Episode 59 – Thank You For The Tears



When I arrived at the clubroom, everyone was there. I was the last one to arrive because of Rin’s disturbance. And everyone was surprised to see me.

[[Runa chan.]]

It’s because Rin looks just like Runa.

“This girl is Rin. She is my twin little sister. Can she look around here?”

[[Little sister !]]

“Yeah…..it’s fine with us……”

Even after entering the clubroom, Rin was just looking around restlessly.

“Yeah, I’m Rin. Otonashi Rin. Thank you for taking care of my stupid big brother.”

“No need to add the idiot.”

“I see, even though it’s true.”


“More importantly, I’ve been wondering since a while ago….why everyone called me [Runa].

This is bad. I don’t want my family to know that I’m dressing as a woman. It’s a top secret.

I looked at everyone and shook my head, telling them to keep it a secret.

But they didn’t get it. Yui san pulled out her phone with a smirk on her face and showed Rin the video.


As expected of Rin, she seems to be at a loss for words due to the stupidity of her relatives.

“So cute……”

Her reaction was unexpected.

“She looks like me, but she’s so cute and her gestures are girlish !”

Hmm? Maybe she hasn’t noticed?

“What’s more, isn’t she a much better guitarist than my big bro?”

Oh, come on, are you serious? I don’t know if it’s true or not, but I think it’s safe for now.

Rin was watching the last live video intensely.

“So where is this girl?”

I shook my head as best I could. Everyone was grinning. They seemed to be enjoying the situation.

“Runa only comes over once in a while.”

Iori helped me.

“I see, too bad…… I want to play with her.”

“Rin san, do you play guitar too? I’m sure your brother is just as good as Runa when it comes to playing.

“I don’t think my idiot big bro can play guitar as well as Runa chan.”

“Hm? I don’t think so? Do you want to listen to it?”

“Well, It’s been a while since I listened to my idiot big bro’s disappointing play.”

That sounds like a terrible thing to say.

But I was really bad at that time. Rin knew that, so it can’t be helped.

—In front of Rin, Iori and I chose a song that was different from the one in the video.

I felt a change in Iori’s song.

It was obvious that it had improved. I was able to play more boldly than before.

I felt as if my guitar was being pulled by her.

—When the performance was over, Rin took Iori’s hand and said, [Thank you.] and then burst into tears.

Everyone was puzzled by Rin’s tears.

But I was painfully aware of Rin’s feelings.

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