves and boots she was wearing.

“Use these as if they were mine, okay? I’ll take the spare ones to work, so don’t be afraid to use them.”

“No, what do you mean…..”

“Think of me when you’re using it, okay?”


I inwardly convinced myself that I had a use for it.

No, no, no, what was I thinking ! !

The next moment–[Bang ! !] I heard the sound of a gunshot.


I saw that Aoi chan was holding a real-looking pistol, not the laser gun she had just used.

“Eeeh !? Aoi !? Wait, wasn’t that a real gun? !?”

“You’re too noisy. Just go quickly.”

“W-why are you in a bad mood today, Aoi? What did I do?”


“Eh ! ! You are absolutely mad at me ! !”

“‘I’m not mad.”

The two of them are leaving the room quickly.

It’s true that Aoi-chan was in a bad mood today.

I don’t know how she got a real gun…….

“…..What should I do with these long rubber gloves and boots…?”

While looking at the long gloves and boots I received from Touka san, I suddenly noticed something.

“Rubber doesn’t conduct electricity, does it?”

I think I’ve seen the word “rubber” somewhere.

Can I escape with this…?

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