The usual route to my house.

Usually it’s just Iori and I, just the two of us, but…….

Today, Rin is here. Moreover, I hit it off with Iori mysteriously, and I’m done being excluded. My name pops up in various parts of the conversation, which bothers me, but it can’t be helped because the common topic between the two of us is me.

“Big bro, come here.”

Rin had been keeping a distance between the two of us and called me over.

“Hey, how far have the two of you gotten?”

[[EH !]]

“Hm, aarent’ you dating Iori san, big bro?”

I looked at Iori.

“Yes, well……”

“You haven’t done anything yet?”

It’s not that I haven’t done anything, but yeah I haven’t done anything….

“W-well, I don’t have to tell you that, Rin.”

“I guess I’m right on the money.”

My little sister and love story…..I’m embarrassed

“Iori san, he’s such a shabby idiot, but please take care of him.”

“Leave it to me.”

After seeing Iori off at the usual place, we also headed home.

“Hey, big bro.”


“Runa was…..big bro, right.”

What…..she knew it?

“Rin, are you……perhaps ?!”

“I knew it from the beginning. Since we’re twins, there’s no way I wouldn’t know…… Moreover, your gestures were more feminine than Rin’s, so is that a hobby?”

She’s angry….she’s very angry…..

“It’s fine to enjoy high school life, but don’t bring shame to your family, okay?”

I was glared at with very cold eyes. …..scary.

“Listen to me, Rin ! That thing !”

“What? Are you trying to make excuses to Rin?”

Dammit….. Rin has a manly like character and hated people who made excuses.

“I’m sorry,……, I’ll be careful from now on.”

“As usual, you’re the kind of person who can’t say no, big bro… that’s why even Aika dumped you.”

A word that pierced through my heart… Rin san…there are some things that are good to say and some things that are bad to say, even if we’re family members.

“Iori san,…..she’s a good person.”


‘Don’t let her go this time.”

What do you mean, “Don’t let her go this time”? It’s almost as if it was my fault that Aika dumped me.

Well, it’s the same thing as if she likes someone else……

I was surprised by Rin’s sudden arrival, but I was relieved that she didn’t treat me with the same contempt as before.

Was it because I had continued playing guitar?

In any case, it was thanks to Iori.

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1 year ago

Holy shit, the sister is so unlikeable. They have no chemistry whatsoever, she apparently has no redeeming qualities whatsoever. She constantly insults him, he’s constantly mad at her but too much of a pussy to say anything back. Now he’s happy that she’s slightly less abusive than before, not because of anything he did but because he landed a girlfriend that she likes. The forced cross-dressing trope is really stupid and frustrating in the first place (like how hard is it to say not to dressing up like a girl if that’s not what you want to do?) and now she gets on his back about it and all he can manage to do is whine in frustration internally. This chapter was infuriating to read, on every level.