(※Hiiyo’s point of view)

Time flies by so fast after the start of filming, and a month has already passed.

Some of the cast members have already finished filming, and the scene is getting a little lonely.

However, the loneliness I felt completely changed, and the shooting progressed to the point where it was just before the climax.

[You can’t stand in the same place as me.]

The scene was no longer in the school building, but in the studio this time.

It is a riverside with dusk in the background—but the only thing in sight is a green screen.

It is common to put up images later. The timing of the sunset is not always good, and the schedule is not always convenient.

[W-why are you……]

I was puzzled and questioned.

The girl is just unable to grasp the current situation with the words that were suddenly uttered.

—The scene is like that.

Akane has touched the edge of Eiji’s distress and is about to distance himself from her.

Letting my voice tremble. Letting my eyes shake a little too. Letting my arms relax.

If I do this, no matter where the camera is pointed, you will see Akane in the frame just as you imagined.

[In the first place, it was a mistake up to now.]

Eiji’s expression is distorted and he turns to me with a relaxed, resigned smile.

(As expected of Misaki san)

I feel a strong will within the character.

Even though his appearance itself is that of Misaki Aoi, when I see him face to face like this, I can only think of him as a genuine character named Eiji.

The character of Eiji is that convincing, and he has the power to carry through his stubborn interpretation of the character.

It is rare to see a performance that is so addictive to the story. It is as if he has years of accumulated experience.

In addition, he supported the other cast members during the filming leading up to this point.

When a line was mumbled, he quickly covered it up, and even covered up an unnatural move immediately.

I thought I should be the one to do this, since I had more experience than others, but it turns out that this was not the case.

Thanks to this, the number of retakes was extremely low and I was able to act in a relaxed manner.

(Yeah, this is fun.)

Is it because the level is so high? Or is it because I’m performing with someone I know?

This feeling is also really rare…..I haven’t remembered this feeling in a long time. I would have never thought about it no matter which shoot I did, where I went, or who I played with.

A pent-up feeling. A bouncy elation comes over me from within my chest.

I think there was a time when I used to have this feeling.

When I was a child, that was before I became an actress,……I’m sure that every day when I went outside, I was excited about the free space and new discoveries.

Now I don’t think about that anymore, no matter where I go or who I meet.

(……Misaki san)

This is also thanks to Misaki san.

I was able to experience this because of him.

This feeling is truly wonderful.

It may be a feeling that only comes to me for a moment, for a time.

As soon as the cut is made, it will return to its usual inorganic state, and I will feel the usual loneliness for an emotion that I don’t know where it comes from.

Perhaps I cannot generate this emotion myself.

How can I generate this emotion? Where is the boundary of this emotion that I can only somehow tell the difference–I don’t know.

If I knew, I would not be struggling in the first place.

(That’s why ​​I want to get drunk on this feeling)

Hopefully for a long time.

I want to experience this feeling for all the years I have not felt it. I want to throw myself into it and let it flow.

[You are an ordinary person and I’m a heretic. The moment I stepped into that student council and sat down, my fate was set.]

One step, and then another.

Eiji approaches with a sad expression on his face.

(How many more minutes will it last?)

It’s not over yet, right? It’s still going on, isn’t it?

Once it’s over, you may not be able to think of anything else.

That is why.

[You and I are different.]


[You’re different.]




(The line is….different.)

There should be a line here that says [So, don’t get involved anymore] and shuns off.

No way, did Misaki san make a mistake in his line? Misaki san, who had never made a mistake before?

I looked away just a little, and the director and everyone else began to look a little puzzled.

Perhaps they were wondering if they should retake the work here.

However, the reason they are so unsure is because—this atmosphere and language are too risky.

Even if we proceed as is, it probably won’t create any discomfort in the scene.


If he doesn’t stop, I can’t stop.

I will improvise immediately.

[Yes, you are different.]

But Misaki san continues to speak without returning to his line.

……I didn’t expect him to improvise here.

But this is interesting.

I’d like to see a little bit of how it’s going to turn out—‘

[I know you understand. Not only me….you’re different from everyone else.]



It’s funny.

Why, why, why, why, why, why—

(Where did those feelings go…?)

The feeling that I had been intoxicated just a moment ago suddenly disappeared.

On the contrary, this time something black and horrifying was rising up inside my chest.

What is this feeling? I don’t know.

Misaki san’s eyes, staring straight at me, would not let me go from this feeling.


I kinda don’t like…..this feeling.

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4 months ago

Anger? Or is it irritation she’s feeling?