I’m going to start writing a diary today.

I don’t have a great reason.

I just thought it might be useful to look back on my actions.

First of all, let me express clearly and simply the situation I am in.

–I’m being held captive by seven beautiful sisters.

Is that bragging?

You may think so, but please take a moment to calm down and listen to me.

What happened to me a few years ago?

I would like to explain in order from the beginning as far as I can remember.

[I know you’re here, Goro ! Hurry up and pay me back !]

There is a person yelling behind the door.

My name is Amanogawa Asumi.

People often say my name sounds like a girl’s name, but I’m a proper 16-year-old high school boy.

Now, let’s see.

There are some scary old men who are debt collectors in front of my house right now.

They are here to collect the money my parents borrowed.

So, where did my parents who borrowed the money go?

Unfortunately, I don’t know where they went.


“Uh-huh? You’re their kid?”

“Uh, yes.”

“Perfect timing. Get your parents out of here, you little shit.”

It looked as if they were going to break down the door and rush in, so I opened the door with fear.

Then, I saw a man with a vicious face who looked like he had killed several people.

He glared at me with sharp eyes.

“Um, I’m very sorry to tell you this, but I’m afraid they’ve disappeared.”


“Well, um, two of my parents disappeared, leaving me alone.”

“……For real?”


The old man became agitated at my words.

“What the hell, Goro ! !”

“Eek, I-I’m sorry ! !”

Of course.

I could understand why the lender would want to lose his temper if the person to whom he owed money disappeared.

Then, the old man looked at me and muttered.

“…….Tch. If that’s the case, I guess I’ll have to charge you, you little brat.”

“Eh? Um, me?”

“Yeah. You have a pretty face for a guy. You’ll be able to pay me back in no time if you work at a specialized store.”

A specialized store.

In other words, if you can’t pay, pay with your body.

“Um, that kind of thing is usually done by young girls……”

“In this day and age. There are a few of them who want to do it with guys.”

“With a man of all people !? Hey, I’m a normal guy ! !”

“Yeah, don’t worry. There are a lot of guys who get into it while they’re screwing.”

“No ! ! Stop it ! ! I’m really normal ! ! Please, I’ll pay you another way ! ! Nooooooooooo ! ! ! !”

Screaming in the middle of the night, I’m sure I’m a nuisance to the neighbors.

But I can’t help it.

If I make a big fuss here, I’m sure the old man will leave soon.

“Asumi chan? What’s wrong?”


“A-Akane san !?”

She was a tall, beautiful adult woman who happened to pass by the house.

She was an extremely beautiful woman with clear noses and eyes and a face that was as perfect as a doll’s.

I wonder if she was about 190 cm.

Her breasts were very large, her waist was slim and tight, and her thighs were muscular and her hips were voluptuous.

Even gravure idols would run away from her.

I think she is half German.

Her golden hair shines in the moonlight, and her emerald green eyes are beautiful.

Her name is Shinryuuji Akane.

She is the eldest of seven beautiful sisters who live in a large mansion next to my house.

“What the hell, you? Those who have nothing to do with this, stay out of it.”

“Of course I have. I’ve known Asumi chan for a long time.”

The old man glares at Akane san.

But after leering Akane’s body from top to bottom, he smirked at her and gave her a sneaky smile.

Somehow, I knew what the old man would say next.

“Then, you should pay off his debt. If you can’t, you can pay me with your body.”

“Debt? Asumi chan?”

“Ah, no, it’s not me, it’s my parents. They disappeared.”

“……I see. Asumi chan’s parents are, well, to put it bluntly, scum…….”

Akane san, it’s not modest at all. She’s so straightforward.

“So, how much money do they owe you?”

“Wait, Akane san !? Don’t tell me you’re going to pay for it !?”

“Ufufu, it’s okay. Even though it looks like this, this sister is rich .”

The old man grinned and opened his mouth to Akane san, who smiled cheerfully.

Perhaps, if he’s lucky, he’s planning to enjoy Akane san’s body.

“If you insist that much, I’ll ask you to pay the total of 5 million together with interest right here and now. If you can’t pay, then.”

“Oh my? It’s cheaper than I thought.”


“Will this be enough?”

Akane san takes out five wads of bills from her bag and hands them to the old man with a snap.

I can feel the old man’s eyes widen and he is upset.

“Oh my? Is it not enough?”

“Ah, no, um, it’s enough.”

“I’m glad to hear that. Can you give me a receipt of debt repayment?”

“Ah, here you go.”

The man took out a piece of paper from his pocket in confusion and handed it to Akane san.

Then he leaves on his way.

“It must have been a disaster, Asumi chan.:

:……Erm, how can I thank you, I’ll definitely return the 5 million by working part-time, so……”

“Ufufu, it’s fine. I’m your neighbor after all. But is it true that your parents have disappeared?”

“Eh? Uh, yes.”

“…….I see. Then it’s a good chance.”

Chance? What the hell is she–



Akane san suddenly took out a spray from her bag and sprayed it on my face.

The sudden incident left me bewildered.

I felt my consciousness fading away before I could comprehend what was happening.

I fell down and my face was buried in Akane san’s big boobs.

“Akane…..san……what are you……”

“Ufufufu♡ It’s all right♡ From today on, I’ll be your mommy♡ Forget about your scum parents♡ Let’s live together with us♡”

Akane san smiled like a goddess, however, my consciousness fell completely while feeling something cold from Akane san who was smiling with glaring eyes like a predator.

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Alguna imagen de referencia? 😛

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Bargashet fate grand order

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Lucky bastar…. poor guy getting kidnapped