Suddenly I am Runa now.

Right now, I’m singing to achieve Yui san’s goal of having at least two new members by the summer camp.

Moreover, there were more people gathered at the hall than the last time.

This is a scheme……

They must’ve announced today’s concert, taking advantage of the fact that I don’t use the school’s SNS.

Moreover, I’m wearing matching T-shirts with Iori.

Of course, it was the T-shirt I bought on our date.

I had heard that it was the costume for the concert, but I wanted to wear it as a man at least.

Putting that aside, I will be performing a new song today. It’s a song that incorporates the slap technique, which I had been working on ever since I decided to perform as a unit.

Slap technique is a technique in which the guitar is strummed like a percussion instrument, and the rhythm, melody, and accompaniment are all played with a single guitar.

I didn’t have much time to practice, but this was the perfect opportunity to see how the audience reacted to the song.

I started performing. First, I created a rhythm by tapping the guitar body with both hands.

The audience clapped their hands to the rhythm. They were getting into the rhythm nicely. As expected of Runa’s popularity.

Then, I started the introduction by strumming the guitar with a flamenco technique repeatedly and entered the intro.

[[Oh !]]

The eye-catching effect created a good groove between us and the audience.

When Iori’s song started, the sense of unity in this place increased even more, and the audience became unusually excited.

Iori’s atmosphere was totally different from usual. I may have set her on fire as well.

To tell the truth, it was overwhelming. The chorus and guitars were drowned out when I tried to highlight Iori.

This is the true power of the diva.

The true power of an idol.

She has an overwhelming charisma that even I, who loves her, get jealous.

At this rate, I’ll end up being buried in the crowd. I don’t want to end up being a clown while dressed like this.

For the first time, I voluntarily challenged Iori.

Iori is also pulling hard to keep up with me.. I took her up on her offer, and we got entangled.

[[Whoa !]]

When the song ended, we were surrounded by the audience’s cheering. The hall had doubled in size. The response to the new song was solid.

The second guerrilla live performance to recruit new members was a great success, but it didn’t achieve its original goal of gaining new members.

So sad.

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