“Come on, cheer up.”

After the cooking class and cleaning up, today’s class was over.

Aizawa and Watanabe san chose different classes, so the times didn’t match, so I went home with Sawaguchi san.

“Because……it was embarrassing for me to be seen by Aikawacchi and the others like that…..”

Sawaguchi san walked with an unusual attitude and whispered.

It’s because I’ve been linked to strange people, but she ended up getting involved.

I sigh. I want to talk to Sawaguchi san, who is normally cheerful. It’s not right for her to look like this because of those people.

As I was thinking this, I felt a tug on my sleeve.

“Aikawacchi, don’t you think I’m scary or something?”

“Of course not. Sawaguchi san got angry for my sake.”

I answer her as she turns her moist eyes straight at me.

“Well then,……do you want me to…..get better?”

“Of course I do !”

Sawaguchi san turned her head down.

“Would you go out with me this weekend?”

“Yes, of cour……se?

“Yay ! You promised !”

The next moment, Sawaguchi san looked up and gave me her usual smile.

“Well, to fall for such a simple trick, maybe Aikawacchi really likes me?”

“Y-you set me up !?”

Sawaguchi san, with her hand over her mouth and a teasing smile on her face, was not quite the same person as the one who had been depressed earlier.

“I wasn’t. I was depressed then, but I’m just fine now !”

She passed me in a good mood and……

“Then, Aikawacchi. See you later !”

She put her right hand in front of her face, saluted me, and ran off.

“That’s why I decided to go out with Sawaguchi san this weekend.”

[Haa……with Maho san?]

As night fell, I was talking with Watanabe san about the class we had that day.

[Aikawa kun’s mistake made Maho-san depressed, it can’t be helped if you want to make amends.]

I was secretly thinking that she would react differently, though I kept it quiet because it would be too important to talk about the trouble I got into.

[So, Aikawa kun, what time and where are you going to?]

“Are you planning to come, by any chance, Watanabe san?”

[Well of course. Because I am Aikawa kun’s girlfriend.]

I’ll just confirm it as a matter of course.

“Wait a minute, I’ll ask Sawaguchi san.”

I start up the app on my phone while I’m on the phone and send an private message to Sawaguchi san.

Then, just as she was playing with her phone, she sent me the date and time of the meeting.

“Erm, 10:00 a.m. this Saturday morning in a park in Tokyo.”

I tilted my head at the rather specific date and time. I wondered if she was planning to go hiking in a famous park in Tokyo.

[Umm…..that day is not convenient for me.]

I could picture Watanabe san looking frustrated at the other end of the call.

“As expected, I can’t ask to change the plans since Sawaguchi san has called me…….”

[It can’t be helped. If Aikawa kun wants to make amends to Maho san, then I’ll send you off as your girlfriend.]

Watanabe san sounded disappointed, and she approved of my going out with Sawaguchi san.

[However……you have to go out with me next time, okay?]

The next moment, Watanabe san lets out a sulky voice. Even though I can’t see her face, I can tell what kind of expression she has on her face right now.

I smiled bitterly at her,

“Of course, I’ll definitely make it up to you for this.”

I replied to her.

Saturday came, and I went to the place Sawaguchi san had designated for me.

Perhaps because it had been a while since I had been in Tokyo, I had a few places I wanted to visit. I had been checking on the train to see if I could go see them if my business with her would be quicker.

So I visited the park, where many people were gathered in a grassy area.

There were long tables laid out and several tents erected. Is there some kind of event going on here?

The place where Sawaguchi san had instructed us to go was also here.

I sent her a message, but she did not reply at all even though the appointed time was approaching.

When I was at a loss as to what to do….

“Ah ! It’s Aikawacchi ! Finally !”

Sawaguchisa n, dressed quite warmly for the season, came out of her tent and walked toward me.

“I sent you a message, but you didn’t see it?”

I gave her a slightly reproachful look.

“Sorry, sorry, I was getting dressed. My phone is in my bag.”

She says so with a straight face. I want to know what this situation is, so I stare at Sawaguchi san who seems to be able to tell me…..

“Maho chan. I haven’t finished the final touches yet.”

An adult woman came out from inside the tent.

“Ah, I’m sorry ! Come on, Aikawacchi.”

Sawaguchi san pulled me by the hand and dragged me into the grounds.

“Oh, Okita san. This is the one I’m talking about !”

“Hmmm, he could certainly shine like Maho chan said.”

The woman called Okita observed my entire body as if she was trying to determine my value.

“Um…..what…is this?”

I took a step back when I sensed something disturbing.

“It’s not like I’m going to eat you, but this kind of behavior is cute.”

“Right? Aikawacchi is always so cute.”

The two girls were talking happily, but I couldn’t get a grip on the situation at all.

“Um…..I think it’s about time you told me what’s going on?”

I bravely intervene between the two of them,

“Aikawacchi is going to be a fashion model.”

“And you and Maho chan will play the roles of lovers. You’ve done it, Aikawa kun !”

“No ! I haven’t heard any of this though !?”

I raised my voice at the unexpected answer.

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