“So, how did it go?”

I think the fact that Sawaguchi san is here means that things went as planned, but I ask her just to be sure.

“Yeah, I led them to a moody place and got out of there.”

Sawaguchi san gave a thumbs-up when she answered.

“What was the reason you snuck out, Maho san?”

In our prior meeting, Sawaguchi san had said that she would also slip out later, but she did not say exactly how.

I was interested in the reason why she was able to get out naturally, because Aizawa would have noticed if she had a half-baked reason, let alone Ishikawa san.

“Yeah, I told them I wanted to go flower picking.”

Sawaguchi san, who was sure that they were not suspicious, put on a piece of her mind.

At those words, both Watanabe san and I blush. It was not the kind of reason a high school girl would say so openly.

“Even so, it’s a nice place, isn’t it? Maybe I should sit down too.”

Sawaguchi sab said and sat down beside Watanabe san.

I put my face forward and spoke to Sawaguchi san.

“So, what are you going to do after this?”

Sawaguchi san’s strategy is to leave Aizawa and Ishikawa san alone, so it is an ongoing success. If you’ve achieved your goal, you should be out of the job after that, but we haven’t decided what will happen after that.

“Well, I don’t know if Riho will confess to him or not. In a case like this, 30 minutes is the limit. If nothing develops after they’ve been together for longer than that, then there’s no romantic tension, so let’s meet up in another five minutes or so, shall we?”

That’s what she said. If she doesn’t confess and we don’t go back, those two will keep waiting for us. I can’t just leave without telling them, can I?

When I think that

“Is….that so? 30 minutes……?”

Perhaps taking a leaf out of Sawaguchi san’s romance manual for men and women, Watanabe san looked at the clock on her phone and started counting.

She seems to be counting backwards from the time we left the group and calculating how long it would take us to get back.

“Isn’t she just saying something random again?”

I decided to nail Sawaguchi san so that Watanabe san will not take it seriously. I’ve never heard of such a thing.

“It’s not made up !”

“I don’t know, I know you, Sawaguchi san…..”

“This is an actual experience !”

Sawaguchi san, however, was miffed and retorted.

“Is……that so?”

Unlike her previous jokes, I meet her eyes with a serious face. It looks like it’s been hurt a little…her eyes look moist.

That would mean that Sawaguchi san has made a confession.

If it were her, most men would probably nod, but if I believe her, she doesn’t have a boyfriend right now. I thought I had stepped on a landmine, and her face scrunched up.

“Oh, it’s not me who confessed, okay? It’s just a story about how I rejected him.”

So, it was that side of the story that she was talking about. It is true that Sawaguchi san is cute, cheerful, and easy to talk to, so many guys probably have a crush on her. I’m sure she’s rejected quite a few of them.

I realized the meaning of her eyes and the hurt look she just showed me.


“Why are you apologizing, Aikawacchi?”

Sawaguchi san and Watanabe san looked at me curiously.

“No, it’s hard for you to shake it off, isn’t it? It was insensitive of me to remind you of that story.”

At some point, Watanabe san, who had dumped her senior, will be replaced by Sawaguchi san. Whoever he is, she feels sorry for not being able to respond to his serious feelings.

If I don’t make fun of it, there’s no need to talk about it, and I apologize for rehashing the situation.

“I told you that it was fine. Of course, there are times when it’s hard to turn down a confession, but even so, it’s always more hurtful to be rejected.”

I can certainly understand that it’s hard for both of them. The fact that I was insensitive doesn’t go away no matter how much she said she didn’t care.

“Haa, Aikawacchi, you really are interesting, aren’t you?”


“You don’t have to take it so seriously. I’ve already sorted out my feelings. It’s too late to make a face like that.”

“I’m sorry.”

“Don’t say sorry any more !”

I am at a loss for words when she say that.

“But, well, it was a little nice of you to put yourself in my shoes like that.”

“Yes, I think so too.”

Sawaguchi san and Watanabe san looked at me with gentle eyes.

“After I dumped him, the other girls said to me, [Dumping oo kun, way to go.] or [Aren’t you getting ahead of yourself?] ! It’s not like I dumped him because I like it !”

She showed her resentment. It’s true, no one likes to hurt others.

“It must be tough……”

I looked at Watanabe san and Sawaguchi san with sympathy.

“You’re making it like someone else’s problem, but it’s yours too, Aikawacchi !”

“Hm? Me?”

I tilted my head at Sawaguchi san’s unexpected words.

“Recently, Aikawacchi, you’ve been doing your hair properly. It was the same when I saw you the other day.”

“Did you meet….last time?”

Picking up Sawaguchi san’s words, Watanabe san opened her eyes wide and asked me for confirmation.

“I was studying in the library when I got a call from Sawaguchi san. She invited me to the fireworks display today.”

“I-is that so !”

Watanabe san backed down when she was satisfied. When our exchange ended, Sawaguchi san leaned forward from the bench and made eye contact with me as she continued the conversation.

“Even back then, I saw a lot of girls looking at Aikawacchi. You’re a good-looking guy when you’re dressed properly, so you shouldn’t think that you’re the only one who won’t get a confession, you know?”

That is new to me. I did feel their eyes on me, but I think they were looking at Sawaguchi san. She is stylish enough to be a magazine model and wears stylish clothes, so she must have been conspicuous.

“You’re joking again.”

I decided that she was making a joke to lighten the mood.

“Aikawacchi, aren’t you looking at yourself objectively?”

“Isn’t that one good thing about Aikawa kun?”

The two girls were talking in a whispered conversation with each other. I was a little hurt by their blank stares.

“Well, no girl would ever like me, so I’m fine.”

If anything, I was the one who was rejected.

I’m the one who knows what it feels like to be rejected, so when someone talks to me in a friendly manner or makes a friendly gesture, I exercise self-control and don’t confess to them unnecessarily.

In this respect, I can rest assured that I’m a stronger human being than the average male student.

I think that is why I’m still friends with Sawaguchi san and Watanabe san.

“Let’s get back to it, shall we?”

Sawaguchi san checks the time on her watch. I realized that we had been talking for a little too long. We can’t keep Aizawa and Ishikawa san waiting any longer.

As we were about to leave the bench and head for the meeting place…….



“Sorry, hold on.”

My phone vibrates. It seems that someone has sent me a message.

I pull my phone out of my pocket and check the contents.

Aizawa: [Sorry. I’m going home first.]

There was a message from Aizawa.

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