“Okay ,then, Nagishiro kun on his 21st birthday. Cheeerrsssss !!!”
“Wait a minute, Shizu san is in charge? I’m usually the one in charge there!”
“Here’s to you, Rin kun.”
“Aaah–! Why is Ha-san running loose!”
“Congratulations, Nagishiro san.”
“Ahh, Harushita san….. thanks ……”
“Shut up, little girl.”
“Mirei san, aren’t you being too harsh?”

So, without any trouble (?), we were getting ready and moving on to the meal. We moved on to the meal.

By the way, if you ask me if I am at the birthday table, I am not. I just bring my chair and eat to escape from them.
The kotatsu is completely occupied by the women.

“As I said, I’m not sure I can stay there. ……! Sorry, boys of the world!”

As expected, my capacity was not big enough to eat a meal comfortably there surrounded only by beautiful girls.
Especially Shizuku san and Azusa are wearing shorts in this cold weather, so I can see their glorious thighs from the kotatsu. It’s a sight for sore eyes.

Well, the ladies did seem to get along at first glance, but they did not, and from my point of view, they just seemed to be joking around with each other.

“Ah, Mirei san, please don’t take my fries!”
“Suzune san is thinner than she looks on TV!”
“Mizuno san? I hope you don’t say that while looking at me. I don’t think Harushita san and I are that different.”

Yes, it’s a very good relationship.
…… Let’s leave it that way.

The atmosphere seemed to be getting a bit too stuffy, so I turned on the TV and changed the program.

There were wide shows and comedy shows on, but unfortunately, none of them had members here.
I had no choice but to turn on a news program, and the topic I had just been working on was featured on the news.

“Oh, it’s Mia Brooks. I heard she’s coming to Japan.”

It was Kotoha who opened her mouth.
She sounded like she knew something about it, so I asked her.

“What? Kotoha knew about this from the beginning?”

When I asked, it was Azusa who returned the answer.

“You’ve never heard of it senpai? It’s already the talk of the town.
“Is that so?”

I knew that she is a famous artist, but I thought that visiting Japan was a common word.

“Is it really that controversial?”
“That’s right! Because it’s that Mia san.”

You say this as if it were obvious, but I’m not sure.
It may be a common story in your world. ……

Then Harushita san, who was standing next to Azusa next to me, added her explanation, holding her head a little.

“It is unthinkable that people are paying so much attention to her before she even arrives in Japan,”
“…I see”

When I think about it, when I think about superstars coming to Japan, I always imagine a scene where their fans are so excited after they arrive in Japan.
If you think about it, it is unusual that so many people are making a fuss as soon as they decide to come to Japan.

Harushita san, who can explain things like that in a way that I can easily understand, is a celebrity, but she seems somewhat like an ordinary person.
Maybe she’s simply too smart

[Mia san is coming to Japan next week!!]

As I watched the exuberant reporter’s comments, I thought about turning on the TV one more time next week.

–who was the initiator?

It could be the good-natured Azusa or the awfully distant Shizuku san.
It could be Kotoha, the strategist, or Mirei, the uncompromising Mirei, or perhaps inadvertently, Harushita san.

Anyway, it is no longer certain whose words were the ones that sparked the war.

Now they just had to get away with it, without trying to extinguish it or let it go.

[Rin. I’m going to sing Rin’s first song, aren’t I?] says Mirei as if she has made up her mind.

[What are you talking about sleepwalking about? Nagishiro kun’s last song as Kazashiro Rei was me, so Nagishiro Rin’s first was me too, right?] Shizuku san says without offending.

[Your first time will be with …… me!] Azusa blushed for some reason

It was Kotoha and Harushita san who were looking on high, but their eyes were not protective, rather they had the eyes of military strategists.

This was what I found out when I sneaked a look toward the living room from my room.

Even now, as I gently close the door, I can still hear the girls arguing in my room next door.

“Haa …… they really do forget themselves when it comes to songs. ……”

Even these women do not like to fight (I think).

There is just a genuine desire to sing as many songs as possible.

So I was not going to blame these guys, nor could I blame them.

“I mean, I’ve only gotten one song, so give it to me!”
“It doesn’t matter.”
“But I think Mirei san, who receives the most, should decline!”

— Oh, I can see the faces of each of these people when I hear them bickering.

By now, Shizuku san is probably puffing her cheeks out and Mirei is probably looking like she deserves it.
Azusa is Azusa, energetically raising her hand and expressing her opinion.

“Can I have a minute…..?”

Then I heard a cool voice.

“? It’s fine though”

It was Kotoha who opened the door and entered.

“E-Excuse me.”

Her slender legs peeking out from under her knee-length skirt and her ample b***s visible even through her blouse.
I would have thought nothing special anytime I saw them, but for some reason I am now bizarrely aware of them.


I ask her what she wants so that she doesn’t realize how flustered I am.

Kotoha then answered in a whisper than usual, holding the skirt up.

“Y-You know what? I need to talk to you.”

Kotoha was kind of teasing now. She was teasing and cute.

Her movements and language were as primitive as if she were a high school student, a far cry from the spare, married appearance she had just shown me.
My heart, still in its prime as a boy, was racing.

“You know, Rin kun, ……”

Kotoha shyly sat down next to the bed where I was sitting.
Kotoha came up next to me at a distance that was almost shoulder-to-shoulder, obviously with that kind of awareness.

“I’ve been wanting to …… say this for a long time. ……”

Unbutton the top button of her blouse.
I couldn’t take my eyes off of her slender, beautiful fingers as they delicately unbuttoned the buttons.

Kotoha came one more closes.
Her dark hair is already touching my arm and tickling me a little.

“Rin kun…..”

Her sweet scent melts me.
I could feel Kotoha’s breath close to me and her fresh lips in front of me.

Her lips seem to want something, and I instinctively know what it is.

Sucked in, sucked in. ……

“——What are you doing, you two?”

That’s where it stopped.

Kotoha immediately returned to her usual face as if nothing had happened and quickly closed the button.

“It was a little hot, so I just came over here.”
“Hmmm…..I see”

Harushita-san looked at Kotoha with half-lidded eyes, then shifted her gaze to me.

“No, no, no! It’s really, really nothing!”
“…Is that so?”

Harushita san left the room, saying only that the rice was getting cold, so please come back soon, and Kotoha followed her out of the room.

“E,Eeeee, Eehhhhh!!!!????”

Alone in the empty room, I agonized for a while.

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My man was getting sucked in haha. So close yet so far away.