Episode 8 – School Idol



After Iori san ran out of the clubroom, I received an explanation about the club activities from Yui san.

Currently, the light music club has 2 bands and 1 unit. The 1 unit is me and Iori san.

Basically, the practice system is divided between performer side and audience side, each of them taking turns playing three songs at a time, exchanging opinions and advice.

The club has only one room and doesn’t have a large budget, so each member has to do their own individual practice.

By the way, Yui san and Iori san are in the same class, second year students.

“I see. I’m new to music club, so I’m excited to give advice and exchange opinions.”

“Hm i see, but i don’t think there’s anyone who can give advice to you and Iori, Naru.”

“Is that so?”

“Oh my, not only Iori, but you‘re unaware too, Naru.”


“It’s the same with Iori, I don’t think your guitar level is at the same level of a highschool student, Naru, are you a pro by any chance?”

“Not at all, there was something I was aiming for, but I feel like my dream has been shattered.”

“So fast ! It’s too early to give up ! you still have a long way to go>”

“Ahaha, that may be true, but I’m just enjoying it now. After all, I was able to play with Iori san.”

“Hm, was Iori your aim, Naru?”

“I’m not saying that I was aiming for her.”

I showed Yui san the SNS video.

“Hm, Iori.”

“That’s right, I was attracted by her song and her singing voice, and I thought about playing the guitar again. I was surprised that this was Iori san.”

“What a coincidence ! Maybe it was a fateful meeting? Iori doesn’t seem to be unhappy about it either.”

Ugh….fateful meeting…but I’m…..still.

“Well, either way, it’s going to be hard for you, Naru.”

“Eh, why is that?”

“If you’re together with Iori, you’ll know right away that she’s a school idol…she has an unofficial fan club.”

Fan club…..

“Well, do your best.”

Yui san tapped my shoulder.

Yui san also smelled good.

I was nervous for nothing about these two Onee san.

But still…..

But still, I still couldn’t forget Aika’s scent.

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