Episode 57 – Ryoya can no longer run away from me and my sister no matter what, even if he is reborn in another world, we will definitely chase after him



We had moved from Kyoto Station to Kyoto Tree and came to the observation deck on the 11th floor. The view from the observation deck is quite spectacular, with a 360-degree view of the city of Kyoto.

“It’s a really nice view, isn’t it?”

“Ryoya, Onee chan, look. You can see Kiyomizu Temple where we are going after this.”

“Eh, Where is it?”

We were looking around the city of Kyoto with such a conversation, but we noticed something unusual in the observation room and stopped to take a look.

“Tsuririn Shrine?”

“Why is there a shrine here?

“Tsuririn Shrine is the tallest shrine in Kyoto, built to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the Kyoto Tree, which features the mascot character Tsuririn.”

Riona explained in detail as Reona and I both looked at her with a curious expression on our faces.

“Heee, so it’s a proper shrine”

“How does Riona even know about such things?”

“I’ve already studied all the tourist attractions we will visit on our school excursion.”

Apparently, Riona’s honor student was fully demonstrated even in a place like this. With Riona, who has information about tourist spots in her head, she will be able to explain things like this, so I’m sure I’ll enjoy it even more.

“By the way, Tsuririn Shrine is good for love and good marriage.”

“If that’s so, we should make sure to ask for the future of us and Ryoya-kun.”

Reacting to Riona’s words about the blessings of love and good marriage, Reona bought an ema and immediately started to write something on it.

I was curious to see what she was writing, so I glanced at it with a sideways glance, and to my surprise, there was something more outrageous than I had imagined written on it.

“‘I’m not sure how many times I’ll be reborn in the future, but in all universes, past and future, I hope that even Yagami Ryoya’s soul will be mine and Riona’s’. Isn’t that too much of an exaggeration?”

“Eh, I don’t think it’s overreacting at all.”

“Ryoya can no longer run away from me and my sister no matter what, even if he is reborn in another world, we will definitely chase after him”

Reona and Riona said such things in a matter-of-fact manner, and once again I was reminded that I’ve been eyed by the most extraordinary sisters.

◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇

After leaving Kyoto Tree, we had lunch and strolled around Kiyomizu-dera Temple. Being a popular tourist spot, even on a weekday, there were quite a lot of tourists.

The entrance to the temple was overflowing with students from our school and other tourists, so the line did not go very far. While the three of us were walking around Kiyomizu Temple for a while, Reona seemed to have found something that caught her attention and opened her mouth.

“Hey, Riona. Do you know what the sign over there says?”

The Tainai Meguri is a way of worshipping that imitates the experience that Buddha had in his abdomen. It is named Tainai Meguri because the inside of the hall is likened to the chamber of Maharaja Bodhisattva, who grants wishes to people.”

“I see. What are the benefits of visiting the Tainai Meguri?”

Reona, who seemed to be interested in Tainai Meguri after hearing Riona’s words, asked an additional question.

“It is said that if you touch the stone with the Sanskrit characters written on it and pray, only one wish will come true.”

“That’s great that one wish will come true.”

“I know, let’s go in there too.”

The explanation made me and Reona completely ready to enter the chamber, but for some reason, Riona didn’t seem to be too keen on the idea.

“B-By the way, it’s completely dark inside because it’s made to look like a womb.”

I was wondering why she wasn’t interested in going, but I soon understood when I heard what Riona said. Riona is not very good in the dark, as she had screamed at the haunted house in Kurashiki Milano Park.

“If you are afraid to go in there, I and Ryoya-kun will go with you.”

“I-it’s all right. It’s not a haunted house after all, it’s just dark inside, so I’m totally fine with it.”

Reona called out to her and Riona put on her usual calm demeanor, but considering the fact that her voice was trembling, she didn’t seem all right at all.

I asked her again and again, but all she would say was that she was fine.

We then paid the entrance fee at the reception desk, listened to the explanation, and went down the stairs on the side of the hall. As explained to us beforehand, it was pitch black and we could not see anything.

The only thing we could rely on in the darkness was the rope of prayer beads on the left side of the hall, so if we accidentally let go of it, we would lose our sense of direction.

“D-don’t ever leave me,”

“I know, that’s why I put Riona in the middle.”

I’m in the front, Riona is in the back, and Reona is in the very back, so it’s unlikely that I’ll leave her behind. But Riona is still worried about me, so she’s snuggled up behind me.

I wanted her to be a little more self-conscious about it because I felt like my lower body would be energized if she got too close to me. It would have been a punishment if I got an erection in such a place.

As I followed the dark passageway for a while with these thoughts in my mind, a dim white light appeared in the world that had been all black.

The stone in the center of the light must be the Zuiguishi, the symbol of the Great Zuigu Bodhisattva, on which the Sanskrit characters are engraved. All we had to do was to turn the Zuiguishi around and make a wish.

“Did you both make your wishes?”

“…… yes.”

“It’s perfect.”

Riona’s voice was weak, while Reona’s was as energetic as ever.

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