It was after school.

As I was getting ready, Yuika, who was sitting behind me, started a conversation.

“U-um, say, …Takuto.”




“No. It’s nothing.”

“Is that so? See you later.”

I put my school bag over my shoulder and headed out from the classroom.

Yuika had been acting strange all day today.

She was more concerned about my behavior now than when we were dating, and she often made comments that were hard to take.

Suddenly, a possibility came to my mind..

Earlier, was she trying to ask me to go home with her? 

No, we’re talking about Yuika, so that’s not possible.

In the first place, I suspect that Yuika has a new boyfriend.

By the way, I have no plans to question Yuika about that guy.

Now that we’ve broken up, it’s out of my control.

I don’t like to pry into things.

I’m going to pretend that I didn’t see it as long as Yuika doesn’t publicly tell me about it.

I went through the entrance and found Rina san waiting for me at the flower bed.

 “You’re late.”

“The homeroom took a little longer.”

When she saw me, she smiled softly and came next to me.

“Let’s go home.”


Rina san came up to me and put her shoulder next to mine.

As usual, her personal space is surprisingly small.

I was rained on by gazes here and there. There is also something like murderous intent mixed in.

I gulped and gently took hold of Rina san’s right hand.


“Is it not okay to hold your hand?”

“No, it’s fine….. but I thought you were the type who worried about other people’s gazes.”

“I feel like it’s useless even if I care about it. Besides, it’s also for the purpose of keeping a check on you.”

Even if I don’t do anything, Rina san will keep attacking me.

Because her sense of distance is bugging me, I can’t keep it a secret that Rina san and I are dating.


Then, I decided to change my mindset.

By holding hands as if to show them off, I can keep a check on the boys who were aiming for Rina san.

I don’t want them to see any opportunity to take advantage of her.

“Keeping in check…..?”

“So that Rina san won’t be taken by another guy.”

The moment I said that, Rina san’s face was blushing.

When she took her eyes off me, she weakly squeezed my hand back.

“……Tsu. I-it’s okay. I’m not interested in anyone but you, Takuto kun.”

A statement that tickles a man’s heart. It makes my heart skip a beat.

But I can’t take her words for granted

At least, Yuika was different.

One day, she suddenly lost interest in me and broke up with me.

You never know what kind of change of heart will happen.

I don’t want to go down that road again.

“Rather, are you okay with this? Could it be that you already like me more than Yuika?”

Rina san asked me that question as if she was making fun of me.

I smiled back at her.

“Yes. I like you, Rina-san.”


“It’s not like I’ve completely fallen for you yet. But I’m aware that I’m attracted to Rina san.

“….I-I see.”

Perhaps my response was unexpected, Rina san lost her momentum.

She muttered in a faint voice, and her blushing was contagious all the way up to her ears and neck.

“That’s why, don’t worry about trying to get me to get back together with Yuika.”

“I-is that okay? If you want to get back with Yuika than you can–“

Rina san’s eyes are full of anxiety, and she responds hesitantly.


I’m not sure if I’m switching too quickly or if Rina’s presence was a big factor, but my feelings for Yuika are gradually fading away.

In other words, 

As my feelings for Rina san grow stronger, my feelings for Yuika are cooling down.

When she asked again if Iwants to start over with Yuika, I shook my head.

“I enjoy being with Rina san. It’s like we have a great chemistry. I have a strong feeling that I don’t want to let go of this current situation.”

“T-that’s not fair……”


“I’m so happy to hear you say that, now I can’t look at Takuto kun’s face…..”

Rina san showed a naive reaction and she’s embarrassed.

She’s aggressive, but she’s not used to being passive.

What should I do, she’s so cute …….

I bent forward and looked into Rina san’s face from below.

“Hiyaa, hey, don’t force eye contact !”

“Rina san, you’re surprisingly fun to tease.”

“……Y-you’re so mean….”

“I’m not mean to anybody.”


Rina snorted deliberately.

Her attitude is curt, but her power to hold my hand is getting stronger. Is she happy? 

For some reason, she looks like a dog wagging its tail, and my cheeks loosened.

“Oh, that’s right. Rina-san, are you good at studying?”

“I think I’ve only ever been in the single digits in my grade.”

“Y-you’re ridiculously smart.

“Really? Ehehe.”

Rina san gave a broad smile.

I straighten up my posture a little.

“Then, I’m going to ask you, Rina-san, will you help me study for the test?”

“Oh, it’s almost the end of the semester.”


“Okay. Where are we going to do it?”

“No, it doesn’t have to be today. I meant soon.”

“But, wouldn’t it be better if it’s sooner?”

“That’s true, but…..”

“Is there something wrong?”

Rina san questioned me immediately when I replied in a slurred manner.

“Today, my mother called a friend… I thought it would be difficult to use my room. Recently, I’m a bit short on money, so I’d like to avoid family restaurants and karaoke…”

“Then, would you like to do it in my room?”

“Eh, is that okay?”

“Of course.”

Rina san willingly agrees.

Thus, I decided to go to Rina san’s room after school.

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1 year ago

i like where this is going

1 year ago

Feels like Yuika fucked up real bad, whatever the hell she was trying to pull

11 months ago
Reply to  dmntt

Relationships are hard man. We’re not sure what made her lose interest. It could be the other guy or could be just she got tired of MC’s supposedly lack of effort. Still, she fucked up bad.

11 months ago

In 24 hours he forgot his Ex girlfriend and start to fall in love with a new one… this things dont like to much in this LN, everything happend to fast!!!

10 months ago

The development is a bit fast, but I like that the MC is taking a bit more “aggressive” stance towards Rina now, teasing her back.