When we got home, I took off my kimono in my room with onee-chan.

Onee-chan was in a good mood all the way in the car and at my relative’s house, which is still strange.

I had to figure out how to ask her out. ……

“…… hey Kairi.”

I was thinking about it, and then the onee-chan started talking to me.

“Are you wondering about ……onii chan?”

“What do you mean…?”

“Don’t you think onii chan…… looked a little red in the face?”

“That’s for sure, it looked that way.”

Onee-chan smiles with a relaxed smile.

This feeling… what did you do, Onee-chan?

“What did you do to onii? Perhaps… K-Kissing?”

“……Fufu, Kairi still has such childish sensibilities, doesn’t she?”

“I-I’m not a child”

“Of course sex”


The time seemed to have stopped.

Why …… lies

S-Sex…that…What adult men and women do to have children… that?

Onii and Onee chan did that?

“…That’s a lie, Kairi. too upset”

Onee chan pressed my cheek with her index finger and went off to change into her loungewear.

“..Of course I’m upset.”

I’m glad it was a lie. …… is not a leisurely thing to say.

I’m sure she must have done something close to that.

Onee-chan’s face told it.

Whatever Onee-chan’s move was, she had been working since New Year’s.

But I haven’t …… done anything.

This is not going to work.

But now I don’t have a plan like Onee-chan’s to make Onii look like that.

“Okay,……, let’s get some advice from Kanna.”

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