Episode 9 – On The Way To School



On the way to school, after feeling accustomed to the highschool life. I was puzzled by an unusual event.

“Good morning, Naru.”

“I-iori san…good morning.”

To my surprise, Iori san was waiting for me at the place where the “Pink Incident’ scene happened.

“I told you just Iori is fine.”

“No, but Iori san is older than me, so calling by names suddenly is…..”

“What, you don’t like it, Naru?”

“Not at all ! I’m really happy….but [Then Iori !]”

“After all, you’re my personal guitarist.”

It was inevitable.

“I….i understand, I-iori.”

“Does calling a girl by name make you feel nervous ?!”

I can when  it comes to Aika, because I have been with her for as long as I can remember.

And then, silence continued.


I didn’t know what to say.

Hobbies…that’s right, at times like this, talking about hobbies is the way….but, it’s obviously music !

[why are you asking something that’s obvious] it will be over once she says that.

What about your favorite type…..well, that makes me seem like I was aiming for Iori san !

What about your favorite food…is this some kind of marriage arrangement !

Not good…..i don’t know what to talk about when i’m alone with a girl.

Suddenly facing a tough hurdle…..

And then, without a single conversation, the school gate came into view.

That’s not it ! about yesterday’s session ! There’s something to talk about ! 


The two of us looked at each other.

“Ah, I-iori san, you first, please….”

“Eh, N-naru first is fine.”

The two of us struggle to give each other over.

Are you some kind of  a middle school student ! As I thought about that, I remember that we were middle school students not long ago.

But I made up my mind to cut it out.

“Iori, about yesterday’s session…”


The moment I called Iori san’s name, the stares from the boys around me were stabbing me.

Oh yeah, she’s our school idol.

Now I understand what Yui san meant.

“What’s wrong, Naru?”


The moment Iori san called my name,the stares from the boys around me were stabbing me.

Iori san doesn’t seem to notice it, it must be because she’s unaware and insensitive.

This….this is a tough hurdle.

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