[What, you met Ann Mayer !?]

Everyone was surprised and rolled their eyes.

I told them what had just happened and that I had been given tickets to her event.

Everyone was eager to attend the event except Rin, who knew that she had a history with Ann. Rin glared at me with resentment, but this was all for Rin’s sake.

“You’re going too, Rin, it’ll be a learning experience.”

Seeing my positive attitude, Rin seemed to have her own thoughts on the matter.

After dinner, we went to the music store and waited for the event to start. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but it was a music store that I had some connection with.

–In general, a guitar clinic is a kind of mini live performance in which the guitarist takes the lead.

Guitar clinics attract not only the general public but also many guitarists. It’s different from a regular live concert.

[[Whoa—— !]]

Ann appeared on the stage along with the cheers.

She immediately picked up her guitar and began to play.

I had an image of Ann as a jazz guitarist with a strong flamenco touch, but that wasn’t the case at all.

Her solo guitar style is a fusion of pop and rock, with jazz in the base.

The complex chord voicings that intertwined with catchy melodies create a unique depth to her performance.

Her roots, Manouche Jazz and Flamenco, must have had a big influence on her.

The genius of the manouche jazz world has evolved in her own unique way.

The audience and the guitarists who went to the clinic were mesmerized by her mysterious world, where she could express accompaniment, melody, and rapid-fire playing all at the same time on a single guitar.

Her melodies were wonderful, and her technique was spectacular. 


The performance ended with a round of applause.

From this point on, questions from the audience and demonstrations in response to those questions continued for a while. The impression from the Japanese guitarist, including the amateurs, was high. They seemed to be fascinated by her wonderful guitar technique.

Hm…? For a moment, I thought my eyes met Ann’s.

And finally, improvisation.

Or rather, musical impromptu.

Then Ann pointed her finger at me.

The audience looked at me, and I was led to the stage by a staff member.

“Runa, can you help me with the accompaniment?

“Eh, but, I-“

“It’s no use hiding it, you’re quite skilled, aren’t you?  I can tell by looking at your left hand.”

By looking at my left hand……what do you mean by that?

“You have beautiful fingers that make you look like you’re not a guitarist…just like me.”

Saying that, Ann showed me her left hand.

I see, when I put a lot of effort into playing the guitar, my fingertips get stiff. So that’s what you meant.

It’s recommended to relax while playing guitar, but it’s actually difficult. But she indeed had a sharp eye….

“I don’t know what will happen, okay?”

“Don’t worry,……, I’ll take care of it.”

By chance, I got to have a session with Ann.

My heart is racing.

But if I hadn’t become Runa, this session wouldn’t have happened.

I felt a bit sad thinking about it.

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