Same school route as usual. I left a little earlier than usual. I’m sure i’ll be able to meet him at this time.

“Good morning, Naru.”

“I-iori san…good morning.”

We met after all. Though it was natural because I was ambushing him.

“I told you just Iori is fine.”

“No, but Iori san is older than me, so calling by names suddenly is…..”

He’s indecisive as usual. There is absolutely no strong pulling feeling compared to when he played guitar.

Hmm, could it be…..did he seriously hate me?

I couldn’t help but to be sure.

“What, you don’t like it, Naru?”

“Not at all ! I’m really happy….but [Then Iori !]”

“After all, you’re my personal guitarist.”

“I….i understand, I-iori.”

He was weak against pushing.

I had an image that boys are more pushy. I thought he would call me by my first name even though we weren’t dating and appeal to me that i’m his girl.

But Naru was completely different.

—And then, silence continued.

What to do, i have to say something….

I had no high expectations for Naru from the start, but he was worse than I had imagined.

Hobbies….it’s obviously guitar…it’s so stupid to ask somethjng so obvious.
Your favorite type !….it looked like a simple heroine declaration….

Your favorite food, I want to make it as a bento !…ugh, my cooking skill is the same as a beginner, and it’s too fast to do that….

Ahh, I don’t know what to say because I don’t have anything to talk about other than music when I’m alone with a boy….

And then, without a single conversation, the school gate came into view.

That’s not it ! Talking about music is fine ! I want to hear more about yesterday’s session ! We have something in common !


The two of us looked at each other.

“Ah, I-iori san, you first, please….”

He seemed aware of the term ladies first.

“Eh, N-naru first is fine.”

But, I want him to take the lead.

Somehow, I can feel Naru’s nervousness, and it made me nervous.

“Iori, about yesterday’s session…”


The outsiders are too noisy. Be quiet, don’t interrupt our precious morning time when we are in different grades.

“What’s wrong, Naru?”


Don’t lose, Naru. I don’t mind it.

However, it seems like my feelings didn’t reach him.

It looks like getting Naru into the mood is harder than I thought.

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1 year ago

Curse me and my dirty mind.
But I swear, most of this is on purpose.