Summer vacation has finally come to an end with only one week left.

I was able to finish my homework because I worked hard until late every day and Watanabe san taught me how to solve it.

So, I’m enjoying the rest of the summer vacation without any particular things left undone…….

Now I’m in the living room of my house, sitting on the couch playing with my phone. The TV in front of me was showing a glamping facility as part of a camping special.

You can go there empty-handed and come back empty-handed. There is also a fishing pond nearby, and they have a service where they grill the river fish you catch on the spot……

Perhaps because I used to read a lot of camping books at the library, I was interested in this place and couldn’t help but take a look.

So far, it was just a normal way to spend a summer vacation…….


I look to the side and see Watanabe san.

The school’s Madonna, who is dressed perfectly fashionable today, was glued to the content of the program without noticing my gaze.

The reason why she is here is that last week, after we did homework together, she started to come to my house in a flow.

She liked the coffee I made and praised me constantly, which made me feel good, so I said, [I’ll make you a cup of coffee anytime you want, Watanabe san.]

From that day on, although not every day, she usually came to my house on days when she had nothing to do.

At first I was nervous about inviting my girlfriend to my house, but as she showed no signs of being bothered, I gradually got used to it, and now I’m under the illusion that it is normal to sit next to her like this.

After the show, Watanabe san turns away from the TV and looks at me.

“That was an interesting program.”

She is talking about the program with a twinkle in her eye, as if she is interested in camping.

“I think it would be easy to go there, since there are cooking facilities, showers, and other amenities without the hassle part of camping.”

If it were just me camping, any inconvenience could be made into a good experience on the spur of the moment, but a woman like Watanabe san would probably be more comfortable with the facilities that are available to her.

“I imagine the night sky must be beautiful from the comfort of an outdoor chair.”

The stars in the sky appealed to me in the program I just watched. I imagine me and Watanabe san camping together.

She is sitting beside me, listening to the sound of the campfire and sipping freshly brewed coffee. Just thinking about it, I’m convinced that it must be fun.

Thinking about this makes me suddenly want a cup of coffee.

“Watanabe san, I’m going to make a coffee, do you want some?”

“Yes, please. I was getting a little sleepy after lunch.”

She had visited my house in the morning, had lunch, and was relaxing in the living room. She looked somewhat sleepy as she lowered the corners of her eyes.

I was the only one privileged to see Watanabe san relaxing at home. I felt a sense of superiority, but for now it would be important to wake her up.

“Yeah, okay. Wait for it.”

I prepared a cup with a grain of sugar and milk, and immediately began to make coffee for her.

I was exchanging messages with Watanabe san on the evening of the sixth day of summer vacation, excluding today.

Why do we have so much to talk about, even though we spend time together during the day?

Even the trivial reports I had that night seemed enjoyable when I thought I was hearing how she was doing when I was not there.

Suddenly, I see the group from the fireworks display on my phone screen. Since that day, no messages have been sent out by anyone at all, and the order has been relegated to the bottom of the list.

At this rate, I would have to slide down to see them. I didn’t want to do that, so I decided to pin the display to the top and fix it, just as I had done with Watanabe san.

The chat room for the fireworks display appears below the exchange with Watanabe san. While I was satisfied with that, I received a message from her. I think I’m not in a hurry to reply to her, but…..


A knock on the door.


I turn off my phone screen and answer, and my father walks in.

“What’s up?”

It was unusual for my father to visit my room.

After we talk about our business at dinner, he relaxes by watching TV or having a glass of wine.

I tilted my head at his behavior.

“Actually, I got a call from one of my business partners that they were supposed to go camping, but they made plans and had to cancel the reservation.”

My father talks to me while holding the bottom part of his phone.

“I see…….?”

I tilted my head, not seeing what he was talking about.

“So, if there is a cancellation fee anyway, it seems that they will hand over the rights to me for free. I can’t go because of work, but I’m sure you’re interested in camping, right?”

He had mentioned before that he was interested in camping as well. My father remembered that and asked me about this.

“The schedule is urgent, starting the day after tomorrow and two days and one night, but are you still interested in going?”

It was indeed too sudden. But as I had already finished my homework and was just starting a new semester, I was excited to have another event during the summer vacation.

“Yeah, I’ll go. Can I take that offer?”

“Okay. I’ll send you an email later with the details. Check it out later.”

With that, my father was gone from my room.

I remember Watanabe san watching TV during the day with a twinkle in her eye.

Maybe she would say no, but it was useless to think so.

I open the chat room, excited to be able to go camping,

Ryoichi: [My father’s business partner gave me the tickets to go camping. I know it’s on short notice, but would you like to go the day after tomorrow for a night or two?]

I sent a message.


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