As I was heading to the shopping mall from the park, I encountered a beautiful blonde woman who looked around and seemed to be lost and in trouble.

It was Anne Mayer.

Hey, come on, you’re about to have an event……why are you here.

I had a lot of respect for her, but she is my destined enemy.

There was no guarantee that I would be able to keep my cool after meeting her.

However, my hostility seemed to have gone away in this heartwarming situation.

As I recall, Anne Mayer was French……

I couldn’t leave her alone, so I called out to her in French. Of course, I changed my tone of voice.

“What’s the matter? Did you get lost?”

She looked back when I questioned her.

Why is it ……me from back then….why did I pick a fight with such a beautiful woman?

It doesn’t matter if I lost ! Because she’s such a beautiful woman ! Let’s get close to her !

Anne Mayer was a beauty worthy of “the most beautiful guitarist in the world who plays the most beautiful melodies.”

If it weren’t for Iori, I would have fallen in love with her at first sight.

“Do you speak French?”

Anne looked anxiously.

“I can speak a little.”

“I’m glad.”

Anne’s expression suddenly brightened. I knew she was lost.

Anyway, today’s event is at the guitar clinic, and when she was strolling in this park to relieve her tension, she got separated from her manager. Getting lost in a park with such a nice view… I thought it would be impossible unless one of them is clumsy.

“Do you play guitar too?”

“Yeah, well, sometimes…… how did you know?”

“Well, you only have long nails on your right hand, and you don’t wear nail polish……”

“I see. So that’s how you can tell.”

I had never been aware of that. As expected of a girl.

“Do you know about me then?”

“Of course I do. You are famous for being [The most beautiful guitarist in the world, who plays the most beautiful melody].”

“Ahaha….. I don’t really like it when people say that about me.”

“But I think it’s true.”

She took a pause as I said that and began to speak with a serious look in her eyes.

“No, the guitarist who plays the best melody in the world in my mind is Japanese, just like you.”

What a surprising answer……maybe my dad ?!

“That’s right, I’m pretty sure his name is Naru Otonashi …… I wonder what he’s up to these days? I looked him up on the internet and he doesn’t come up at all, do you know him?”

What……know him or not……it’s me…….why !?

I was puzzled by Anne’s words.

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