“Well, I never thought you would invite me to play.”

Two days later in the morning, I was standing with Aizawa in front of the station.

“Well, it’s the last thing to do during summer holidays……”

I have a big luggage at my feet. It’s enough luggage for two days, but I still carefully selected it because it’s my first camping trip and I wanted to take a good number of things with me.

After a while, the other members of the group appeared.

“Ah, Aikawacchi !”

Sawaguchi san was the first to arrive. It had been a while since we’d spoken since the fireworks display, but she ran up to me in her usual manner and gave me a big smile.

“Geez, Aikawacchi. I really hate you, you prick !”

“Wait, hey….. what’s with you all of a sudden?”

She protested as she poked me in the side with her elbow.

“Because, I didn’t expect you to invite me at that time ! You’re bold, or rather……unplanned, isn’t it?”

“It’s true, I thought you were a god, asking me out at this point in time, just as the summer holidays were coming to an end.”

There is no awkwardness between Aizawa and Sawaguchi san. As I was quietly observing Aizawa,

“Sorry to keep you waiting.”

“Nn, thanks for inviting me.”

The two of them were Watanabe san, and behind her was Ishikawa san.

Watanabe san smiles cutely as usual, and Ishikawa san seems to be consciously making facial expressions, not much different from usual.

“You look well too, Riho.”

“True, Aizawa, are you quite burnt?”

For a moment, Watanabe san and Sawaguchi san fell silent and watched the exchange between the two, but apparently there was no problem.

During the weeks that have passed since the fireworks display, both Aizawa and Ishikawa san must have sorted out their feelings. They are conversing normally.

“Even so, I was surprised when Aikawa suddenly asked me to go camping with him.”

Ishikawa san says so.

“Well,……I just wondered how everyone was doing.”

I cover it up with a dry smile.

Yes, I made a mistake in sending the message to the wrong person.

The truth is, I intended to invite Watanabe san to camp, but in my haste, I sent the message of invitation to the members of the fireworks display.

When I realized I had sent the wrong message, my face turned pale, but as more and more people read the message……

Aizawa: [Sounds fun ! I’m going too !]

Maho: [Whoaaa ! I’m in ! Can everyone else come too?]

Riho: [Don’t worry. I can go !]

Misa: [I’ll check with my family.]

The participation declarations continued, and the members of that day were all here.

After discussing it with Watanabe san, we had come to the conclusion that time would solve the problem and we would watch over it, but my mistake forced the members to gather.

The three of them are conversing as usual, as if the previous silence was a lie.

It is only a consequence, but it was probably good that I could see them doing this.

When I was watching over the three of them…….

“Aikawa kun…….”

Watanabe san speaks to me secretly. She brings her face close and confirms it so that the other members can’t hear her.

“Do you want to tell them about us?”

Watanabe san makes a difficult expression and asks me if I want to declare here that we have started dating.

I looked at the three of them,

“Why don’t we have a look around a bit? I think it would be confusing to talk about it out of the blue.”

So far, there has been no contact between me and Watanabe san.

In that situation, if I told them we had started dating, they might ask me some digging questions.


“What’s wrong?”

As I was pondering, Watanabe san tilted her head and looked into my eyes. She still has beautiful eyes that aren’t even cloudy.

“Hey, Aikawa, let’s go quickly !”

Aizawa and the others call out, perhaps having restored their relationship after a long conversation.

“Nothing, then, let’s go camping.”

“Yes, let’s have a drink and have some fun.”

We laughed and joined them.

“Wow, this campsite is a beautiful place !”

Sawaguchi san put her hand on the ground and looked around as if admiring the view.

Three hours on the train and an hour on the bus. We finally arrived at the campsite.

“We’re glamping, so it’s this way, not that way.”

I went to the reception desk alone and asked about the details of our reservation.

“What’s the difference between camping and glamping?”

Ishikawa san questioned,

“In camping, we pitch our own tents, but in glamping, the management prepares the tents for you in advance. The size and interior are elaborate, with tables, sofas and even beds, so you can spend a comfortable time.”

Watanabe san shared her knowledge from a recent TV program.

“Wow, you know a lot, Watanabe san. Do you like the outdoors a lot?”

Aizawa responded to Watanabe san’s words.

“N-no…… I just happened to see it on TV.”

Watanabe san looked away embarrassedly and said so, perhaps because she was too enthusiastic.

“Aikawacchi, show us to our base !”

“Yeah, it’s probably this way.”

Urged by Sawaguchi san, I lead the way for everyone.

Even in the distance, you can see several dome-shaped tents.

From their size, it looks like there should be no problem for a large group of people to stay.

“This looks like our tent.”

“Wow~. It’s amazing ! The ceiling is so high, it looks like it would be hard to set up.”

Sawaguchi san’s mouth dropped open and she was surprised at the size of the place.

“Are you sure this is free?”

“Yeah, I heard that one of my father’s clients had booked it for a family service, but he had urgent business. He wanted me to at least use it since they couldn’t get their money back even if it was canceled.”

I feel sorry for the family who couldn’t make it, but a tent of this size must cost quite a lot of money to rent.

It’s not often I get to come here, so I have to enjoy it to the full.

“There’s a shop at the headquarters, and toilets and showers there. There’s also a hot spring about five minutes’ drive from here, but is that a bit far?”

“Well, we don’t have to go to the hot spring, right? We’re here to camp.”

“True, we can save the hot springs for the next time we come.”

As soon as we arrived, Aizawa immediately started talking about the next one. Everyone naturally smiled at the declaration of intention to act in this group in the future.

When I see Aizawa like that…

“Aikawa kun, what are you going to do after this?”

“Dinner will be a barbecue as it’s included in the set price when they booked the facilities, but until then it looks like we can use the surrounding facilities as much as we want.”

I unfold the pamphlet I received and look at the map of the area.

“Let me have a look.”

Sawaguchi san peered over from my shoulder and looked at the pamphlet.

“Well, since I’ve got enough for everyone, I’ll give it to you guys.”

I approached Aizawa and handed him the pamphlet.

“Oh, thank you.”

“Here, Sawaguchi san.”


“Here, Ishikawa san and Watanabe san.”

“Nn, thank you.”

“Thank you.”

When everyone is given a brochure,

“Wow, they have archery and bouldering?”

“There’s even a swimming pool and pottery classes.”

Sawaguchi san is interested in outdoor sports, while Ishikawa san is interested in traditional crafts.

“Aikawa, do you want to do mountain stream fishing?”

“Quite a good guess.”

The main reason I became interested in glamping was because I wanted to catch river fish.

“Of course. That’s the Aikawacchi I know.”

“Yes, Aikawa is easy to understand.”

Sawaguchi san and Aizawa hit it off and show it.

“What about you, Aizawa?”

I ask Aizawa, as he treats me as a simpleton.

“I’m…..well, right. What do you want to do, Watanabe san?”

Aizawa showed some signs of being troubled and asked Watanabe san without giving his answer.

“I-I’m…… Hmm…….”

For a moment, she almost gives me a look, but she stays put. If we exchange eye contact in front of everyone, there is a good chance we will be noticed.

“I’d be interested in stargazing.”

“That’s the evening part. You’re such a romantic person, Misa, renting camping chairs and looking up at the night sky.”

“I-I don’t think that’s……true.”

Watanabe san is embarrassed at being teased by Sawaguchi san.

“But we all want different things. After we put our luggage down for the time being and take a break, shall we each do as we please?”

“I agree ! Let’s do so !”

Aizawa led the way and we decided to start our camping.

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