Episode 30 – School’s Madonna Wants To Hold Hands



“Wow, this year’s event was a lot of fun.”

After the fireworks were over, visitors around the area folded up their blue sheets and moved out of the area. The heat in my face began to cool down a little as the wind began to blow in thanks to the crowd of people around me.

“After this, let’s take a little walk in the park and go home !”

Sawaguchi san made such a suggestion as she looked at the faces of everyone here in turn.

“It will be crowded if we head for the station now, and we have plenty of time to catch the last train.”

Ishikawa san replied and looked at the visitors who were heading for the station at a quick pace. The fireworks show is so big that many people come from outside of the prefecture, but we, who live close to the nearest station, don’t have to get on the train right away.

In fact, remembering how crowded it was on the way there, it would be a good idea to stagger the time for Watanabe san and Sawaguchi san, who were dressed in yukata.

“Then let’s just hang out around here a little longer.”

Aizawa didn’t seem to have any objections either, and started looking for a suitable place to sit down.

“There must have been a bench over there.”

I have been to this waterfront park several times. There is a fishing facility next to the park, so I pass by it on my way from the station.

Since the park is located next to a fishing facility, the people who were aiming for fireworks seems to lessen, or they may have already left.

“Then, let’s move there.”

When I told him where we were going, Aizawa readily accepted my suggestion.

“Oh, in that case, I think I’ll go there after I buy some drinks.”

In the midst of all this, Watanabe san raised her hand and caught everyone’s attention.

“I’m worried if Misa’s by herself, Aikawacchi. You should go with her.”

“……Got it.”

After a moment’s hesitation, I answered. Actually, this is the default route.

“In the meantime, can I order a drink for us?”

“Oh, okay. No problem.”

By leaving the group naturally in this way, we first reduce the number of people in the group.

“Then, I’ll find a place to sit down first.”

If the three of us suddenly leave the group, it would be blatant, so after that, if Sawaguchi san makes an excuse to leave the group, it will be confirmed that they can be alone together.

“Then, Aikawa kun. I’m looking forward to working with you.”

“Yeah, likewise.”

I put my arms behind my back, and Watanabe san peeked out from under me and laughed. I replied to her, trying to repair my facial expression.

While people around us were in a hurry, Watanabe san and I were going along with the flow of people.

I protect her from those coming from the front and sides by acting as a shield for Watanabe san, and pay attention to the surroundings.

The vending machines are located next to the restrooms and rest areas near the station.

She is dressed in a yukata and sandals, so there is a risk that she could get hurt if she is stepped on by someone. I had to be careful not to let that happen.


Since a while ago, I have been bumping into people quite a bit.

Perhaps it is because we are heading in a direction that is slightly different from the train station, or perhaps it is because we are going through a place where there are no lines, so people are coming at us from various directions.

There was contact with my shoulder and elbow, but I ignored it because I didn’t want to be bothered by every single one of them.

However, I felt something touching my fingertips at certain times from a while ago.

When I looked behind me, I saw Watanabe san nearby and I couldn’t see anyone else who might have touched me.

“Watanabe san?”

I called out to her, and she stuttered and stopped.

“Um, I’m sorry. I’m having a little trouble walking……”

Watanabe san looked embarrassed. Then she looked at me timidly…..

“If you don’t mind, would you hold my hand?”

And when she turned her expectant eyes on me, I said those words.

Indeed, I can see that it would be difficult for her to move her legs because of her yukata, which restricts her movement. However, this is the site of a fireworks festival at a waterfront park that is rather close to the school.

Perhaps there are students from the school among those who are returning home now, no doubt. In such a situation, it would be risky to hold hands with Watanabe san, the school’s Madonna, wouldn’t it?

“A-as expected, it’s no good, isn’t it?”

Watanabe san’s eyes were moist as she spoke those words.

I took out a hat from my bag, put it on so that it would cover my eyes, and started to put my hand out.

Watanabe san saw that move and said,

“T-thank you.”

I approached her and gently laid my hand on top of hers as if I was touching something broken.

At this point, our hands are just touching, so if I walk away, we will probably move apart.

When I looked at Watanabe san, she just stared up at me and did not seem to intend to make any further move.

I had no choice but to take her hand in mine,


Watanabe san’s voice leaked out.

“Sorry, you didn’t like it?”

I tried to let go of her hand in that case, but……

“N-no…… I got nervous. I don’t mind holding hands with Aikawa kun, but I couldn’t help it……um…….”

Her face turns red and she looks away when our eyes meet. There’s a strangely awkward atmosphere between us, but I can’t run away from this place because we’re holding hands.

“I’m going to walk slowly, so please follow me.”

“Yes, thank you.”

I pulled my hand away, and she replied, following me close to my body.

I sipped on a drink while watching the line of visitors returning home from a distance.

This is the bench next to the vending machines in front of the station entrance, where Watanabe san and I are currently killing time.

Since our main purpose is to leave Aizawa and Ishikawa san alone, we can’t just buy drinks and join them immediately.

According to the meeting, Sawaguchi san is supposed to leave and join us, but even then, she can only leave once we have reached our destination together.

Since it is quite a distance from the destination to here, it means that Watanabe san and I will be alone while waiting for her.

As for Watanabe san, she is sitting on a bench, holding a drink with both hands and looking at the air with serious eyes.

Perhaps she is worrying about her house matter again?

In any case, we can’t stay like this forever.

“Speaking of which, I’ve never been to a fireworks festival before.”

When I spoke to her, Watanabe san turned to me.

“Actually, it’s my first time too. My parents didn’t allow me to go before…….”

“I see what you mean.”

Her father is very strict with her, and he even complains about her hanging out with her friends.

“But, you see, after talking to Aikawa kun and telling my father about what I wanted to do, he was able to forgive me for a lot of things.”

I remembered telling her to talk to her parents. Watanabe san apparently did exactly that.

“Thanks to you, I was able to attend the last trip and the fireworks festival.”

With a wry smile, she adds, [Of course, the condition is that I help my father.]

“And that’s hard……so I haven’t been able to play with Riho san, Mahosan…..and Aikawa kun for a while.”

She was playing with a plastic bottle with both hands, and looked somewhat sulky.

I thought she glanced at me a little shyly when she called my name.

“I see…..”

A few weeks had passed since the trip, so I was wondering if that was just lip service.I was thinking that, but I was relieved to hear that that wasn’t the case.

“May I ask what kind of help you did?”

Watanabe san’s natural smile made me feel completely relaxed.

“I was mainly involved with myfather’s business, such as entertaining guests at parties he was hosting and writing experience reports for the pre-opening of his business that was to begin in the summer.”

She brings her right hand to her lips as she recalls what she did this summer. Listening to her talk like this, I realize that she is from a different world.

“You did such a good job of joining the adults……”

I don’t think I would be able to do it if it were me.

“Because……I wanted to play with Aikawa kun this summer, so I had to do it……”


I involuntarily ask back at the words that leaked out.

“I-it’s not like that ! Well, it’s not wrong…..but I mean with Riho san, Maho san, and Aikawa kun !”

With a bright red face, she hurriedly denied it.

“I know, I won’t misunderstand you, so please calm down.”

For a moment, I almost had faint hopes that it would be me, but if you think about it, this is just the result of a strategy to get Aizawa and Ishikawa san together.

If I overreact or have ulterior motives, she will be in trouble too.

“…….I bet you don’t understand.”

“Hm? What did you say?”

Watanabe san turned her head and whispered something. She looked at me with a dissatisfied face.

” just thought that Aikawa kun should study more about women’s hearts and minds.”

“Y-you think so……?”

Indeed, I may have to learn, since I have been making Watanabe san unhappy.

“Well, it’s because of that Aikawa kun that I……”

I noticed that her hand reached out and touched it to my pinky finger. Just like when we were watching the fireworks.

When I think about the meaning of this action…

“Misa, sorry to keep you waiting !”

“Whoa, hyaa !”

Watanabe san let out a yell and removed her hand.

She holds her fingers to hide them and her ears turn red.

“Hm, what’s wrong?”

Before I knew it, it seemed quite some time had passed and Sawaguchi san joined us.

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